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Tinted Moisturizer – Almond, 1.7 fl. oz by laura mercier

Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer is perfect for all skin types & provides ideal protection from both UVA & UVB rays with an SPF 20. 1.5 fl. oz.

Key features

  • The sheer, lightweight moisturizer adds a hint of color that can be used in place of foundation for a natural appearance while adding a healthy glow to your complexion
  • To maintain a dewy finish: set Tinted Moisturizer with a small amount of Translucent Loose Powder using the Powder Brush; For a matte finish: set Tinted Moisturizer with Translucent Loose Powder using the Velour Puff
  • SPF 20 offers protection from the harmful, damaging rays of the sun
  • A Best of Beauty Award Winner from Allure Magazine & an InStyle Magazine “Best Beauty Buy” Award Winner for Tinted Moisturizer in April 2007
  • A favorite of actresses Rosario Dawson and Nia Long

Honest reviews


Seeking Natural but Flawless? You’ve Just Found Your Match

If you only want a hit of color and a natural, lightweight amount of coverage, this is the foundation for you. This tint can be worn alone but it’s best over your existing moisturizer, especially if you have even a tiny bit of dryness (you don’t want your skin to be drinking in makeup, do you?) This moisturizing formula will hydrate, soften, and impart a very healthy looking glow to the skin. Tinted Moisturizer is a great choice for women who want to look natural but still have a few things to cover because the look and feel are sheer and lightweight but it provides light to medium coverage. SPF 20 is a nice addition to help protect the skin from both UVB rays as well as some UVA rays.* On the scale of Laura Mercier’s foundations, Tinted Moisturizer provides the lightest coverage. Yet despite being so lightweight in look and feel, Tinted Moisturizer is extremely long wearing, stays color true all day long (a boon to oily skins) and wears evenly.More than just a makeup product, Laura’s Tinted Moisturizer has a special “antioxidant vitamin complex that acts as a free radical scavenger to protect skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment.* ” Who hoo! Bonus!Notes on shade choices:Being that it is difficult to render color accurately on a computer for the purpose of color swatches, the following notes should help you select the appropriate shade of Tinted Moisturizer. If you already use one of Laura’s foundations and know the color name, I made note of the approximate color of Tint you would likely use.-VERY FAIR skin tones or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Porcelain Ivory or Blush Ivory would use Tinted Moisturizer – PORCELAIN-FAIR TO LIGHT skin tones or those who use Laura’s foundation in the color Warm Ivory would use Tinted Moisturizer – NUDE-LIGHT TO MEDIUM skin tones or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Sunny Beige or Vanilla Beige would use Tinted Moisturizer – SAND-MEDIUM skin with PINK TONES or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Shell Beige or Vanilla Beige would use Tinted Moisturizer – FAWN (note-this is not super pink)-MEDIUM skin tones or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Golden Beige or Honey Beige would use Tinted Moisturizer – ALMOND-MEDIUM to DARK skin tones or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Suntan Beige or Sunset Beige would use Tinted Moisturizer – TAN-DARKER skin tones or those who use Laura’s Foundation in colors Toffee Bronze or Deep Bronze would use Tinted Moisturizer – WALNUTIt’s quite normal to fall between two shades due to the infinite variety of skin tones and tan variations throughout the year. If this is the case for you, Laura recommends mixing those two shades together to get the perfect, custom match. Many of her clients do this. You’ll only use about half the amount of each shade when you mix (therefore each tube lasts you twice as long) so over the space of a year you don’t end up spending any more money on foundation than you would if you only purchased one color. Plus you get the bonus of precision matched color. Also, most of us tend to darken a bit in the summer and lighten up a bit in the winter at which point you’ll have just the right shade at your fingertips. Another trick I like with Laura’s Tinted Moisturizer is mixing a little of it with my oil-free foundation to get a slightly more natural looking finish or to slightly lighten or darken the color here as well.Easy to Use:Apply after skincare/moisturizer, using a downward motion with fingertips or a sponge. The downward blending motion helps to keep the foundation from getting under the very tiny, and nearly microscopic hairs we all grow on our faces. A sponge will help you apply the product more evenly than using your fingers. Laura makes a fantastic and machine washable version.Tinted Moisturizer can be worn with or without Laura’s famous, award winning, and best selling Foundation Primer underneath. An application of Foundation Primer first will naturally extend the wear of Tinted Moisturizer especially for oilier skins or all skins in warmer/humid months. If you prefer a soft/slightly moist finish, set the Tint with a small amount of Translucent Loose Powder by lightly tapping with the side of the Powder Brush. For a more matte finish, set Tinted Moisturizer with Translucent Loose Powder or Pressed Setting Powder (which provides more coverage than loose) using the Laura’s wonderful and machine washable Powder Puff.*While being SPF 20 (refers to UVB only), the active ingredients Laura uses in her Tinted Moisturizers do provide a small amount of UVA protection yet are not completely broad spectrum. All of Laura’s daytime Moisturizers provide SPF 15 in the form of avobenzone (listed under the chemical name) which is fully UVB and UVA protective. As a professional, freelance makeup artist, this is my preferred route. UVA/UVB sunscreen in a foundation makes it much thicker and can give the color a slightly `off `or `whitish cast. UVA/UVB sunscreen also reflects light and this shows up in pictures as `ghost face’ — a horror for brides when they get their pictures back. Having sunscreen in your moisturizer won’t have this same effect because you top it with foundation or powder which keeps the reflection at bay.

