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TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti Plus Dotes Resurrection Conditioner Damage Level 3, 6.76 Ounce

Urban Antidote #3: Admitting is the first step!

Key features

  • Bring dead-end hair back to life once & for all
  • Formula targets areas in most need of repair
  • giving your whacked out hair the resurrection it have been waiting for!

Honest reviews


can’t live without it

my hair is blond, dry and over processed. this is a great product and will not be without. i use this with the party product and my hair looks fantastic

Brittany Murdo, SD

Too soft

Smell really nice. But after using it, my fine hair is so soft, I just can’t do anything with it.

Gabriela Montgomery, WV


stuff is pretty decent. ive always like tigi. i bleach my hair white from brown so it needs love. this stuff definitely brought back some life to my hair. even my boyfriend said something when playing with my hair one day.

Clarissa Terril, IA


The best for over-processed, and/or damaged hair. keeps it nice and smooth and no frizzies. My hair has never been in such good condition!

Erna Wausau, FL

Very nice conditioner

For some people who have thicker hair, you might find this to not be enough conditioning, but for people with finer hair like myself, this conditioner is fantastic! when you first put it on, it feels very light like it might not penetrate your hair much…but if you wait like 4 minutes and rinse, your hair feels surprisingly very soft! I don’t normally try a lot of salon quality hair brands, but I have found this to be exceptional…I have yet to try the Redken ‘All Soft’ though haha…but please purchase this if you have fine hair, it is a very good conditioner 🙂

Arlene Pleasant Hill, OR