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TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray, 10.6 Ounce

Bed Head® Tigi® Hard Head™ Hairspray. Hard hold.

Key features

  • long lasting
  • provides a strong hold
  • keeps your hair looking good all day and night

Honest reviews




Desiree Tyrone, NM

~This is the best hairspray ever created~

I am now a BedHead Hairspray addict. I can’t believe how GREAT it is! In fact, I didn’t believe it when my daughter told me that she pays extra for hairspray because I thought that all hairsprays were created equal. I would buy the cheap stuff that said “extra hold” on it and told her she was wasting her money. BOY WAS I WRONG! She handed it to me and said “give it a try”. I’ll tell you it was like NIGHT and DAY to the “extra hold stuff” I used to buy. It’s not sticky, doesn’t have a heavy residue, it just does exactly what hairspray SHOULD DO and does it perfectly. It’s tough to explain but I will say, if you want long lasting hairspray that works without sticky residue, this is it. They have it mastered.Every time we travel we always have to find the nearest store to buy it (due to airport regulations on traveling with aerosols) because no ordinary hairspray will do anymore! My daughter laughs now because she was absolutely right! Who would have thought that there IS a difference! Love it! If you are even a slightly bit skeptical at least give it a try to see for yourself. It’s a fantastic product which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Tracey Zanesfield, OH

This is the BEST! I love it sooo soo much!

I got this in my mailbox last week and used it for the first time yesterday. And I was compelled to write a review bcoz it is soo amazing, that it would be criminal if I didnt write one for it! 🙂 I used it to get that bump at the crown, and initially i sprayed it twice, also my hair is very fine and not all that volumnous, so it didn’t hold the bump for more than 5 min.Then I re-read the instructions at the back of the bottle and it said – “the more the spray, the harder it gets”. So I sprayed 5-6 times, and the look stayed INTACT this time! My hair didn’t move. They stayed like that till evening and after it, I just sprayed it again once and I was good to go, for the rest of the evening. I can understand now why the bottle is huge! You will need that much quantity if you want to hold the hair in place. But the more your spray, the better the look stays in place. It almost freezes your hair in place. Now with all that spraying I was concerned that I might not be able to comb my hair through if needed, but brushing my hair wasnt a problem either. Generally you should avoid brushing after you have sprayed the look, in order to avoid reducing the effectiveness of the spray, but if need be, you can brush your hair, even after spraying them, and you wont have an issue! Tried and tested.Also, it left no residue on my hair like the others might leave. And it does not grease even a bit, even after heavy spraying. I washed my hair today, after using it yesterday, and it did no damage to my hair. None whatsoever! I love it so much, that after it’s constant promotion with my sis, I had to order one for her too! She couldnt help getting one for herself 🙂 It can be used daily for the on-the-go quick looks! Just spray it and you are good to go! At this price, it is really worth the money! Every cent!Give it a try and you will love it!! I do 🙂 TIGI HARD HOLD SPRAY ROCKS! 🙂

Roxie Banco, VA

My Favorite

Ok, I’ve used a lot of hairsprays, but have found this one to be the best I’ve found by far. It has a good hold, but not "sticky" feel. The smell is not a put off either. It dries quickly and is "combable". Highly recommend.

Nettie Burbank, SD


Does what it says, all day hold for my curls (which would always fall flat the second I left the house) Awesome!

Sharon Manor, TX

not a very firm hold

i usually use aussie instant freeze but wanted to try this but it is not even close to the same kind of hold. this hairspray didnt hold my hair at all. i was very disappointed. will not buy it again…i’ll stick with my aussie 🙂

Anita East Smithfield, PA

Strong Stuff

This is seriously strong hairspray. It is great if you prefer the edgier looks, but for a more subtle every day look, it probably won’t be your thing. I love that it gives that strong hold without looking clumpy or overdone. It is a bit of a pain to wash out though. I used it for teasing up my hair big when I went through that phase, but now it mainly sits for when I need to do a special occasion kind of look.

Jennifer Tenaha, TX

Versatile and worth the price!

My all time favorite hair spray. Will give body to a limp hairstyle, but can also freeze a bun into place. I love the fresh, clean smell of this hair spray, too. I’ve used different hairsprays in the past that become white and flaky if you go for a day without washing your hair and then try to use a straightening iron…and this brand is NOT one of them. A bit on the pricey side but well worth it!

