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TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner, 6.76 Ounce

SUPERSTAR VOLUMIZING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER 6.76 OZ Design House: Tigi Fragrance Notes: Shampoos Conditioners And Styling Tools For All Lifestyles. According To Tigi You Must Have A Sense Of Humour To Use Their Products. Everything Needed For The Latest Styles Be It Curls Wavy Or Straight Hair Bed Head Has A Solution For You.

Key features

  • 6.76-ounce bottle
  • Conditions, detangles and adds volume
  • Protein complex repairs and adds moisture
  • Provides UV color protection

Honest reviews



This is one TIGI product that failed me. I did not feel that this made any positive impact on my hair at all. While it smelled nice, I did not feel a difference in volume and if anything it just weighed my hair down. It’s a 10! is my leave in conditioner of choice.

Helena Wren, OH

Works great!

Always leaves my hair feeling perfect! Makes it very soft and super shiny. Never is it too much and it smells great too!

Sara Waterford, PA

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-in Conditioner

I have now used almost an entire bottle. This product does smell a little like strawberries but be careful do not spray in too much, it made my hair feel tacky the first few times I used it. You need to lightly mist your hair. It definitely adds volume and does not make my hair greasy by the end of the day, like other leave in conditioners. I really do not feel or see the effects of conditioning but volumizing is definitely evident.

Mable Crescent, IA

Use sparingly

This really does work to give you a little bit more volume but I haven’t really noticed a big difference in conditioning my hair or making it softer/stronger. Use sparingly, as even a few sprays made my hair look a little greasy.

Lara Somers, WI

Nice Volumizing product!

I use this product on days when I need to wash my hair but I don’t want to use a conditioner in the shower and I need to blow dry it. I spray it in my shoulder length hair, comb it through, and then blow dry it. By the time I’m done, my hair looks great and has tons of volume.

Aileen Coulterville, CA

Left my hair smelling like cough drops

I used this and it didn’t add volume to my hair, not even a little bit. It did, however, add a cherry cough drop smell to it which I found disgusting. It does leave in conditioner to protect your hair. I use to have bleach blond hair and this protected it from horrible damage from the sun at the beach. But the smell, just didn’t cut it for me. I ended up switching back to the Pravana Keratin infusion spray.

Luella Edison, OH

Smells nice, didn’t notice a conditioning effect.

If you spray too much into your hair, it will get crunchy.. like hairspray.I noticed maybe a small hint of volumizing, if that.. but no effects of conditioning.It’s not as effective of a product as other Tigi brand products that I’ve used. Not a bad product, not a home run product either. I don’t plan to repurchase, but did use the whole bottle of this stuff.

Bianca Cloverdale, VA

Smells great

It smells great and worked good as a volumizing product in my hair, but as far as conditioning I will stick with Alterna leave in conditioner spray when I can afford that additional product now and then.

Adeline Ivanhoe, TX


Absolutely amazing. No blow dryer required for added volume (horray). The smell is a bit strong, but smelling like strawberries all day is worth it for the results. I have very fine hair that gets oily easily. This conditioner does not turn my head into a slick mess, nor is my hair sticky or tacky. Not sure it is the greatest for detangling little heads, but my daughter still loves it because of the sent. Will definitely keep this product stocked from now on.

Freda Bowstring, MN