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Tigi S Factor by Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender for Unisex, 4.23 Ounce

TIGI S FACTOR by Tigi FLAT IRON SHINE SPRAY HEAT DEFENDER 4.23 OZTIGI S FACTOR by Tigi possesses a blend of Ideal For All Hair Types, Smoothes Straight Hair Enhances Gloss In Short Hair And Combats Frizz, Great For Color Treated Hair

Key features

  • Heat Defender.
  • This high tech thermal protectant provides a soft shine with a healthy finish while styling with a flat iron and also protects from daily UV rays.
  • Vitamins A&E nourish the hair while acting as antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental damage.

Honest reviews


Works great for me!

I’ve only used one other brand of heat protection spray, so I can’t say I’m an expert, but this works great for me!The product is slightly oil-based, which give hair a good shine, but somehow its not too mucky, and doesn’t leave a heavy residue on your hair or weight it down (I have dark hair with naturally loose curls, so might not be the same if you have very thin straight hair).The quality of the nozzle is also great, so it really spreads the product to a large area (you know how some nozzles just spray a lot of product in a small area so it creates build up and you have to use 20-30 sprays to cover your whole hair – this is not like that, I use 5-7 sprays max for medium length hair), so I only need to use very little product so the bottle also lasts a long time)So far, I feel the protection has worked great, and my hair doesn’t feel as heat damaged or as dry as it used to feel with the other product or without using anything (I only heat-style my hair about once a week, so also not sure it would work the same if you heat-style your hair daily).Definitely worth a try!

Margie Dime Box, TX

Wife and daughter loves it

My wife and daughter both use this product and recommends it to all women that use a flat iron. They have tried similar products, but this one is the best.

Robert Madison, MD


I bought this online cause its way cheaper . It cause $32 at ulta. It works to my thick long curly hair . Don’t hesitate to get this one cause it really works . It protect ur hair from all styling stools not just flat iron .

Trisha Granville Summit, PA

Flat iron spray

This product is great for spraying on before flat ironing. It protects your hair from the flat iron and takes out the frizz. The only thing to watch out for is to only use a small amount. If you use too much your hair will be greasy looking.

Edwina Channing, TX

This spray SAVED my hair

I was hesitant to purchase this product because of the price but I went ahead and took the plunge and I’m so glad I did! My hair had become a rats nest of wiry obstinate dry hair. I used this for 3 applications and my hair has really come around! It is not dry anymore, and the wiry hairs are workable. I LOVE this stuff. It hasn’t worked miracles but my hair is actually able to hold a version of a style!

Kerri Boyne Falls, MI

Doesn’t work with my fine hair

I have fine, blonde hair. It doesn’t work well with my hair, no matter if I use one light spray, or five. It ends up making my hair look greasy or dirty. I think this would be a great spray for someone with dark and more coarse hair.

Millie Rufus, OR

Love It!!!!!

I like the way it smells. I also love the way it made my ends shine and look healthy. I love all the S factor products.

Nadia Regent, ND

Love it

I love it for my hair when I am perming it but now that I am not perming I have changed to a different shampoo and conditioner and only use this product when I flat iron my hair to protect it.

Melinda Jackson, CA

One of the best!

This is one of the best flat iron sprays I have ever used. It works great and it doesnt leave a build-up and it won’t leave your hair greasy. It is my new best friend!!!

Reyna Trenton, TN

The BEST Flat Iron Spray out there

I’ve tried less expensive flat iron sprays and they just don’t do the job that this one does. S-factor leaves my hair smooth and shiny, but never heavy or oily. I’ve been using it for several years and will continue to do so.

Lilia Holden, MO


I bought this after a Youtuber said it was great. I have not really seen anything different happening to my hair…Sorry I do not have much to say about it…

Elda Hartselle, AL

Awesome for my hair

I try to take it easy on my hair, blow-dry or straighten every couple of weeks at most. But I’ve wanted to heat style my hair more without frying it (it’s very dry and curly). This stuff has been really great. Smells awesome and does the job, leaves my hair really soft and silky. And it’s not very heavy or oily. A little goes a long way and even if I don’t blow dry my hair, it does still work at keeping things smooth and a little protection from the sun is always nice!

Vilma Simon, WV