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Titania Double Foot File, Stainless Steel Rasp, Rough and Fine, Ergonomic Handle, Colours may Vary

Titania double foot file,ss rasp, rough & fine, ergonomic handle

Key features

  • Double foot file made in germany
  • Ergonomic handle and soft touch handle
  • Stainless steal rasp, rough and fine

Honest reviews


works great!

I like the design handle, it’s easy to clean and it’s very effective. I definitely recommend this to anyone. Made in Germany so it’s pretty sturdy, also I could not find this anywhere else in the stores but here. Amazon is the only place that I know that carries this.

Melanie Brickeys, AR

Absolutely works

I’ve never used this type of item before, but my heels needed some heavy duty work. It was very simple and had great results. My feet look like I haven’t spent the whole summer walking around barefoot! (which of course I did). A couple of use suggestions: Use BEFORE you take a shower and some nice moisturizer specifically for the foot afterwords really helps.

Kendra San Acacia, NM

Good product

Works well, does the job and holds up to long term use. For the price, I’d definitely recommend it. Great to keep in the shower and use daily.

Dominique Palo, IA

Stainless foot file

This foot file is well made and works very well. Being stainless steel, it does not rust. It would be nice if it had a rope hanger to hang up in the shower. I would recommend it — it’s a good product!

Blanca Glennville, GA

Fabulous! but the men’s version is cheaper!

love this product – i’ve been using flexible sanding blocks in coarse to take care of me feets, but this product, built with quality stainless grating using German ingenuity, will last me a lifetime…i’m just a little peeved that the men’s version (exactly the same product) is slightly cheaper…but i’m happy with this product!

Charlotte Newport, PA