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Tolco Empty Spray Bottle 8 oz. Frosted Assorted Colors

With Tolco’s ergonomically correct comfort grip trigger head that fits the hand to make lifting and using easier, and to lessen the irritation of carpal tunnel syndrom Tolco. * With Tolco’s ergonomically correct comfort grip trigger head that fits the

Key features

  • With Tolco’s ergonomically correct comfort grip trigger head that fits the hand to make lifting and using easier.
  • To lessen the irritation of carpal tunnel syndrom.

Honest reviews



cute and gets the job done. Just over priced lol you can get better at your local drug store. I did get cute colors tho!

Sherry Dewy Rose, GA

Great, High-quality product for the price!

I use this product to spray my leave in hair condition. It sprays a large volume! I was expecting a mist. I played around with the knob for a little bit until I got it to stop spraying streams. Good product you just might have to play around with it.

Blanche Poyntelle, PA

It’s a Spray Bottle

Got it for squirting the dogs when they bark. Has a good misting spray, doesn’t make a good hard squirt but maybe that’s just my bottle. The dogs hate it and it doesn’t leak… pretty much all I was hoping for in a spray bottle.

Deidra Kettleman City, CA

Are these BPA free or not?

Thought these came up as BPA free but when they arrived there is no indication on the package or bottle that these are safe plastic. Disappointed.

Abby Eden, MD

Water bottles that spray

Received these water bottles, filled one up and it worked! All the previous water bottles I have bought have not sprayed very well and I have had issues with them leaking. These do not. They suit our purpose fine. I would buy these again.

Whitney Auburn, AL

Great spray without leaks

I put my lotto-body setting lotion in this container to dilute it, with sprays very well while setting my hair in curlers for the dryer without making a mess.

Jeri Columbia, CT

It makes things wet!

This thing is perfect for misting plants, spraying my cat when he’s being naughty, and hitting giant flies on the ceiling that are trying to spread disease. I like it

Claudine Hoffmeister, NY

Great bottle

I had a hard time finding one of these in stores. It seems that when I wasn’t looking for one they were every where. I could only find very small ones.I use this as a water bottle for my hair and my daughters. It works well. Its not a cheap bottle.

Ma Ho Ho Kus, NJ

mist or squirt. I like the options

you can spray in a mist or in a squirt with these misty little bottles. bought them for my water I use to manipulate my curly hair and for my homemade setting spray. works well 🙂

Lula Lyons Falls, NY

a heavy duty yet small sprayer

It’s small yet shoots out a big stream of water. I’m happy with the performance so far (have had it only a month).The one I received was pink.

Natalia Little Falls, NJ

Good spray bottle

great little item for spraying my house plants with water. It is pretty small and has a small footprint, which is exactly what I wanted.

Cassie Prairie Lea, TX

little bottles

These spray bottles are small, but functional and inexpensive. As long as you’re not misting a greenhouse full of plants, these will probably be adequate. Just don’t imagine you are getting a full-size sprayer. This is tiny, but does the trick.

Margret Newport, MI


Bought this on Amazon because I was tired of buying bottles from beauty suppliers and other places and finding they had no mist option or no good range of spray. This one had good reviews and when it arrived I tried it out and it does mist — which is what I wanted. It’s small which is nice because it doesn’t take up as much room as other bottles.

Felicia Newport, NC

Highly durable

Needed a small spray bottle for travel – this is it! it’s durable and i just tossed it in my luggage and it’s been doing great! I would recommend it!

Camilla Arthur, IL

Exactly what I wanted!

I wanted a small spray bottle to help keep my small indoor plants moist and healthy.This is perfect. I got exactly what I wanted at a very affordable price!

Christa Delano, TN

Little more than a dollar store bargain

At the risk of raining upon the parade of rave reviews, I feel compelled to point out that this is little more than an inexpensive and cheaply made dollar store sprayer. It works but is not especially well-made or durable. You can probably find one for less at a local store.The first sprayer that I received was severely ruptured with a two-inch tear in the container. Ehat appears to be typical handling by the post office was diffident to literally shred the container. This at least gave me a chance to examine the sprayer’s construction is more detail. “Flimsy” is the word that comes most readily to mind. The walls of the container are about as strong as plasticized paper, and I’m giving the sprayer the benefit of the doubt here.I bought this for very light duty as a mister for house plants. It does OK at this. I doubt that the sprayer will hold up to more regular and intensive use. O long as you don’t knd getting a new one every couple of months, you should be fine. I’m sorry if you were hoping that Yhis was a real bargain, but this is not that.

Valeria Holbrook, AZ

Strong spray bottle

Surprising strong spray! I used this for a number of things – wetting my hair for styling, blasting spider egg sacs off the window screens, misting my plants, etc. For a little effort, you get a lot done. Will be buying more for dedicated usage

Jacquelyn Caratunk, ME

Great spray bottles

I use these misting/spraying water on paintings on which I’m working. With a little rock sea salt and a bit of water, one can get fantastic results, that always varies.One very small thing, however. The bottles are like Weebles; they Weeble, but they do fall down.

Susan Bly, OR

Came in magenta

Nice small compact easy to hold and nice spray for indoor plants.Expected red,yellow,blue or green but no problem at all.

Carrie Diamond, MO

The best!!

It’s so great for everything from spraying plants to using for haircare products. Doesn’t clog. I have had it for a year with aloe water to hydrate my hair and it works perfectly.

Aileen Kittredge, CO