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TIGI S Factor Serious Conditioner with Sunflower Seed Oil, 5.07 Ounce

This intensive conditioning hair remedy is a scientific blend of ingredients including sunflower seed oil and hydrolyzed silk. Manufactured in USA.

Key features

  • One 5.07-ounce tube of hair conditioner
  • Scientific blend of ingredients, including sunflower seed oil and hydrolyzed silk
  • Silicone polymer with amino acids smoothes and shines hair
  • Conditions, strengthens and protects color
  • Made in the United States

Honest reviews


Best conditioner ever used!

S Factor’s Serious Conditioner is the best conditioner I’ve ever used for my 3B curly hair. If you leave it on for 20 minutes and then blow dry and/or flat iron your hair, you will have the silkiest, softest hair ever.

Georgina Rushville, OH

Love this deep conditioner and the smell is lovely!

My hair stylist recommended this years ago as a weekly or semi weekly treatment as needed between visits. I absolutely love this stuff and have been using it for years. Keeps my hair soft and healthy. I love the smell of the conditioner. My husband is always asking what I put in my hair after I use it. I would highly recommend this stuff and its worth the price tag. I’ve used the Bumble and Bumble deep conditioner and love that one as well but I think this does just as good, half the price, and love the smell better.

Ines Donner, LA

I’ve tried them all..this is the best deep conditioner for dried/damaged hair

My hair type is fairly normal (naturally), however I highlight it blonde and also wear hair extensions. This conditioner works wonders on my own damaged ends and keeps my extensions hydrated. This is the only conditioner I will use when I am wearing extensions, as it is the only condition that has ever restored the moisture in the ends of my hair extensions to make them look like the day I bought the hair! When I use it on my own hair, without the extensions, my hair is extremely silky and is noticeably healthier looking.I tried this product several years ago after experimenting with other deep conditioners…Kerastase, Redken, and Neutrogena. They each worked okay for me, but my hair was still quite dry.The condition is very thick, but doesn’t weigh the hair down. Its best to use it on the bottom half of your hair, keeping it away from the roots unless you have extremely dry hair all the way to your scalp. The only time I apply it to my hair from root to end is the first shampoo after I get my hair colored.I recommend using it every other shampoo if your hair is pretty damaged. You won’t notice any buildup or weight if you use it every shampoo, though.The tub of conditioner is huge, so don’t let the price intimidate you.Worth every penny. It lasts forever, and I probably use more than the average person.The scent? Unique, and not too strong. Almost like a minty strawberry.Strongly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to restore moisture in their hair.

Savannah Blount, WV


I have naturally curly hair which means naturally dry/frizzy hair as well, especially bad in the summer time. This conditioner gets me through the summer w/o chopping my hair off. It leaves my hair soft, curly, detangled, and easy to style and best yet, conquers the dryness! Nothing else I’ve found works as well. Highly recommended.

Sonya Grants Pass, OR

Not spectacular!

I expected more from this conditioner because I love S Factor products. I didn’t find that my hair was any more conditioned than when using any other conditioner. For the price, I can’t say it was worth it. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Jane Farmington, CT


So happy i found this conditioner. I have thick course curly hair and it is so hard to keep moisturized. You do not need alot of this, a little goes along way with this stuff cause its so thick. It smells like peppermint and makes your scalp feel all tingly. I would reccommend this product for all hair types.

Teresa South Salem, OH

Works great as a leave-in! Best conditioner out there.

My husband used to work for a beaty supply distributor and after sampling dozens of products out there I found that a combination of this product along with Catwalk (Curls Rock, Curl Amplifier), and Redken Heatglide was a home run for a blow dry and straight iron combination. I have very, very fine hair so products have always been hard for me to use without making my hair look either too thin, too weighed down, too dry, or too greasy. My hair had never been able to go more than two days without being washed and still look as good as the day I styled it. However, this combination allowed me to go nearly a week still looking shiny, healthy, and fresh (unless you have a workout regimen that causes the sweat to really drench your hair). Which is great for your hair because it allows the natural oils to build up and make your hair much healthier over time. With this combo you have a nice layer of conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down if you only use a drop. Then a coat of heatglide providing shine to the max without making your hair greasy (if you just use a few pumps tops). And lastly, a styling product in Curl Amplifier that on thin hair actually plumps it up (if you just use one pump or even half a pump) and will keep your style locked in place (no flyaways, etc) without adversely interfering with the other products. All three of these should be applied to damp hair.Something to plump up fine hair pretty well if you have a layered look is Paul Mitchell Root Lifter and Thicken up. This may dry your hair out after a while, though, if you do not condition it properly so using this conditioner as a treatment every few weeks works gloriously.Happy hairdays!

Winnie Houston, MN

Smells like strawberries and mint

I like this a lot! The smell is AMAZING!! The only thing is that it doesn’t stick with your hair. It does make it really soft and that’s what I wanted.

Michelle Fields, OR


This is the good stuff. Leaves your hair healthy and shiny and can be used for shave cream too. It smells like yummy pink sugar and the conditioner is pink itself. A little goes a long way.

Leslie Depauw, IN