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TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick for Cool People, 2.7 Ounce

TIGI BedHead Stick, A Hair Stick for Cool People 2.7 Ounces

Key features

  • For Soft, Pliable Hold That Creates Texture

Honest reviews


Good for edge control

This hair wax stick is great! I have a short haircut similar to halle berry or nia long… and this is great for edge control… Like, my side burns and the hair on the nape of my neck.. This definitely helps keep everything under control… I would not recommend putting it all over your hair at all bc it is kind of heavy and thick.. It would probably mess up your hairstyle.. Just the parts that need to be tamed and you’re done.. I like to use it maybe two to three times a week.. Not that often just because it’s so thick and it seems like it would cause a lot of product build up in my hair.. Which I do not like, however, I am happy with this purchase… I wish it had a better smell but it’s a wonderful product

Jennifer Wallkill, NY

The only product to give this look

OK here is what you need to know:The good:This product will give you great hold and a spikey or messy look depending on how you use it.It has no smellIt seems to make my hair shinyIt has a look that no other product seems to matchHold is very good. I’ve used this for the bedhead look as well as a short-haired mohawk look.The bad:It leaves a greasy feel. It doesn’t LOOK greasy, but someone runs their hands through your hair it will feel like there is wax or grease in it.It your hair is just for show and not feel then that is fine, but if you expect someone to be touching your hair it can be a problemAlternativesThis product feels less greasy:[…]and also has a great smell. Unfortunately it does not have the same edgy look and hold to it. You have to find which one matches your style most as they will produce slightly different looks.

Emilie Gays Mills, WI

The best!

This is the best wax stick that I have come across! I have been using it for years and it works and it lasts a really long time. I haven’t replaced mine yet! thumbs up

Beverly Sinajana, GU

Worked great!

This product worked great for putting my hair in a high bun… I will definitively be purchasing this again 🙂

Kayla Laie, HI

Reliable hair stick

This product manages my flyaways and edges. I would use this sparingly as it could lead to buildup. Other than that, it works well.

Angelina Bolingbroke, GA


First of all, I usually don’t get amazed easily, but when I came across this product the first time I was shocked at how great it was. I really needed a haircut badly, and my best friend decided to take me to his barber. This was a nice salon, and I ended up getting my usual cut. Now, I have REALLY thick hair and most gel/wax/glue doesn’t really hold my hair to the style I desire (Check my Amazon Profile Picture to get an idea). So I decided to ask the barber if he had any product to spike my hair up, he decided to use this product on me. Coming out of the barber shop, my hair looked great. He was selling this product for 25 bucks, and at the time I really didn’t want to invest that much on a wax stick. When I came home I decided to look up this product on amazon. To my surprise it was and still is selling for only 11 dollars. I bought one right away. Now of course, barbers at salons are experts with hairstyles and I didn’t expect my hair to look as it did when he used this product on my hair to style it. With very little hope, I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, it was making my hair look great. Now the beautiful part about this stick is that you can just use it, without ever having to touch the wax and getting your hands all messy. If you twist the stick all over your hair slowly, it will give you a messy look, which is extremely hard to achieve with my hair type, but this stick makes the job easy. Also if you want just a regular spike, all you need to do is brush your hair up with the stick and it will stay strong and up throughout the whole day. Best part about this wax is that, it does not make your hair hard, it leaves it very soft so you can always play around with your hair later on in the day and turn it into a different style. It does leave a shine on your hair, which gives you a fresh and sleek look. The smell is very similar to any salon or barbershop gel you’ve ever encountered. It has a lavender-ish smell, but nothing over empowering. Overall, amazing product and it’s safe to say that this is going to be my main hair product for future styling.Hopefully my review helped you guys make your decision! any questions or comments let me know!

Ginger Lucerne Valley, CA