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Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, 4 Ounce

Tigi catwalk curls rock amplifier enhances your natural texture, gives hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves.

Key features

  • Gives hold and control
  • For defined curls and streamlined waves
  • It enhances your natural texture

Honest reviews


Not sure what is going on…..

I have always bought and likes TIGI curls rock.I saw this one and was thinking it is the sameas that, which is usually in a bright blue bottle.I bought and tried this thinking it was the samething only cheaper, and boy was I wrong. Thisstuff is really sticky and gooey. Don’t wasteyour time, buy the real deal and get what itbetter!!

Maxine Highland, MI

skip it

too thick. weighed hair down. silicone containing. yucky. gonna stick with my deva curl products. thought i would try something new but, alas, it was a disappointment.

Opal Slidell, TX

Very curly thick hair.

I love this product. I have been using this for years now and it’s my favorite hair product I have ever used. I have very thick curly hair and have used practically hundreds of hair products. This product makes your hair soft and if you use a little extra it makes it slightly crunchy but makes your hair stay in place like two days. Hope they never ever discontinue this amazing product.

Doretha Dundee, MS

Rockin product

Fantastic product! Didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at all like most curl products. The smooth crème makes for wonderful curls.

Renae Sidney, MT


Helps define my curls and I can freshen up my hairstyle by dampening my hair, but the product is water proof so it won’t rinse out with out copious amounts of rain or swimming. I’ve been using it for years. I use one bottle every five to six months. My hair will like great all day even when the wind is gusting. It’s not uncommon for people to ask to tough my air. Before I discovered this product, my curly hair was unmanageable.Tip: The first time I used this product I had crispy hair and I thought I’d never buy it again. But I had a whole bottle and I discovered how to use it. I apply very little (a quarter of a pump) while my hair is still quite wet and work it through. After trial and error, I can now feel when I have the amount right. I add more if I need to, or towel it out some if I have too much. Then I wrap the curs around my finger and let them spring into place.

Anastasia East Rochester, NY

Good for on the go

I usually use this product when I’m on the go, as the leave-in moisturizer doesn’t seal and gets all over the place if you try to take it anywhere. The screw-on cap as well as the pump mechanism are great ways to prevent leaking.I like that this controls frizz, but the qualms I have with this are as follows:1. The chemical scent in this is a bit much for me. In comparison to the leave-in moisturizer, it’s too strong. It has an okay smell, disregarding the chemical scent..2. The sticky residue left in my hair is annoying. I have very long hair, and even when only using 2 pumps of this product, I still get hard curls, which looks unnatural and feels even worse.As a temporary solution for on the go products, this is just alright. It’s worth using, especially in comparison to other curl amplifying products I’ve used, but I would never use this on a daily basis.

Lakesha Queensbury, NY

Great product.. for curls

I really love this product. I have long hair (it’s between my shoulders and elbow). I use about 1 to 1 1/2 pumps. Can’t use too much bc it’ll start flaking.

Adela Adamsville, TN

Very Curly Hair

I have fine, wavy/curly hair. This product works wonders to reduce the frizz and allows my curls to set the way they should; without the frizz!

Diana West Paducah, KY

Creates curls out of frizz

My hair is more cowlicks than curls, but super frizzy – I’ve been told it looks “beachy” au naturale, but that’s not always the look I’m going for. One pump of this serum after getting out of the shower and I have bouncy waves that last for at least 8 hours. Plus, I love the smell.

Merle Eldorado, OH

Makes my curly hair look perfect!

I forgot how GREAT this product works on making my naturally curly hair look so awesome! I had stopped using TIGI’s Catwalk Curls Rock for awhile and began using a less expensive curly hair product, that did a good job making my curls look nice, but not fantastic. So, I chose to begin using the TIGI’s Catwalk Curls Rock again last month and have never been happier as this product makes my hair look good. My hair doesn’t look freezy while using TIGI’s Catwalk Curls Rock. My curls are well defined and take the shape of spiral curls.

Virgie Lakewood, CA

Great for wavy hair and leaves no frizz!

I’ve been following the Curly Girl (CG) hair method of not using any silicone or sulfate products on my hair for almost two years, and love how healthy my hair has gotten, especially as I’ve grown it out. Although my hair has gotten healthier, I’ve still been battling with constant frizz, so I recently decided to add in a few silicone products. If you are following the CG method, supposedly the one silicone in this evaporates as your hair dries, so it’s not as damaging as regular silicone-based products.I have to say that I love what this does for my hair! It makes my fine waves look perk up and look like they’ve been styled with a curling iron — and the best part is that there is little frizz!My hair is about three inches past my shoulders, and I use two pumps of this to cover my hair, followed by a bit of gel. After washing and conditioning my hair, I flip it upside down in the shower, squeeze out some of the water, and then distribute one pump of this on my palms, using the wetness to coat my skin. I think glide and scrunch it into my hair. I then add the second pump, making sure that all the hair is coated.I also have the darker blue and turquoise Curlesque version of this, which has a slightly different ingredient list, but they seem to work about the same. (I bought the Curlesque one ages ago, but wanted to get this one too to compare since reviews I’d read online said that this older version is better.)The only downside is that the smell of this (and the Curlesque) version is pretty strong in a chemically sort of way. The smell also lingers into the second day. This is my reason for four stars instead of five. Overall, though, this is an excellent product that really does give perfect, frizz-free curls!

Mitzi Ashwood, OR

Great Product!

I have 3Cish hair (a little bit of a mixture) and I am in love with this product! I hardly ever say that. I have bought so many curl creams that I just wasted money on…they sit in my drawer because they are too greasy, too crunchy, dull etc etc. You curly ladies know what I am talking about! Put this in and it is amazing. Smells good, didn’t weigh my hair down, didn’t have to do a lot of work after putting it on. Best of all, after drying, my hair is shiny and soft! I will be buying this again

Tisha Westford, VT

Curly hair loves this stuff!

I have frizzy dry, not so curly, not so straight hair. It has a mind of it’s own and I have struggled for years to find something to help hold the curl, but not be too ‘crunchy’. I use their leave in conditioner from this line and some mousse along with this, then diffuse my hair for a few minutes. This smells good, spreads easy and defines the curls and keeps frizz away. I really like the second day hair, because instead of re-washing and fixing again, which is drying to my hair….I can just spray water on my hair and it seems to re-activate the creme, so that it works as well the second day as well. I heard somewhere that they were replacing this amplifier with the new line from TIGI. I hope not, I have tried the Curlesque creme and it does work, but seems to dry my hair out more.

Nancy Crows Landing, CA


It helps my curly/wavy hair to hold curls without getting crunchy. The product lasts a pretty long time and I only need to use about two pumps for my almost shoulder length hair.

Julia Pembina, ND