TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream, 6.76 Ounce

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream control your curls and fight the frizz, defines, shapes and supports style, encourages soft, manageable curls and eliminates frizz.

Key features

  • 6.76-ounce bottle
  • Defines, shapes and supports style
  • Encourages soft, manageable curls and eliminates frizz

Honest reviews


THE WORST !!!!!!!!!

I have natural curly hair and I’m always trying leave in conditioners and contour creams to help fight frizz. I have been using Macadamia Nut hair products along with Argon oil which make my curls soft and frizz free and smelling wonderful… but I thought I’d try something new….. ugh this Foxy Curls was a waste of money. I made the mistake of trying it this morning before going to work and by the time I was halfway to work and my hair started drying did I realize Foxy Curls was turning my hair into crunchy curls of straw. I tried to comb my hair after it dried because it looked SO horrible and couldn’t even get a comb through my hair !!! I can’t wait to get home and wash this awful stuff out of my hair. I’ll never use it again and it’s going straight into the garbage. That old cliche applies here….you pay for what you get. Macadamia Nut products may be a little more expensive BUT they’re well worth the money compared to this. I’d give Foxy Curls zero stars if possible.

Jasmin Calabash, NC

Foxy curls contour cream

Just bought the whole foxy curls line for my wife. She said she really likes this product. Its like a leave in conditioner with a curl activator boost. It made her curls soft and frizz free. She has to use quite a bit of product because her hair is so long and thick and she said it didn’t weigh her hair down. It smells like skittles and she liked the texture. It felt more creamy rather than greasy and was very easy to apply.

Victoria Hot Springs, NC

foxy fine

smells GOOD, works great, feels nice on my hair, i will buy repeatedly

Patty Chester, MA


I love this product. My curls are consistent, soft, and shiny. It smells amazing (unlike the spray). Very pleased with it, and will reorder.

Jeannine Olamon, ME

Great for holding fine curly hair

Ok so I’ve tried a lot of different things, I have fine curly hair, I use mixed chucks as a leave in but I need something to hold my hair and this does the trick! It makes my curls look great and holds my hair inlace without that heavy nasty feeling that gels and other products give you. The best part about this is how Yummeh it smells. Everyone just loves how my hair smells and it’s because of this. Guys especially always comment on how my hair smells.

Guadalupe Poplar, WI

Really hopeful about this cream…

But was sadly disappointed. To start with the shipping was a nightmare. I ordered it in October and it arrived the end of December beginning of January!! It was dirty and it’s protective seal was a piece of tape wrapped around the pump. I really wanted to use this product so I just ignored that and tried it. I know to use these products sparingly because of it’s sticky consistency. My curls were hard and flaky and not even really curls! I had used a tiny pump of this product and my hair was so weighed down that my curls turned to waves. Extremely disappointed with this product.

Elvia Stanton, CA

Ordered 11/11 delivered on 12/27 Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t mind waiting about a month and a half for delivery, then shop with Hair Beauty Beautique. I contacted them a number of times and their answer to me was that they had "special permission" from Amazon to have delayed deliveries.Bed head foxy curls rocks, as long as you don’t purchase from Hair Beauty Beautique.I should have known something was up when they cant spell Boutique.

Gina Claiborne, MD

doesn’t work really well for me

This product smells wonderful but it really doesn’t curl my hair like some other products do. I have fine hair so maybe it works better on people with coarser hair.

Stella Haydenville, MA