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Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, 4 Ounce

Tigi catwalk curls rock amplifier enhances your natural texture, gives hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves.

Key features

  • Gives hold and control
  • For defined curls and streamlined waves
  • It enhances your natural texture

Honest reviews



This product works wonders.I have tried every product there is for curly/Wavy hair. I was given a tip by a girl workin in Peninsula beauty, She told me to use some warm water and rub your hands together so the product isn’t so thick and will distribute easier throughout the hair. WONDERFUL TIP. I get some many compliments on my hair when using this product. I have natural waves in my hair and if I don’t find the right product my hair doesn’t look good. I would not go without this product.

Isabel Boston, MA

disappointed, just not working for me

Given the number of glowing reviews for this stuff, I can only conclude that I bought it after the formula change, or it’s just not for my hair type.I have fine permed hair, and have experimented with varying amounts of this stuff on hair that is in varying stages of wetness. I tried rubbing it in my hands with a bit of water as suggested by another reviewer. No matter what I do, I get zero shine, hold or definition. The additional hope of finding a curl cream with a little conditioning is out the window. Maybe I got a bad batch… this stuff is pasty, leaves some film, and weighed my hair down enough that I actually lost curl. Bummer.

Olive Saybrook, IL

one pump is all you need!

One pump is all you need. …. I have sholder length, fine hair that is curly/wavy/frizzy. I am always looking for the next miracle product to protect me from this florida humidity. This product definately defined, reduced frizz and even added some volume to my curls. … One mistake i did make, was on the first day i tried it. I used 2 pumps and my hair DID get greasy and slightly crispy after blowdrying. The next time i tried using only one pump i got much better results. I would even try using a little less than one pump next time. … It says in the directions on the bottle, to use the curls rock booster first and then use the amplifier afterwards but i dont think i will try it, seems like it might make me crispy again. … overall, i like this product and will continue using it, however i will definately use it sparingly!

Mae Willow, OK

Great Product–Just a Little Is Great For Curly Hair

I have short, curly grey hair. It is also fine in texture but thick. This product is absolutely wonderful for my hair. I just put a small amount in my hand and rub it into my hair. I don’t even use a blow dryer. I let it air dry and the curl is a lot more pronounced in my hair when it dries than it is without this product. This makes my hair very easy to manage and control. I don’t need to do another thing after shampooing other than lightly towel dry, add this product and then let my hair dry the rest of the way in the air. It takes me a long time to go through this so I really can’t complain about the price.

Krista New Lisbon, IN

Crispy Crunchy

I’m not sure why I’ve had such a different experience than many of the other reviewers, but this product left my hair dry and crispy, not good at all. The one I recieved is the newer “Crulesque” bottle.

Mindy Fredericksburg, PA