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TIGI Bed Head Head Rush Shine Mist for Unisex, 5.07 Ounce

This item has high quality with reasonable price. We do not accept return if product has opened.

Key features

  • Bed Head Head Rush Shine Mist by TIGI for Unisex – 5.3 oz
  • TIGI Bed Head Head Rush is a gentle spray that produces flawless hair and creates an intense luster
  • Our most popular model

Honest reviews


TIGI Bed Head Head Rush Shine Mist

One of my favorite TIGI products in great price compared to hair saloons and hair product shops. It makes the hair smell lil starwberry and shines them very nice.

Laura Sulphur, LA

Not a lot of shine and not a lot of hold

I’m not one to use a whole lot of hair product; I’ll usually set my hair with a quick spray or two of hair spray and call it a day. So this product is perfect for me. It doesn’t make your hair all that shiny, though I’m sure it would if you use the right amount. And the hold is flexible, so it makes your hair still touchable. And, it smells awesome.

Amanda Ashland, OH

Your hair has never been this shiney

I love this product. Once you spray it on, you see the shine immediately. It is light weight and not sticky at all. I wash my hair every other day. If I use this shine mist the first day of washing my hair, there is no detectable residue the next day. I highly recommend you try this product.

Charmaine Caldwell, WV

Works pretty well

This works pretty well, it doesn’t give me quite the shine I want but it is very lightweight and smells great. I will continue to purchase this one because I’ve had a hard time finding a similar product that didn’t weigh my hair down and/or have a heavy scent that lingered in my house for hours after using it.

Shelby Martinez, CA

BEST Shine spray I have ever used:)

As my title says this is the absolute greatest shine spray I have ever used (& I have tried a lot). I use to be a hair stylist & it is great for any type of hair fine, medium, or thick/course. It really does make your hair super shiney & is light weight & at this price you should snatch it up quick, you wont be disappointed!

Earnestine Hambleton, WV

Love it

Best shine product I’ve ever used. Doesn’t make my hair greasy and adds a really nice shine to my hair!

Rebekah Saint Augustine, IL

Smells great and adds great shine!

Love this product. I have been using it for almost 10 years. It smells great and makes your hair just look a little more put together at the end. I style it first and add this as a finishing touch.

Ma Wilbur, WA


I love this product. It makes your hair shiny & soft. The smell is wonderful! Just don’t spray too much or you will have a wetter look.

Maricela Sonoita, AZ

Makes Hair Slightly Shiny

This is a very light and fine mist that you put on your hair after it has dried; I tried to put it on my hair when it was wet and didn’t notice too much of a difference. When it’s dry like the directions tell you to use it though, it works. Also, it’s important not to put too much in your hair – make sure to spray as far away from your hair as possible so the mist doesn’t concentrate in one place and make your hair look greasy. The smell reminds me of strawberry candy or something. If you’re bothered by strong smells or are afraid it’ll clash with your perfume, no worries – the smell fades pretty fast after application. So, happy spraying!

Elba Longville, MN

Smells Awesome – Adds Shine

This product is a small hair miracle in a spray can. It smells so amazing and makes my hair shine like no other product I’ve tried. Most of the other products weigh my hair down and make it look oily. Not this product. It’s super light weight on your hair and instantly makes it feel soft.

Kellie Pinckard, AL

amazing shine and texture!

This product is like magic. I’ve bought so many laminators and shine products that have gone into the garbage after one or two test runs, I had almost given up. I’m so glad I laid down my money one more time to try out “Head Rush”. I can’t even begin to describe the glow this gives my hair- it’s not oily, or sparkly, or anything like that. It looks natural, and leaves my hair very soft. It’s like my hair is luminescent. I have to use this every day…

Dolores Orono, ME