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TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray, 10.2 Ounce

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen Spray gives your hair the fullness, height and flexibility you want to look and feel great. TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen Spray you can mold, twist or lift your hair to new heights. It is a flexible spray that is brushab

Key features

  • Item size: 10.2 OZ;Designed by TIGI as part of their Bead Head collection;Thickening spray will strengthen and condition hair;A unisex product

Honest reviews



First of all, I usually HATE the way most hair products smell, but this one smells like Sweet Tarts! It doesn’t linger after your hair is dry, though, so won’t interfere with any other fragrance you are wearing. It really works to plump up my roots and I haven’t noticed any flaking, which can occur with some root volumizers/thickening sprays. I only use it on my roots and not on the rest of my hair and it works very well there. I would highly recommend this!

Connie Theresa, WI


I have 2a/2b fine curly hair. I spray this all over – it gives me volume and curl definition – I will buy again and I would recommend this product!

Mellisa Parkdale, AR


I love TIGI Bed Head products and this one is just as FAB as the others I have! Works well, smells great, doesn’t leave my hair sticky feeling – give me good volume – Perfect!

Anna Munden, KS

Truly does what it says

This product actually does what it advertises. It is activated with heat. I put it in my hair prior to using the curling iron. It gives my hair more body, more shine, and the curls stay even through sleeping on them. I was very impressed to find an item that really did what it claimed it would do. Truly a 5 star product.

Katelyn Norco, LA

Tigi bed head superstar queen for a day thickening spray

Does not really do much for my baby fine hair. Will not be re-ordering. Seems to weigh my hair down.

Iva Phenix, VA

Boost your roots

I like this product because you can spray it at the roots rather than work it all through you hair. I have short, fine, thin hair. This does give my hair some volume for styling. (I still need to spray hairspray to keep my style “set”.) This is pretty good stuff!

Rocio Melcroft, PA


For years I have used a different product which I loved, but it was expensive, however it worked great!! When I went to order some of that spray, I was told that the company will only sell it if you purchase the entire package which includes items I do not use. I started searching and came upon this product. I have used it and like it and will be ordering more since I shampoo my hair daily. It is cheaper and works great, so the other company lost my business. I will recommend this to others and will order for my sister who has extremely thin hair.

Lakisha Weogufka, AL

Love it!

My hair is very straight and thin, I spray this in when it’s wet and then blow dry it and it feels great! It gives me some volume without having to use sticky hairspray, and this product smells really good!The only thing I found is that when you use this, you need to blow dry your hair. I’ve sprayed it and let my hair air dry, and it wasn’t the same. Probably some type of heat activated ingredient.

Daphne Laurel, MS


This works really well for me on my thinning, permed for body hair. It also seems to help my hair set last longer. It makes the hair a bit stiff, but still stays comb-able.

Daphne Lumberton, NJ