TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost 8 oz.

BED HEAD by Tigi EGO BOOST SPLIT END MENDER LEAVE IN CONDITIONER 8 OZBED HEAD by Tigi possesses a blend of Shampoos Conditioners And Styling Tools For All Lifestyles. According to TIGI you must have a sense of humour to use their products. Everything Needed For The Latest Styles Be It Curls Wavy Or Straight Hair Bed Head Has A Solution For You.

Key features

  • Design House: Tigi
  • Fragrance Notes: Shampoos Conditioners And Styling Tools For All Lifestyles. According to TIGI you must have a sense of humour to use their products. Everything Needed For The Latest Styles Be It Curls Wavy Or Straight Hair Bed Head Has A Solution For You.

Honest reviews


It’s just glue but it works!

I bought this for my split ends before I cut my hair and it does work. However, it’s really just glue you are putting into your hair from what I read. It dries quickly which is a plus, does what it is supposed to do and would be the answer if you have split ends. Otherwise, what would be your purpose for buying it?

Sabrina Lewis, IN

Doesn’t mend my split ends, but good hairspray substitute.

I bought this because I have long hair, and I tend to get split ends.Honestly, I don’t really feel like it does anything. It’s really sticky, and I don’t like how it feels on my hands when I’m putting it in my hair. It does make my hair kind of slick, which feels nice. After it dries, all of my hair is a little “mended”… basically it just kind of makes my hair a little tangled. The split ends don’t become un-split.Maybe I am confused…I thought the idea with leave-in conditioner is that it is a deep treatment that makes your hair healthier. Is this product supposed to correct split ends permanently, or just glue them together temporarily? I don’t know how it could fix them permanently, except that deep conditioning would make future splits less likely?The reason I don’t like having split ends is because my hair tends to tangle more easily…but if this just tangles my hair more and if it doesn’t do anything to improve my hair long-term, what is the point?It does smell nice.Update 6-22-11 I’ve started using this to tack my hair down when I wear a ponytail, so that I don’t get flyaways, kind of as a substitute for hairspray. It works quite well for that. Keeps my ponytail nice all day long.

Lidia Oconee, GA

life changing!

I have fine burgundy hair that once was bleach blonde. Very little damage now. Ive tried all kinds of leave ins and never was satisfied. always wanted to try this and one day I found it at a discount store and had to get it! I apply it after I towel dry my hair. I can pack it on my hair and it never weighs my hair down or makes it greasy. It conditions my hair wonderfuly and makes brushing easy if you have tangles. Ive applied this and blowed dryed or let it air dry. Both times the results were the same, EXTREMELY soft hair! Ive never experienced stiffness like other reviews claim, and like I said ive packed it on my hair before. I have not noticed a build up either like other leave ins.Buy it! You wont regret it 🙂

Bethany Earl, NC

Good, I Guess…

So my hair is not very cooperative, and I always take that into consideration while writing reviews for hair products. This product is nice but not great, at least not for me.I have curly hair that has sort of a thick texture. So there’s always a lot of frizz that I have to deal with. I have used multiple products in the past to deal with the frizz problem, and nothing has ever left me completely satisfied. This is no different. It works okay, I guess, but not great, and the frizz is back very soon. Anyway, this is not a frizz product. I have only used it a few times so far, and it kinda works as a conditioner. My hair is not silky smooth, but definitely better than when I don’t use any products. So Bed Head Ego Boost works but nothing exceptional and nothing that other products didn’t do for me.

Carol Wing, ND

A great leave in conditioner

I have naturally curly hair and while I have tried TGI Catwalk leave in for my hair type, this is by far the best product. It really helps keep the ends conditioned.

Vilma Cooper Landing, AK


It’s kind of sticky imo. And I haven’t noticed that it really does anything. Not sure if I would repurchase.

Marta Juneau, PA


this makes my damaged hair feel soft and healthy….love the results…it was recommended to me by a stylist…..really good stuff

Lillian Circle, AK

Best leave in conditioner…

This gives great amount of shine, I use it after the shower and sometimes on second day hair to brush is and give some moisture to the ends. Love bed head and this is no exception, it tames the frizz and makes my hair more well behaved. Great product and good price here on Amazon.

Patrice Orlando, KY

Great Product

I love this hair styling product. It has a good smell to it, not strong, but a clean smell. I was unable to use mine, but I will still give it a 5 star for knowing how good it is already. My packaging of my bottle was poorly done, and Amazon made it right with me, as they always do, should there be a problem with anything. I do appreciate their services. I still would recommend this product.

Monika Washington, DC

Three Stars

Okay product, but made my hair too dry.

Lynne Reedy, WV

Love it!

I bought this product locally just on a whim. I have straight shiny hair to start, but since I am trying to grow it out I was looking for a product that would help me go longer between haircuts. I’ve tried all sorts of hair serums (which are usually silicon based, and work only to protect the hair temporally instead of healing the damage). Not only is this product a moisturizer that helps with split ends, it’s light weight and doesn’t feel gross on your hair! It feels slightly sticky when you first get it out of the bottle (but nothing near as greasy as many hair serums feel) but doesn’t even leave a sticky residue on my hands. It smells great and makes my hair look like the girls in shampoo commercials. 🙂

Tamara Lake Luzerne, NY

Not for me

Another product that didn’t do absolutely nothing for my hair, but just make it dryer. It also has a somewhat stickyness that it leaves on your hands.

Kathrine Eaton Center, NH