Caroline Altaville, CA

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer gives a healthy glow

The only shade other than Nude I would attempt to try is the almond. The sand and fawn are too brownish beige. This is also 20 SPF. Tinted moisturizer is like a hint of color added to your moisturizer, which is why I chose Nude and am happy with the overall look to my face and feel on my skin.The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is easy to apply, feels soft and silky to the skin. It is applied using fingertips. While I was at the counter at Nordstrom the cosmetician used a brush to apply. I liked this better than a cotton ball used at other counters.A 1.5 ounce tube will last from 4-5 months, probably longer now that fall is here and less coverage is needed for this season. This has an anti-oxidant complex that protects the skin.I have eczema, allergic to lanolin and check ingredients on all cosmetics before buying. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer does not contain lanolin, is Dermatologist tested and not tested on animals. I started using the moisturizer in early summer. This survived the brutal temps in Southern California.You do not have the caked on look, this is streak free, did not add much shine to my face, more of a glow. I read somewhere online that Sarah Jessica Parker attributes her healthy glow to the Nude shade of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer as well.I even used this a few times as an under eye concealer when the skin looked lighter in color and needed a boost. There were no breakouts associated with using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It worked well on keeping my rash area covered up with a more healthy look.The tube is easy to grasp with one hand and remove the twist-off cap in one twist. The contents are squeezed through the opening. Although once you get to the end of the tube you will need to shake it a bit to obtain the remaining droplets. I found that this worked just as well at the bottom of the tube as it did from when first purchased months ago.This is a tinted moisturizer that works on all skin-types and colors. The price is a bit steep, but I used it all compared to tossing out the Mac Face and Body Foundation and using the Serious Skin Care Tinted Moisturizer infrequently.

Doris Glendale, SC

Terrific Tinted Moisturizer

I was a bit skeptical about using this product. For one I thought it would make my skin break out and I also thought it wouldn’t really cover anything. Boy was I wrong. I finally used this when I went on a cruise this winter and I could not believe how well it covered my imperfections yet looked soooo natural and healthy. It also did not make my skin break out and I was in hot, humid weather. I used this in Sand which went well with my tan. I will buy this in Nude for everyday use and when I do not have any tan, real or fake. The SPF 20 is a nice added bonus too. This glides over your skin easily and blends wonderfully. I highly, highly recommend this unless your skin is very oily.

Lauri Ruby, SC


I love, love, love Laura Mercier’s products, but this one just disappointed.The moiturizer is very heavy and gooey, and does not go on evenly. Since it is tinted, an even application is necessary. The colors are not natural looking, at least the ones I have tried. And it did not make my face feel moisturized.The coverage is also too sheer for me (ok… so I’m a tad bit over 40). So I would need to use foundation anyway.I’m sticking to a non-tinted moisturizer (not by Laura M).

Julianne Warrensburg, NY

great tinted moisturizer

This is a great product for people who want a natural, dewy look with light coverage. I originally tried an array of mineral powders (bare essentials and everyday minerals) and found they provided too much coverage, looked too matte and, worst of all, exaggerated my fine lines. A friend suggested a tinted moisturizer and after doing some research, I settled on Laura Mercier. (I’ve also tried Lancome tinted moisturizer and found it to be too heavy.) While this product might not be good for someone who wants full coverage, it evens out skin tone nicely and removes any redness around the nose area. I also tired a sample of the oil-free tinted moisturizer and found it to be a bit heavier and more matte in finish. It’s a bit on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. All in all, this is a great tinted moisturizer.

