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TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier, 5.07 Oz

Tigi catwalk curlesque curl rock amplifier enhances your natural texture, gives hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves.

Key features

  • Gives hold and control
  • For defined curls and streamlined waves
  • It enhances your natural texture

Honest reviews


3 years later…change of heart

At first my husband had posted a review for me on 12/21/2010 saying that I hated this product…well I gave it another shot this year in 2013, and I have to say my curls look amazing after I diffuse my hair with it. No gel or hair serum has defined my curls so much like this one does when diffusing my hair.

Wanda Union, IL


Just picked this up yesterday and tried it today. Maybe I’ve got some kind of problem. I’m trying to find a product that I can put into my wet hair, let it air dry, and end up with dry curly hair that looks like dry hair, not like the “wet look.” This stuff left my hair looking wet, even after air-drying…and after I fingercombed it (which occasionally works with other products) I now have straw-like, not very curly, hair. Not happy at all.

Tabitha Bemidji, MN

Gets the job done!

As far as the alcohol in ingredient list: Panthenol is a humectant, emollient and moisturizer. It binds to the hair shaft readily and is a frequent component of shampoos and hair conditioners (in concentrations of 0.1-1%). It coats the hair and seals its surface[citation needed], lubricating the hair shaft and making strands appear shiny. (Wikipedia). There is also an interesting article at […]Might shine some different perspectives on the matter. Bottom line, do your own research and decide what is “safe” for your hair.I never tried the previous version of this product, so I can’t compare, but I am very pleased with the way this product is able to minimize frizz, define and hold my curls. I have long (mid back), 3b thick curly hair…lots of it! I like the creamy texture and I believe this contributes to the the frizz being minimized because it clings to the hair shaft. I somewhat follow the “curly girl” method and I use devacurl products or sulfate free shampoos, etc.Although I think this product has great hold, I have a routine that gets my hair to look exactly like I want. I am crazy about my hair, every ringlet has to look nice so, after I wash my hair, I use a leave in conditioner like Mixed Chicks (anyone can use, I am Latina not mixed), or Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, I finish with oil, like argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. Then I apply this product evenly throughout. I somewhat allow to air dry, usually don’t have a lot of time so I spray a heat protectant and diffuse with my head flipped over. No crunchy hair! Make sure you don’t use tons and if you do, try scrunching it with oil to reduce crunchiness.This lasts me 3-4 days! I just wet my hair each day and it revives my curls. I sleep with my hair in a high pony tail. There are soooo many products and methods you can use, and sadly, there is no one method fits all approach. Trial and error is the only way to know what your hair likes and how you would like your curls to look. Don’t give up, curly hair is FABULOUS!!

Barbara Elk, WA


I read all the complaints???? about this amazing product. Thinking, they are all using too much, or not applying it evenly. My curls are rocking and rolling and my 17 year old son with natural curls has stolen mine….so, here I am buying one for each of us. (((SMILES)))Do not know what the “old” CATWALK was like, or after browsing even found anything sub standard.If you rub it in your palms and then squeeze and scrunch your hair EVENLY, you WILL have ROCKING curls without the crunch of other stylers.My hair is shoulder length and I use exactly one single pump, and that is all I need. If your hair is longer, use one pump, scrunch and then if you really have missed the back of your head, use a tiny bit more….less is more, in my opinion.My hair salon sells it and the bottle is exactly the same. Saving a bundle purchasing it on AMAZON.

Antoinette Andover, VA

Higher Price for Virtually the Same Product

I’ve been using Tigi’s Curls Rock (in the aqua blue container) for several years and been very satisfied. When I saw this “new” Tigi item, I thought I would give it a try. Thing is, I can’t see any difference performance-wise from the original Curls Rock. The only difference is the higher price. I’m sticking with the original.

Berta Laclede, MO

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque did not do anything for my wavy curls

* Sorry, but TIGI Catwalk Curlesque did not do anything for my wavy curls* Now I wish I could have tried the original version especially because I did not even get on sale!

Lola Wiggins, CO

Turns my medium-thick wavy hair into a cute style!

