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Tigi Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier, 8 Ounce

TIGI BedHead Small Talk 8 Ounces

Key features

  • Small Talk ~ Big Results
  • 3-in1. Thickifier – Adds body and volume
  • Energizer – Gives life to limp hair
  • Stylizer – Defines, separates and controls

Honest reviews


Great Texturizer

I have very fine, limp hair that is prone to looking greasy. I read about this stuff in a book by Abby Smith called "Twist Me Pretty" and wanted to try it. it smells really nice and is the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. I squirt it in one hand and dab my fingers in it and run it through my damp hair before drying. I learned that if I did this without blow drying it, it left little crust streaks in my hair, but they easily brushed out after my hair dried.

Hannah O Brien, FL

Good for lift to your roots.

I use the Thickifer when my hair is wet before I blow dry and it does lift the roots, but be careful to only use a drop and thoroughly work it through the hair or your hair will look heavy and greasy.

Angela Millerton, IA


Finally – something that really does thicken the hair! I’ve had curly hair all my life, but now that I’m in my 70’s, my bangs are getting really wispy and thin. And I’ve always wanted straight bangs also. Anyway, I wet my bangs and applied the Tigi Bed Head and just let my bangs air dry. Wow! My bangs were actually thick and straight! It’s a miracle after trying so many other products that never worked. Love this stuff!

Nancy Canal Winchester, OH

Good product – poor shipping

I bought this after having it recommended to me by my stylist. I have a lot of hair, but you’d never know it because it is fine, stick straight, and flat. I bought this product hoping to get a little thickness and/or volume for my hair.The product itself works well. You can’t use a lot of it, especially in the summer, or else your hair gets greasy and heavy. But I’ve found that combing a small amount through my hair really does make it seem thicker and fuller. I would recommend this to anyone else who has really fine or thin hair.The only complaint I have was the shipping. By the time I opened the package, a good amount of the product had spilled out into the plastic bag that it was in and had to be thrown away. I noticed that other reviewers have said the same thing. Next time I will spend the extra $5 and buy it from a salon.

Erin Heath, OH

For volume

I use this to create volume in my hair and it really works. The down side is that I have oily scalp so don’t use it near the scalp or it will be greasy in less amount of time than it usually does, but for the rest of the hair works wonders.

Traci Fouke, AR


I’ve been using this for only 2 days and I can already see and feel a difference in my hair. It gives my hair life and body which I really need considering I have thin and damaged hair. I would definitely recommend this.

Kerry Tribes Hill, NY

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier

I read the reviews on this product and should have heeded the warnings. A small amount made my hair feel greasy and sticky and definitely NOT thicker. I have a lot of fine textured hair and use Bed Head’s Mousse for extra curl. That product works so well, I wanted to give this one a try. I ended up throwing it out!!

Nelly Ashburnham, MA

Good product for hair that needs a little more substance to it

I have fine hair and this product does the trick. Doesn’t way it down, helps it to feel thicker and helps keep the curl. I would recommend.

Jeannette Greensboro, VT


I have used this product for over 10 years and wouldn’t change a thing. I have recommended it to so many people, I’m surprised that there are any left for me!

Jerri Inkster, ND

Loooove it

My hair is definitely thicker and it helps smooth it down too. The grape smell is alright too but my hairspray usually masks it anyway

Matilda Wharton, TX

Does not creat body for my hair

I have fine hair and this product unfortunately does not create any body in my case, it just makes my hair feel dirty.

Opal National City, CA

Great smell

I like the smell and the texture of the product. I need to combine it with other hair products though, because I have curly big hair, so I just use a little bit of product to help me fight the frizz of my hair

Lorie Lankin, ND


I love the smell of this stuff! It is amazing! I tried my friends and fell in love with it! My hair has recently become very thin and this helps to add volume and life to my thin/fine hair. A little goes a long way, if you use too much it will be unmanageable. I would defininately recommend this to a friend, again, because I already have!

Lela Penfield, NY

Oldy but a goody…

I’ve used Small Talk Thicklifier off and on for over 10 years. Works best on short, layered hair. Adds texture and body without weighing down fine textured hair.

Kathryn Pottsville, AR

Thickifier? NOT!

This is goopy and does nothing whatsoever to thicken the hair. I try to cocktail with other products just so I can use it up but I don’t know that it’s really doing anything at all.

Mindy Elmwood, TN

I don’t see the difference

Bought this a few months ago for my thick curly hair & haven’t seen much of a difference. It’s pretty much like every other product I bought just a cuter bottle. Yes, I’m one of those girls always on the look out for the products to tame my nest of wildness. Then there’s the little fact of my sensitive allergies. Smells get me down every time, even the Aragon oil causes headaches. One thing I have learned throughout the years is NEVER NEVER used a regular towel on curly hair!! You can buy hair wraps at Ross, Marshalls, or Target for pretty cheap. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference from simply using these ‘special’ hair wraps instead of a towel. However as great as the towels are nothing seems to fight the frizz. So I battle on….

Natalia Lafayette, TN

style without heavy weigh down

I have used this for years when my hair was short and spikey up to now when my hair is still short but no spike! It is great for styling without that real stiff hurt yourself stuffness. I used it to spike my hair when it was real short and it was a soft firm hold and now I just use it for styling great product I have told many friend about this product!

Tamara Lawrenceburg, TN


I love this product , make my hair look softer, easy manageable and look lighter color and texture and smell so good

Verna Leonard, OK