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TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray, 8.1 Ounce

Fresh, floral and fabulous describes the pear lily, chiffon fusion found in tigi catwalk your highness root boost spray. Bold classic notes of fruit and flower combine with a hint of musk to give this elegant fragrance.

Key features

  • Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray by TIGI for Unisex – 8.1 Ounce Spray
  • Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray by TIGI for Unisex
  • Lightly fragrant with no heaviness or dryness

Honest reviews


Not fantastic..

I like this on days where I feel a little hair-flat. Its not super effective, just like a sprayable mousse. but in general it gets the job done. I just wouldnt really prioritize this over say a normal mousse. Its average.

Luz Grassy, MO

great boost

This product will keep your hair voluminized for days! Just a few spritzes into your roots and volume, volume, volume. You will not have to reapply until your wash your hair again!

Christy Dawson, IL

Boosts the roots! But it can be a little …

Boosts the roots! But it can be a little drying, so try to stay ONLY on the roots.

Jasmine Raymond, NE

Jury still out.

Bought this as good reviews. I think I like treseme better but still use this on occasion. The spray can is nice as you can put it where you want it!

Sara Greenville, MI

Worked even in humidity

I used this and went out into the rain and humidity and my hair remained full. I teased slightly at the crown and that stayed as well. It does not feel like you have anything in your hair but it works. My hair felt and looked fuller and thicker at the scalp then with any root booster I have tried. Good product so far.

Michele Columbus, IN

Knock-Off Root Boost

The first time I used this product I found that it smelled different than my previous can. I also noticed that my hair didn’t respond well to it. I looked it up and found that the can Tigi sells is 8.1 oz. The can I received is actually 8.5 oz. even though the description says 8.1 oz. Tigi does not make an 8.5 oz. can. I’m quite sure this is a knock-off Tigi product. Amazon did refund my money when I contacted them. Buyer beware.

Lynne Little Suamico, WI