I used this when it used to be in the bright blue packaging (not as “fancy” looking at all), because it was recommended by a stylist when I went to Toni & Guy (who sold the line). I did notice that the price went up with the rebranding/packaging, but that’s not this review….My hair is naturally wavy, but I can trick into into some curl with a diffuser. This product has been awesome in helping – just hand squeeze out excess water after my shower, DO NOT COMB, then I clip up half and scrunch it into shape, then dry using a diffuser (at least half-dry). Then I do the top layer, and do a light hairspray spritz. I will say there is a pretty weird residue on my hands, so I use a bit of baby shampoo to really clean them off (I keep that handy on the counter b/c I use it to wash makeup brushes anyway – a tip from a Sephora store mgr I met!).I live in Houston, TX, and humidity is HIGH. SO far this has worked really well – just don’t touch the hair during the day! It’s helped a lot during the spring (90*F + high high humidity) and I anticipate the same into summer. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. If you use too much, you’ll have crunchy/clumpy. For my medium-thick, just-above-shoulder length hair, I use a partial pump (don’t push quite all the way down) and put more at the bottom of my hair than the top. It does get sticky, so I wouldn’t advise this unless you wash your hair every day – I would think that would be a sticky, greasy mess. I don’t use it EVERY day, usually no more than 3 days in a row and then I switch back to a day or two of straight hair or a simple ponytail. Overall, I’m impressed. I saw it at a beauty supply shop, individually priced much, much higher than Amazon. They were having a sale where if you bought 3 products from that line, you got it down to about the same price. I was very tempted b/c I wanted it “then” (impatient!), but after staring at all the options for 20 minutes, I realized I really just wanted to start with the one product, then decided if I needed all the “complementary” products they sell. As it turns out, I don’t – not now at least, just a bit of hairspray which I already had. Keep it simple folks, and just start with one product (don’t fall for the “snowball effect that you need the full line at once) – otherwise you’ll just toss a bunch next time you do Spring Cleaning!

Dee Folsom, WV

All Curls = Can Rock With This

Comes out as a paste, it’s not a mousse or gel. Use it when hair is still wet. When my hair is wet it’s mid shoulder length and I use 2 pumps worth of product. When it dries, it’s then a good 3 inches shorter. If you blow dry your hair; will not dry "crunchy" but give you soft natural curls. If you’re like me, and usually let your hair air dry then it will be a little crunchy at first. But then you just scrunch your hair in your hands, maybe let the car window down for a minute and will be soft and natural bouncy curls in no time. I don’t like mousse’s b/c of the alcohol in them, which is horrible for my dry hair. And I don’t know too many pastes like this. Curly hair must have

Roberta Phippsburg, CO

I can’t live without it!

I have tried almost every hair product made by man and TIGI Catwalk is the absolute best brand on the market for my hair. I particularly love the "Curls Rock Amplifier" above all others.

Amparo South New Berlin, NY

Leaves hair silky!

I use this with other curling products that hold curl more…it does bring out the curls really well and leaves hair silky…just doesn’t provide a strong hold to the curl but isn’t a problem since I use other products as well that have more hold. Still use it as part of my curl maintenance…I have really curly hair and i even use in my daughter’s hair (she has mixed hair) and it works great for her too!Great price on here as well! Will buy on Amazon again when we run out!

Ursula Monroe Center, IL

Good for thick, curly hair.

Good stuff for curly hair. This is one of my favorite hair products. Moisturizing and good hold without being sticky.

Merle Kaumakani, HI

Catwalk Curl – excellent product

Recommended by Timothy at Timothy John’s salon on the West Side, NYC – and its great! Apply it on the ends and scrunch it through, just like he said to do and Voila – it works!

Sydney Burnside, IL

Best curly hair product ever

This is great for curly hair in dry or humid climates. It is a tiny bit crunchy, but not bad at all. The day after you wash it’s soft again. Great hold.

Mayra Brunson, SC

Excellent curly hair product!

I have very curly hair, that gets frizzy. I don’t like products that are sticky, hard or heavy, but I also don’t like frizz. This is a great product that effectively manages frizz, but doesn’t get hard, stick, or make my head feel too heavy. My hair does better with this product than any others I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot!). I also like using the Catwalk Curl COllection leave in conditioner first. Seems to work well.

Justina Jay, FL

Loved it, But No Longer Use it

I loved this product for years, but since I no longer use silicones, I don’t use this. If you are someone that uses silicone products, this is great! It is good for curls and you don’t have to use a lot of it!

Yesenia Bryant, IN

Okay, not great

This product works okay, but it certainly is not any better than the cheaper mousse that I can get from the local store. In fact I actually thinks it leaves more of a residue than most products that I use. Will not be buying again.

Susie Dixon Springs, TN


I hate having anything sticky in my hair. This was recommended to me by a hair stylist who was convinced I should wear my hair curly all the time- which I don’t really like doing- I prefer soft curs or waves. I thought I’d give it a try for soft curls. This did enhance my curls but felt heavy and sticky and I only used a very little bit. I hate that I spent the money to use it a couple times.

Amanda Sears, MI


I have very coarse frizzy hair. My hair looks great when it’s wet, but as soon as it dries the frizz ruins the curl. That is, until I tried Curls Rock. I’ve tried TONS of products, but nothing makes my hair’s natural curl come out like this product does. The only downfall is it is a little crunchy, but if used correctly won’t make your hair look wet. Try this product!

Alyce Elk Creek, MO

Works like a charm

One of the few things I have found that work for white people with curly hair, it’s not greasy like some other products.

Lessie Brenton, WV


This product is really thick and creamy and a little goes a long way. My hair was so moisturize and works amazing for braidouts and twistouts. I am really glad that I purchased this and gave it a shot.

Iva Franklin, NH