Helen Watertown, WI


I love this hair spray. Its the only kind I will use. It does clog up sometimes, but some hot water and youre good to go!!

Kim Lochmere, NH

great in humidity

i live on the water so i was looking for a hair spray to keep my hair in place and this really works. the only problem i found is it makes my hair really stiff. so i have to wash it out every night i use it. will buy again

Octavia Francis Creek, WI

I’m comparing this to Sebastian hair spray

I really dislike this hair spray! I used to use Sebastian hair spray and decided to give this a shot because of the reviews. Worse decision I ever made. Once you spray this your hair is stuck! You can’t even brush it out and hope it looks nice.

Angelina Bradley, SD

best hair spray ever

This is the best hair spray out there. I use this when I curl my hair w/ a curling iron or use hot rollers. a few sprays and your hair will look fresh and styled HOURS later. I swear by this hair spray.

Kaitlin South Tamworth, NH

Finally Something that Works

I have been looking for something to replace my Joico Firm Finishing spray. Joico used to be the best product to hold you hair FIRMLY but wash out easily. I beleive that the product has changed recently. So I have been trying for quite while to replace it. Nothing had worked for me until I tried TGIF Bedhead, Hard Head. This product hold my hair very firmly yet washes out easily, plus it has a pleasant aroma.

Benita Toluca, IL

Great hold. Awesome smell!

This is my favorite hairspray and I have been using it for years. It’s a harder hairspray, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you like to comb through your hair afterwards. But having said that there is still some flexibility. It also smells wonderful!

Trisha Philadelphia, TN

Love it, no perfume

Holds pretty well without stiffness or residue. Easy to brush out with yanking out my hair. I’ve used it for years. No smell, either, which is key for me.

Lawanda Holland, OH


This hair spray is the strongest I’ve ever used. I wouldn’t recommend it for every day use, more for an up-do. I use it when styling hair for actors before theater performances. They can dance, sweat, whatever, and this stuff stays strong.

Debra Fernwood, MS

It holds; wears well during the day

This was a decent price for a product that will last awhile. It does hold, you don’t need a lot — and if you don’t use too much, it will not be too sticky.

Katharine Solon, IA

Amazing hold without slick look

This is the best hair spray I’ve ever used. It has great hold and somehow manages to leave hair flexible enough to move and not look like a helmet. Some hairsprays that allow movement essentially just have less hold, but this actually will hold my style all day, until I sleep on it or wash it. Even then, I only have to style my hair the next day, don’t even really need to reapply the spray. It doesn’t get flakey or fuzzy and white like a lot of hair sprays. I can adjust my hair or even comb/brush it after spraying this on and it doesn’t get that fuzzy white texture. In fact, when I do brush out my hair, it still holds the shape it was sprayed in. I’ve tried expensive and cheap, flexible hold and strong hold and all around this is the most versatile, fantastic hair spray. I’ll definitely be buying more. I used to use multiple sprays depending on what I was trying to do with my hair and now I only reach for this one. Worth the purchase!

Florine Westgate, IA

My favorite!

I have super-fine hair that gets weighed down easily by products. If a hairspray doesn’t hold well enough on the first try, and I have to keep respraying – dull hair. If it’s at all sticky or heavy – flat hair. It’s a fine line, and the best hairspray I’ve tried is Hard Head. I agree with other reviewers that the hold might not last as long as you’d like, but it’s light enough to reapply for a touch-up without risking getting flattened.

Lindsey Jonesville, TX

Awesome spray!

Love this hairspray as it doesn’t stiffen my hair and holds it in place perfectly! I can’t stand having heavy spray on my hair and this does a great job. Keeps it together without making it "stiff hair". 🙂

Sheena Southport, ME

Will continue to use

Hold is fantastic. A little use goes a long way. I do think that it builds up on the hair over time. That is the reason for the deduction of a star. However, a stripping shampoo or a couple of washes with baking soda and you are good to go. The nozzle on this NEVER clogs, by the way.

Olivia Goodells, MI

Great Hold!

I’ve used this hair spray for years now! I’ve tried various different "strong hold" hairsprays, but none have lived up to the task like TIGI Bed head Hard Head Hair Spray! YOur hair will definitely feel a little crunchy afterwards, but nothing a brush can’t smooth out.

Sabrina Pillager, MN