Frances Zuni, VA

At the top of my list for tinted moisturizers

This is a lightweight tinted moisturizer that looks natural. SPF is 20.I read all the reviews before deciding on both nude and almond. My skin is considered ‘Medium’, but has some yellow to it. If I had ordered only the ‘Nude’ shade, I would have been disappointed. It went on very much lighter than I prefer, although it looked fine after a few minutes. The ‘Almond’ shade was perfect for me. The coverage was not too little or too much. My skin just looks better, even though it looks so natural that nobody would know I was wearing makeup at all. That is ideal for some days. On other days I put foundation over it. Either way, it works well. I’ll be buying the ‘Almond’ shade next time, or maybe ‘Warm Radiance’ if they have it. These shades seem to come and go.

Eloise Yolo, CA

LOVE this tinted moisturizer

I’ve tried and loved multiple Laura Mercier products in the past (I find her lip glaces to be so flattering, her foundation primers make your foundation glide on with ease, and the shimmer bloc is great for adding natural looking color and brightness). Yet, I remained skeptical of trying a tinted moisturizer, even from a brand I liked, because I have dry acne prone skin with some scarring from past breakouts so I always thought I needed a true foundation with more coverage. Tinted moisturizers always seemed to me to be something that you could only wear if you already had great skin and probably didn’t need foundation anyway. Boy was I wrong. I tried this first as a sample and LOVED it from day one.This tinted moisturizer has so many great things going for it. I have fair skin and the nude shade blended in perfectly. It looks natural, while still providing some coverage for scaring and skin discoloration. I still use this with my nars concealer for blemishes, but I used it even with foundation so my routine has not changed greatly. I also love that this glides on easily and lasts even without a primer. I just use a littleMake Up For Ever HD High Definition Microfinish Powder – Full size 0.30 oz./8.5gafter applying to make it last. It also has a great consistency. It feels hydrating like a moisturizer, is lightweight, and genuinely feels nice on my skin.Overall I couldn’t recommend this tinted moisturizer more highly. It made a believer out of this skeptic.

Kerry Lexington, OR

The absolute best tinted moisturizer.

Perfect for older, drier skin. That dewiness that’s hard to fake? Well, you can fake it with this. It’s not heavy and not too discoball. It has a gel-like consistency and feels lovely going on. No crazy scent. If the finish is a little too dewy, then hit it with a light dusting of translucent powder. Product has a nice level of SPF too. My go-to winter base.

Jerri Brohard, WV


Always on the lookout for what would get me off and running more quickly in the morning, I heard about this Tinted Moisturizer from Laura Mercier. It does the trick. There’s no longer a need for me to use moisturizer, wait for it to be absorbed, and then apply foundation.Should mention up front that the natural look is my preference so I’m attracted to formulations with just a hint of color. Of course, the addition SPF 20 is a very real and practical bonus.When using this skin tends to have a very natural look but “better,” if you will. My skin is fair so I use “Porcelain,” which takes away the paleness but does not camouflage skin tone. It’s best for me to apply the tint with fingertips and gently smooth.Wouldn’t give up my foundation as it’s needed for evenings and special occasions, but for daily use this Tinted Moisturizer really saves a step in the morning and saves my face all day.

Margo West Fargo, ND

Reliable Sheer Coverage

I’ve used this product four years and have introduced my daughter to it. She loves it too. It’s just what the name implies: tinted moisturizer. Application goes on smoothly and it wears well. If you are looking for more coverage — look elsewear. This just enhances ones complexion a bit and looks quite sheer.

Maggie Amanda Park, WA

Tube seemed half full…

I like this stuff but I wouldn’t say I’m in love with it. I do love the powder in tender rose by LM. This stuff is nice — just didn’t knock my socks off. The biggest issue I have is that it almost seems like the tube is half full. I would hate if they sent me a return from someone that was half used. Next time I’ll buy direct to be sure.

Clarissa Manley Hot Springs, AK

Great moisturizer!

I have been looking for a tinted moisturizer that actually does what it’s supposed to. I use the Almond—my complexion is close to Halle Berry’s, a honey brown I guess. As long as I don’t use too much (which you shouldn’t do anyway) it does a great job. It’s very light and doesn’t make me feel like I have any makeup on. I’m a big fan of the natural look and no one can tell that I have this on. Most people just comment that my skin looks nice. I workout alot and this stuff doesn’t run or streak, which is nice when I need to wipe all the sweat off my face. Since I hate foundation this is perfect for me. I bought the Laura Mercier sponges also–pricey but well worth it. They work beautifully together. Would definitely recommend!

Jimmie Williamsburg, MA

Keep coming back to this.

I keep coming back to this tinted moisturizer. It is The only thing I have ever used that looks natural. I also love that it’s non comedogenic.

