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Tigi Bed Head Suger Dust invisible Micro-texture Root Powder for Unisex, 0.035 Ounce

Bed Head Suger Dust Invisible Micro-texture Root Powder from TIGI is practically invisible with tiny micro-particles that attach to the hair fiber to build depth and help lift.

Key features

  • practically invisible with tiny micro-particles
  • attach to the hair fiber to build depth and help lift

Honest reviews


didn’t do anything

I got the entire collection as a gift from my mom. She is a hairdresser who gets full size samplers. Anyway, my sister and i were playing around with this and it is impossible to use. If you open it and try to tap it onto your hair 2 tiny flakes come out. If you shake it into your hand a ton comes out and there is “sugar dust” flying around the room and it looks like there is a weird melting cotton candy mess in your hand. And it didn’t give any liftrThe directions say “a quick fix for your style addiction. Sprinkle into roots to absorb oil and tease for added lift, or throughout layers for texture with staying power”It seems to me they tried to combine dry shampoo with those root powers that are $30 at the salon, you know the one that actually gives you texas hair w/ hardly any product. Nice idea but this product is a bust. Like I said in my other reviews: i say ba-humbug to the whole line.

Katina Fannettsburg, PA

It works!!

My hair is fine can appear flat on top even with some teasing. This product is very light and invisible. I applied a few sprinkles and it helps keep my hair fluffy! My hair stylist recommended it to me and I’m very happy with the product. A little goes a long way. 🙂

Polly Ayer, MA

Sticky? Dirty?

I’m not even sure how to describe this stuff once it is in the hair. I used different amounts and it all turned out the same. The product is really light and fluffy. It is white. This bottle is TINY! A bit bigger than a roll of quarters. Not a huge deal as I feel $10 is not much for a small product if it works. This one did not.Sprinkled it on to dry hair. Moved things around to fluff up the hair. Ok got some volume. 2 hours later I got the bathroom looks ok but has fallen a tad flat. Use my hand to puff it back up. Gross what is that feeling? It was a little sticky but felt a bit oily and dirty. I only used it on the back of the crown. I touch the front of my hair often. Glad each time I tried this product I did not use it towards the front of my hair.In a average day I had fluff my hair back up about every hour. Next day that area felt so gross. Oily and tacky. I had white stuff in that area.This product is not for me. The feeling alone grossed me out and then it never kept volume.

Christa North Middletown, KY

Tigi bed head sugar dust invisible micro-texture root powder

I say it is so-so. I have baby fine hair, and used to try to add some volume. Nothing special about it, would not re-order.

Angelita Naubinway, MI

Loved It in the Salon, Not as Much at Home

My stylist used this on my hair after a cut with Catwalk Your Highness and I absolutely loved it. I had nice texture and lift, but I haven’t been able to recreate what she did with this on my own. If used correctly it’s great, but I prefer more idiot-proof products for home use. 😉

Janis Palermo, CA

Makes hair look dry.

Yes, this does fluff up your hair so it looks a little fuller. But it also leaves it with a dry look. I use very, very little yet still it has that dry effect. I have very short hair so the dry look isn’t a huge issue, but if you have long, silky hair, or even short hair with a smooth look, this would not make you happy.

Bobbie Lonsdale, MN

This stuff works!!

I recently switched to short hair after having long hair for years. My stylist used this product on me and I love it! It’s great to add texture to just washed hair. I agree, that when it arrives, it feels like they sent you an empty container, but it’s just really light weight. It’s like getting a little dust in a shaker bottle. You can see it when you shake it out. I put it on all my underneath layers and then finish with Redken Rough Paste or Jonathan "Dirt" for a nice piecey look. The Sugar Dust adds volume and texture.

Leola Clifton, SC

This will definitely give your hair a lift!

I like this product and would purchase it again but it is a very small container. I wish they sold a bigger one.

Tammy Lynwood, CA