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Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray, 9.13 Ounce

For texturizing. Texture. Body/volume light pliable hold.

Key features

  • For texturizing
  • Texture
  • Body/volume light pliable hold

Honest reviews


Stiff hair is not what I signed up for

How can any oh you think this is a good product? If you want your hair to look like hell, then just stop washing it, it is much cheaper and there is no shipping and handling.This is the worst hair product I have ever used in my 50 years on the planet. I love the bed head look,and the Rasta look too, but this is the “crunchy hair” meets “I live in an alley” look.Threw it away.

Ann Okemos, MI

It’s okay but not great

I’m not impressed with the spray. The scent isn’t that great either. I make a homemade spray that works better.

Jewell Dinosaur, CO


I’ve used many beach sprays on my straight layered hair. This is not a good one! It does nothing for my hair-no waves whatsoever. The smell is very strong-too overpowering for me. I really like the Tigi Beach Spray, so thought I would like this one-nope. Don’t waste your money. Go with the Beach spray instead.

Deena Model, CO

Sexy Beach Hair in SECONDS

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Gives me the California Beach Girl Hair in just a few sprays and lasts all day. I have no idea how it works, but it clearly does! Added bonus: it smells fantastic!

Melanie Ruthven, IA

Nice job on fine hair, too!

I have shoulder length, rather fine and unfortunately thinning hair that has some natural wave to it. For years I’ve been blowing it dry straight or putting it up in a ponytail, but I got bored with that look. So I’ve been trying out new products, saw a video about putting curls in fine hair which required a salt spray, and got this Tigi Catwalk Salt Spray. First, let me say the smell is nice – a bit overwhelming but pleasant. Second, MOST IMPRESSIVE-I got instant volume. THANK YOU TIGI! I’ve been using Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray and a curly mousse to give volume to my blow dried hair, which I’ve liked, but this beats the thickening spray for volume by at least 50%. Last, used on its own, on damp hair and scrunched, this product definitely gives the “beach hair”. Bottom line, I really like this product and will next try the curling gel to see what happens.For those of you interested in one way to use this spray, here’s how I use it: To get fun “new” curls, I do the following: after washing my hair I spray my hair with the salt spray then blow dry my roots, then take chunks and roll them up loosely into curls and pin them to my head. I then go about my morning and within an hour I spray my head with more Tigi spray and some hair spray then take out the pins. I turn my head upside down, shake out the curls with my fingers, apply a few more squirts of hairspray, then voila – I’m good for the day. And on the morning of day 2 after sleeping on it, I use some dry shampoo, use my fingers to brush it out, apply some salt spray, and go through the day with a more rumpled, beach hair look (which I like better).

Nelly Fort Ransom, ND

Actually works!

I’ve had this spray for a couple weeks now, and I’m just loving it. First of all, it gives texture and waves exactly as advertised. I have a lot of hair, but it is baby-fine and I have the hardest time finding products to give it texture without making it look greasy and weighed down! This Tigi salt spray is so impressive though. I spray it on wet hair, scrunch, and let it air dry. So simple. Plus that, it deserves 5 stars just for the fragrance alone. I love it, and will definitely purchase it again.

Hilda Lehigh, OK


I ordered this product on a whim, as I’ve recently begun a somewhat frantic search for products that would give my hair some volume and style without heat. My hair is mid-back and very damaged due to daily heat styling and monthly coloring. It’s also very thin, straight, and frizzy with lots of breakage. I tried this product not expecting much, but WOW am I surpised at the results. I sprayed it liberally on damp hair after shampooing and then scrunched it really well. It took a while to dry and during this time I occasionally added a little more product and kept scrunching (not constantly, but now and then throughout the drying period. I mention this because other reviewers have said to spray and then leave it alone to get the best effect. I defintely didn’t leave it alone, and the effect is awesome!). But the time it was dry, it looks like this is someone else’s hair! It looks healthy with amazing waves and texture. I am so happy that I just ordered another bottle so that I don’t run out! Having my hair look so fantastic with no heat styling is a small miracle. Very happy!Also: I didn’t experience any of the stiffness or crunchiness that others have experienced. This likely is a factor of how much is applied (though I certainly didn’t skimp). And, as nearly everyone else mentioned, the smell is amazing. I think I’ve met my new best friend! I will be using this most days, I suspect.

Dona Lynn, AR

what I was looking for

The smell is quite strong and perfumey, but this product does not leave my hair greasy/ crunchy/ or wet looking.

Jeanine Given, WV

beach spray

this is one of the best salt sprays I have found. smells great and works well on dry and/or damp hair…even good for light/fine/thin hair

Esperanza Meta, MO

Best product ever!

My stylist used this product on my fine hair and I was amazed by how much volume it adds to my hair without feeling weighed down or greasy. You put it on after you blow dry and/or flat iron your hair. It adds volume and lift and gives you the bed head look without feeling greasy. I highly recommend this product. It smells great too!

Gay Soldier, KY

Makes my hair feel like wood

This spray makes my hair feel like its a piece of food. Such a waste since now I’ll have to throw it away. Don’t recommend for sure.

Goldie Cedar Falls, IA

Great product – happy to have found on Amazon!

I use this instead of stiff hairspray. Works great if you use a light touch of it. Spritz a few times, fluff and go! Wonderful scent. Far less expensive than buying in my salon. Thanks, Amazon!

Morgan Quebradillas, PR