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Tintocil Brown Cream Dye Brow Tint

Eyebrow Tinting is a smart solution to accentuate your beautiful eyes and create contrast against your skin’s complexion. Tinting is simply coloring of brows to intensify or change the hair color. Let TINTOCIL transform your light or pale brows in minutes. Tintocil® creams are superior tints used by professionals worldwide. Tintocil unique advanced formulations allow the color to penetrate the hair resulting in a dramatic and long lasting coloration. Take the Tintocil® advantage: * Especially gentle and mild formulas * 6 Striking Colors: Black, Blue Black, Brown, Light Brown, Auburn & Blonde * Mild, longer lasting color formula (up to 5 weeks*.) * Resistant to water and cosmetics. * Formula contains special conditioners. * Outstanding instant results.

Key features

  • The Brown cream is wildly popular.
  • It tints the hair with an intensive, dark brown color.
  • Excellent coverage, resulting a natural look.
  • The dark and light brown colors may be mixed to obtain various brown shades.
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Honest reviews


lasts for weeks and weeks

I am naturally an ash blonde and I have golden highlights. My eyebrows have ALWAYS been lighter than my hair and as I’ve aged, they’ve become even lighter! I was afraid the “brown” would be too dark. It is dark, but I find it just right for my tastes. I leave on for 15 minutes. If you wanted an even deeper color you could leave the product on longer although I think the directions say a maximum of 15 minutes. Honestly, it’s just the right color, not too dramatic, not too light at 15 minutes. The best part is that I really only dye my brows about once every 6-8 weeks. But then again, I’m NOT into the super dark dramatic brow color. I noticed some of the other brands last only 1 or 1 1/2 weeks! Yikes. In any case, the tube will last a long time making it way less than just one trip to the salon.NOTE: the dye IS permanent and will stain ANYTHING it touches and is left on… including skin. But a good oil based moisturizer will buff out any “oops” on skin.Makeup is so personal… I hope this helps in some way!

Lynda Odanah, WI


Finally found a good brow color that is not too dark. I mix it with a bit of black and red to make the perfect color for me.

Carole Hartman, CO

My hairdresser says this product burns skin…

I purchased this so I could tint my brows myself and save the salon trip, but when I told my hairdresser, she said that this brand burns skin and her salon had switched away from the brand entirely, so I haven’t tried it!!!

Lela Mount Juliet, TN

I’ve seen better

I give this two stars because, yes, #1 it does have a nice natural brown color when you are done, and #2 yes, it does not stain your skin after you have applied it, which I’ve never personally seen before in an eyebrow dye. I loved the fact that they actually give you a generous size tube so for the cost, this is a great value. BUT….Like the previous post mentioned, Tintocil has NO staying power. I’ve applied this many different times and always gone in 7 days. I even called their 800 number and talked to a consultant. She advised playing around with different levels of developer and color to achieve a darker look (I wanted darker brows). She said "use more color and less developer for a darker brown." I even have played around with how long I leave this on my brows. If I leave it on for 15 minutes I do get a much darker brown result. But like I said, each and every time it still is faded within 7 days….gone. And I don’t mean "starts to fade" in 7 days, I mean GONE! And hey, that actually wouldn’t be so bad if the application was fast. I mean, I wouldn’t actually even mind having to apply this once a week, except for the fact that you have to let it sit for 10-15 minutes on your counter (customer service advised). And then another 10-15 minutes on your brows. I have four kids- momma’s too busy for that!Here are other brands I have tried:Godefroy instant eyebrow kit- same thing. Gone in 10 days or so. But application is 2 minutes tops. Awesome. But it does stain your skin around your brow if you are not super carefulDybrow dark brown by eyelure (use to be called Dylash)- This is the longest lasting I have ever used. Always brown brows for at least 4 to 5 weeks. And a nice rich dark brown color. But dang! They don’t sell it on amazon anymore. It’s made in the U.K. so you can only buy it from the U.K. and shipping is expensive. And the tube is quite small.

Ethel Carthage, NC

Not very good for greying brows

Tried using it twice, with abysmal results each time. I have used other brow-tinting cream, and I have also used a little bit of my regular hair color on a q-tip (dark brown Naturetint) to color my brows, and anything seems to work better than this cream. I saw no noticeable difference.

Loretta Huntsville, TN