Essie Bigler, PA

Great For African American Skin Tones

A few years ago I searched high and low for a tinted moisturizer that would work with my skin tone, and wasn’t successful–until I found this one. What’s great about this line is that there are colors to work with both yellow and red undertones – which you won’t find in most other lines.I have combination skin and so I use this during the winter on top of my moisturizer, I don’t recommend using it alone. I tried doing that as well as using it on top of a serum – but it wasn’t enough moisture throughout the day. It gives me an even look without looking like I have foundation on. People always ask me what is making my skin “glow like that”. In the summer and spring I use the oil free version (same color) and it gives me the same great coverage. Light and dewy.Makeup artists recommend applying this with a brush for even coverage, which I have, but I have applied it many days with my fingers in two minutes flat. And it looks great. I highly recommend this product for women who have good skin but just need to even things out or look “awake” before they head out for the day. I also use this for night looks — and always receive compliments. There’s just no need for heavy coverage anymore which I think ages you. Not when tinted moisturizer takes a few years off!

May Ocate, NM

Made me tear

laura mercier 1.5 oz tinted moisturizer spf 20 – nudePurchased this at Sephora in the Sand color. I love the coverage and the ability to “build” up on trouble spots. Unfortunately, it makes my eyes tear to the point, I end up wiping off all my makeup. At first I thought it was my eye makeup, but when I wore my eye makeup without the moisturizer, I had no problems. So I tried just applying the moisturizer and sure enough, within a half hour my eyes started to tear. I even tried it a few times after that, making sure to keep away from my eyes but I continued to have the problem. It also seemed to make my skin feel oily.

Deana Centre Hall, PA

Not for my skin

I have been using mineral foundation for the last 2 years, and I thought I would try something else after reading tips from a professional makeup artist on Turns out, I went back to my good old foundation within 10 minutes.This tinted cream provides absolutely no coverage, ZERO. What is leaves behind however is a layer of oil that made my skin shiny and sticky.I rinsed my face, and never looked back.

Kim Heath, OH

So natural I forgot I was wearing it!

I had to come and write a review right now because I purchased this product yesterday and am wearing it today for the first time with a new lip gloss. All morning I have been at my desk obsessively sneaking peeks at a compact mirror to decide if I like the lip gloss. But the tinted moisturizer blended so seemlessly into my skin I forgot I was wearing it until just now! Even with all that mirror time, I did not notice the makeup on my skin!I am all about sheer coverage. I have reasonably decent skin but have some freckles and uneven color tone from the first signs of aging. So I just need something minimal to even me out and give me a more polished look. But I hate, hate, HATE to see or feel makeup on my skin. I’ve never understood people who wear visible foundation or powder – it looks awful! Also, men really hate it – I don’t know if you know that, ladies! But sometimes you need a little bit of coverage, and this product is perfect! My skin is very sensitive and claustrophobic (not kidding) and normal foundation and powder literally make me itch. My skin feels “dirty” if I can feel the product sitting on top of it- I just want to go wash it off. But I have had this on all morning and don’t feel that way at all! It provides just enough SHEER coverage. I think I may have found the perfect product for me.If you have more skin issues and need/prefer heavier coverage this might not be for you. It’s not foundation. But if your skin just needs a little even-ing out and you don’t want to feel or see your makeup on top of your skin, this stuff is perfect!

Heidi Dowagiac, MI

Not a great choice for sensitive skin or older skin

I tried this as an alternative to Bare Minerals on days where I didn’t want a full face of make-up. Here’s what I found:Pros: Light coverage (as promised), good moisturizer, and I felt that the color choices were true-to-life.Cons: I got some skin irritation when I got too close to my eyes– you can’t really use it near your eyes or on your under-eye circles, which adds an extra step since you have to bother with concealer. I also feel that the color did not last all day– more like 1/2 a day. Plus, it’s expensive for the amount of product you recieve. You might just do better purchasing a super-hydrating foundation and applying it lighter with a cosmetic sponge.Conclusion: Reccomended only as good buy for younger skin without a lot of coverage issues.

Katharine Jefferson, PA

sheer, light coverage, but not very moisturizing

Pro:color – I have light asian/yellow complexion. After 6 years of living in Texas (read: tan), the color sand literally melts into my skin. After 4 years in New England (read: no more tan), the color nude is now my exact skin tone.coverage – It is very sheer. It does not cover the red spots on my face, only diminishes it and evens out minor unevenness.Con:consistency – it does not feel like a moisturizer. Instead of slippery, it feels a little watery, therefore difficult to blend and must be applied a little at a time. It is good for my combination skin or in the summer and does not look greasy. I would recommend a moisturizer underneath for dry skin or in the winter and I think it works for oily/combination skin.wear – it is somewhat long lasting. If you wipe your face with tissue, a noticeable amount will come off, but at end of the day when using make up remover, you can still see colors coming off.

Cornelia Camp H M Smith, HI