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Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Creamtone Black Rose Lethal Lipstick

Black Rose. This unique formula is long-wearing and contains antioxidants to soften lips. About Manic Panic: It all began in 1977 when two Bronx born sisters Tish and Snooky, at the time singers in the original Blondie lineup, added some extra ambition to their rock n roll lifestyle. They gathered up some of their clothing designs and with a $500 loan from their mom and opened the very first punk-style boutique in America in N.Y.C. on the infamous St. Marks Place. Mom coined the name Manic Panic as her two daughters rocked by night and became business proprietors by day. New York had never seen anything as cool as Manic Panic. The store catered to the punk rock and alternative crowd with hipsters coming from all over the world to shop, see and be seen there. The original Manic Panic boutique became an icon of first generation punk. Tish and Snooky introduced their customers to Manic Panic hair dyes in every color of the rainbow with matching wild colors for lips/nails/eyes. Manic Panic hair color and cosmetics popularity soared in the late 80s and the sisters began distributing their line on a small scale right out of the little store. The same people who laughed at the Manic Panic look in the 70s began clamoring for it in the 90s as Tish and Snooky watched their hair dye worn proudly by high fashion models and celebrities of all kinds. Suddenly Manic Panic exploded in the magazines, television, major motion pictures…. adios tiny shop, hello huge warehouse. Manic Panic N.Y.C. remains the leader in counter culture hair color and cosmetics. We see Manic Panic hair color on celebrities and on people of all ages, from all walks of life. Today people are conscious about their environment and the products they use. The Tish and Snooky world famous hair color is vegan and received an award from the folks at PETA. The entire Manic Panic line is cruelty-free.

Key features

  • Seriously dark red
  • Long wearing
  • Contains antioxidants to soften lips
  • Cruelty free

Honest reviews


nice dark red

this is not like the color shown. On the photo here, it looks blackish / brown. Its really a dark , deep burgundy red. Nice shade, which is what I wanted (I read all the other reviews)… I can never find a red in stores that I like, they are all fire engine, or orange.. I need more dark, burgundy purple color in my red.. this is nice.. kind of dries my lips, but I don’t use it often, and i use a gloss when I do, to prevent the dryness.

Aileen Stringtown, OK

looking for burgundy?

I got this because of the name. Black Rose Burgundy. I had been looking for a deep burgundy as I used to wear it in the 90’s. I LOVE this color. It is a bit on the plum side but when I line with a BROWN lip liner the burgundy shines through. I am a Latina Woman of medium skin tone(kind of the shade of Eva Mendez) and this is a great shade for me. The lipstick itself wears well. It goes through the morning and into the afternoon. I do have to retouch around 3 or so. But to me that is long lasting.

Ollie Hume, MO

Love the color

Manic panic is my people love them this lipstick is wicked I love it so much I will be seeing u soon thanks a bunch

Rosalyn Page, NE


Ever since seeing a shade of dark red on an actress’ lips years ago, I became determined to find the perfect match to it. Many a year and dollar have I spent trying to find this red, and this was one of the many tubes that became part of my collection.I will admit, like other reviewers have mentioned, the title “black rose” is slightly misleading, but not in the sense they seem to have been misled. I was aware that this would have a “rose” hue in it (the magenta everyone seems to be commenting on); I was not looking for a red so dark it was nearly black, but merely a very dark red. It’s more of a berry than a red or burgundy, a few shades off from an Alice In Wonderland lipstick Hot Topic sold back in 2010. It is a beautiful dark berry that I highly recommend, but if you’re looking for a very dark, pinup red or a red so dark it’s nearly black, this is neither.

Marion May, OK

I have never been a fan of lipsticks…

The first time I wore lipstick, I was 35 years old and I’ve been very skeptical about using them honestly because I thought my lips were too thick. So when I felt daring enough to buy this I followed through because it was a special occasion. I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage, longevity, true-ness and the ease to apply. I absolutely made me look and feel grown!I would recommend this to anyone!

Bobbi Baldwin, LA