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TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray , 6 Ounce

Heat protection is vital for maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair. Care for your straight style with this formula custom-tailored to help resist heat up to 450 degrees. Ultra-fine spray helps prevent moisture loss while providing impeccable straightening and illuminating shine.

Key features

  • Adds shine and smoothes
  • Helps to seal cuticle
  • Helps improve strength

Honest reviews


smells awsome

The first time I spray this, I was testing it out on a piece of my hair. When I walked into my mom’s room, she immediately noticed the smell. When I practiced on my piece of hair, it straightened it pretty good. I look forward to using it on my whole head.

Antoinette Mulino, OR

Really good product

I’ve actually purchased this twice from Amazon because I liked it so much after the first use. It works really well, I only wish that the can was bigger.

Margo Knox City, MO

smooth as silk

My hair stylist uses this in her salon before she uses the hair dryer or curling iron on hair. She also sells it but at a much higher price than Amazon! So I bought it from Amazon and use it every day. Just spray it on damp or dry hair before styling and your hair will look sleek and salon worthy.

Lindsay Fort Blackmore, VA

Protects and leaves a shine

This smells good and works well. I use it when I flat iron my hair and it does protect, while leaving a shine.

Jackie Okolona, MS

Love this line

This is a terrific product. I have used several different heat protectants over time and I definitely like this one best. I use it in conjunction with the Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm, and the combination delivers great results. Both of them require a light hand, however; if I use even a tiny bit too much, my hair looks greasy. As long as I don’t use too much, though, it’s pretty amazing.

Tamara Barnett, MO

Awesume product!!!

Awesume product got it in retail when I found on amazon I guda jus fell out. Great price great hair product. Protects your hair from heat from styling ull luv how it makes ur hair feel!!!

Maude Sea Isle City, NJ

Eh….not my favorite

I have very fine, thin hair and I feel like this product really weighs it down. I only spray it on the ends of my hair before straightening or curling it with my curling rod, but i don’t feel it makes my hair look as good as when i use other products. It is a very shiny, greasy product that comes out out an aerosol can which makes it hard to limit the amount of product being used. I would think this product is better for individuals who have thicker, coarser hair than myself. I will not be buying this product again and won’t even finish the bottle.

Tami South Naknek, AK

More of a shine spray.

It works very well, but it’s something that I use as a finisher, since it’s more of a shine spray. After I’m done flat ironing, I mist this product through my hair, and then flat iron the top quickly to seal in this spray. Works like a charm!

Jacqueline Elon College, NC

It works!

My hairstylist recommended this spray to help with winter static and cowlicks, and I’m glad she did! I have fine, naturally wavy shoulder length hair that I flat iron every day, so a heat spray that works is essential. I love this spray because it’s a fine mist that doesn’t build up and weigh my hair down. You can use it before blow drying or on dry hair before flat ironing, which is what I prefer to do. It smells great (almost like cinnamon spice) and leaves my hair shiny and smooth. I definitely recommend this spray.

Tracie Cobleskill, NY


Love this product and will buy more! It really leaves your hair soft and silky. It’s not sticky like some other products.

Aurora Marshallberg, NC

Smells great!

My hairdresser always uses this on my hair and I decided to get my own. Smells great and somewhat leaves your hair shiny.

Samantha Glynn, LA

The Best!

This is the best heat protectant I have ever used. It is truly amazing and I highly recommend it. Just be careful not to flatiron immediately after spraying it on as it is highly flammable.

Rachelle Hershey, NE