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TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo/Conditioner

Tigi bed head resurrection shampoo and conditioner packed with intensive moisture to bring your hair back to life. This nourishing shampoo will gently cleanse away dirt and impurities whilst fortifying weak and brittle hair, helping to prevent split ends and further damage. Your hair will be cleansed and strengthened in one simple step. It boosts a deep condition action and it will soften, detangle and smoothen your hair.

Key features

  • It repairs damaged hair
  • It does Moisture overhaul
  • Revives lifeless hair

Honest reviews



I was pleasantly suprised with this. I am a die hard fan of Brunette Goddess (the old formula) specially because of the smell (cookies), so it’s hard to beat it. The smell of this one is strong (candy smell), it’s not bad and it lingers which is great. My only complaint is that since TIGI changed their packaging, it seems they changed their formula too. The S & C seems more watery than before, the formulas used to be more concentrated. It took 4 pumps of conditioner to untangle my hair after shampoo. I wasn’t expecting much until I started seeing my hair dry and it dried out nicely. It left my hair nice, soft and frizz free. I also noticed the same usual volume of TIGI, it doesn’t weight hair down. Btw, I don’t blow dry my hair and it’s chemically treated. Good product for good price. This should last a long time.

Valerie Gardner, CO

love this

I can not tell you how good my hair smells and feels! this stuff smells amazing and my hair is so soft and shiny I love it. Although be careful when opening the package because on mine the pump was extended on the shampoo bottle and had shampoo squirted in the box because the pump had actually broken off the top of the bottle.

Jeannette Memphis, MO

Great shampoo and conditioner

I am a hair product addicted person! I have used many various shampoos and conditioners from several different brands. I give this a high rating because it smells great, works great, and the conditioner does help make hair feel soft and smooth. I highly suggest this set.

Myra Linden, IA

The only shampoo Ill ever use! Amazing

Warning! this shampoo does exactly what it says it will. Resurrect your hair, but you have to understand that mean your hair has to be long dead for it to have a positive effect. I bleach my hair and use a lot of heat styling. Air dried out of the shower it is a frizzy mess; a beast, if you will that I must gently battle with to tame. This shampoo breathes life into my completely dried hair making it soft, supple and shiny without the need for other products. However if your hair is not completely dry, frizzy, or chemically damaged I would avoid this and try "moisture manic" by bed head. It will not make your hair feel as heavy or "greasy". Ive never experienced a greasy feeling I just am at a lost for another descriptive word. Good night all

Brandy Proctor, TX

This is my favorite!

I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! First, it smells AMAZING. it’s a unique, tropical smell that I adore. Second, it leaves my hair SO SOFT. I have used countless hair shampoos/conditioners/other products and I feel like this one had the biggest effect on my hair. Also my sister uses it and she has different hair than I do, and she loves it as well! Overall an excellent product and worth the price. I have had it for 2 months and I still have almost half the bottle left! Very awesome

Kate East Thetford, VT

Works good

This product works very good and definitely helps your hair. Only problem I notice is your cant use it to much cause it drys out your scalp. Maybe use it once a week or every 3rd wash depending on how often you wash you hair.

Dona Hillsboro, IL

Best Shampoo and Condtioner Ever!

I saw this shampoo and conditioner at Ross for a really good price so I decided to try it out and I was so happy that I did! My hair (at the time, i recently cut off 14 inches and donated it) was so soft, and silky. I could run my hands through it with out any tangles! It also smells really good. And it makes your hair super healthy and wonderful. Try it out you won’t be disappointed!

Chasity Crescent City, CA


This literally saved my hair! It was stripping off and felt like straw for all the damage caused by bleaching and dyes….It’s VERY VERY GOOD. Hair feels like silk. I combine the conditioner with the dumb blonde reconstructor. DO BUY!!!

Sue Hanover, MN

Five Stars

Excellent shampoo.

Alejandra Medford, WI

My new found Favorite of all time

This is the best product I have found for my hair. Which is a little thin, a little curly which leads to frizzy. I used to love Pureology but just can’t afford it. I tried this and can’t believe it actually knocked pureology off it’s pedestal.

Melinda Broadway, VA

Leight Weight Product

This is great. I wish the conditioner felt a little more moisturizing in the shower as I have to apply an extra pump to get it worked through the ends, but it’s very light weight as smells good.

Nanette Red Cloud, NE

Great line of shampoo and conditioner for over processed hair

This shampoo and conditioner are great for my hair which is over processed. I dye and bleach my hair every eight weeks. I use a blow dryer and flat iron on my hair, but I have to say after using this shampoo and conditioner daily my hair is healthy and soft. No more frizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Sardis, AL