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Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue, 7 Ounce

Start your style with this sweet treat. Apply throughout damp hair. A long lasting boost of hold. Good volume and texture.

Key features

  • Apply throughout damp hair
  • A long lasting boost of hold
  • Good volume and texture

Honest reviews


Smells great, that’s it..

I wanted to like this one because it seemed to have so many good reviews, but I actually had such a different experience that I checked the bottle a few times to make sure I got the same product as everyone else! I’m comparing this to other mousses I’ve tried. All the other mousses I’ve bought at a grocery or drug store so my expectations weren’t too fancy. This is what I experienced..Hold: basically nonexistant. .5 /5Volume: a little bit. 2/5Smell: Awesome, like a light lemony scent. 4.5/5Feel/Touchability: Next to none! Don’t touch your hair, it will feel nasty and greasy. 0/5.The first time I tried it I put 1 full pump on my hair (my hair is long, past my shoulders). It was awful, my hair was gross and greasy right after a shower, I’d never experienced anything like that with any other mousse! I was actually embarrassed of my hair that day. I figured I didn’t give it a good enough try, so I’d tried a few more times after that with only a little bit. It didn’t get much better and I could feel and tell my hair was greasy, and it had no hold at all. I wouldn’t recommend this for anything other than the smell.

Taylor Clarkridge, AR

Not for those who like to touch their hair

This product simply did not work for me. I have looser curls and am able to run my fingers through my hair. With this product, I couldn’t move my fingers through my hair an inch. My hair looked bad, felt *disgusting*, and was unmanagable. I am not sure what type of curls this product would work on, but it was not mine. Disappointing.

Brianna Hodges, SC

Absolutely Awesome Product for Curly/Wavy Hair

I first heard about this product from a blogger, kandee johnson. She was reviewing some sweet smelling products. This was one of her favorites. I have to tell you, I completely agree. It smells awesome. Not only that, the product acutally works great for curly/wavy hair. A great purchase!

Janell Fowler, IN

Best volumnizing mousse I have found

I have thick hair, which means it flattens out very quickly if I don’t use mousse. In my eternal search for the perfect hair product, this one is the best I have found so far. Don’t go overboard and use too much or your hair will feel sticky after drying it.

Latanya Cross Village, MI

Makes your hair feel dirty

I am constantly looking for the perfect volumizing hair product. This is not it. It has a nice lemony scent to it but it makes my hair feel dirty. I have tried small amounts of it thinking maybe I just put too much on but it still felt dirty. It did not provide my hair with more volume either.

Marguerite Gilman, VT


This stuff smells edible! LOVE it! Works great, as well – I use it before gel for my curly hair. It was recommended on the site, which is a great resource for curly-haired girls. I’m attempting to actually learn to LIKE my hair curly and so far, this product has really helped!

Marianne Basalt, ID

If only it worked as good as it smells

This stuff smells so good, easily one of the best smelling hair products I’ve ever used. I have naturally curly hair and I’m always looking for products to help with it. I don’t find this stuff works as well as it smells though. It leaves my hair feeling a little dirty, stiff and sticky and my curls get really tangled with it.

Violet South Walpole, MA

The worst hair product I ever tried!

Gummy. Sticky. Hard/crunchy hair! And, yes, I did use this product appropriately. . . just a tiny little amount, hoping to avoid that.

Beverley Catharpin, VA


I love this stuff, I am already gonna have to order more, I cant find it at the store…it works great, smells soo good, and does everything that it says, I just love my hair when I use this!I do recommend this!

Deana Cane Valley, KY

Tigi Bed Head Candy FIxation Totally Baked Volumizing

This "mousse" works very well. It pumps out instead of the usual mousse that is creamy and fluffier. The lemon scent is light and smells good throughout the day – not overwhelming, just light. Also, I have fine, thin, long hair, and without blow drying my hair, it is completely straight and flat. This hair product works wonders on my hair! It makes my hair very full, looks fuller/has more volume, and it gives my hair body. It is truly amazing. I have used many other volumizing mousse, but no other product works as well as this. It is not sticky, unless I use too much; however, I usually use 2-3 pumps on my roots, and it works perfect. I highly recommend this product for anyone that has fine or thin hair and looking for a product that volumizes without weighing hair down. The price on Amazon is better than Target by about $3.00, so that is a perfect bonus! Thanks for carrying this superb product, Amazon!

Estela East Springfield, NY


This product smells amazing the mousse aspect of it however doesn’t have much holding power it has a lighter hold. I was expecting better but still give your hair some volume.

Savannah Hudson, IL

Great Bed Head product!

As the previous reviewers have said, this smells great! I have fine and thin hair, so this worked perfectly for me. I have never been disappointed with Bed Head products.

Cristina Ontonagon, MI

works as promised

I have fine, thin, long waves and this is the best volumizing product I have ever used. A little bit goes a long way, I get nice volume without weight. Smells amazing as well.

Maureen Glen Arm, MD

Tigi bed head candy fixation totally baked volumizing

Does not work well with my baby fine hair. I think it is not quite tacky enough to lift my hair.

Ava Oak Creek, WI

Great product for fine/limp hair!

I have very fine hair and this product works wonders for providing volume without being greasy or weighing down my hair. It comes out like a mouse. One pump is plenty for my hair. I work it in to wet hair and then blow dry with a round brush. It provides hold and volume all day. It also smells fantastic!

Nola Burlington, MI

Wow! Keeps my fine hair looking full

I have fine hair, which I have had a hard time finding a product that will keep it full looking all day. This does the trick. I have short hair now, but I wish I had found this mousse before cutting my hair off, I think it would have truly helped give my hair the oomph needed. The smell is nice; it’s seriously smells like meringue. The more you use the stiffer your hair gets too. Washes out well.

Bridget West Chicago, IL

Great Product

This Tigi Bed Head hair product is great. I heard about it on the View. It holds without being sticky or stiff. I highly recommend this product.

Brooke Burnt Ranch, CA

Didn’t like me

The product was okay, the seller was great, but the Totally Baked caused the same allergic reaction on my hands that the Tigi Mega Whip did. I got swollen, painful, blisters all over my hands from using this stuff. It smelled great and it worked nicely on my hair, but I had to discard the whole bottle because of what it did to my hands. Probably the fragrance, since I am prone to eczema and it is sometimes caused by fragrances. :o(

Erica Kendall, MI

I am strugglng with this product

I have reasonably good hair, average thickness and shine, but it requires a little teasing and product to give it body and help it stay in place. I have used Totally Baked Hair Meringue only once and I’m willing to give it another try, but it was not a good experience the first time. I used about 4 puffs and worked it into the crown and back of my wet hair. After blowing it dry, it was so sticky that I broke ends trying to comb it through, and my In-Styler curling iron was almost useless, a tool that is normally fantastic for adding body, shine, and just a little curl. Although I forced it into curling by over heat-styling it, it didn’t take much of a breeze to make pieces stick out. I’ll need to give my hair a good conditioning before I try again. One reviewer didn’t think it was tacky enough, so goes to show different strokes for different folks. I have never had a problem with any mousse before. I won’t give up yet.OK, after trying every possible way to make it work, I am done. One poof does nothing, 2 starts to create that sticky thing that keeps my hair from responding to heat styling. It seems to cause dryness and turns my normally sleek hair into fuzz that begs to be conditioned. I don’t get it, considering how many great reviews the product gets. Maybe I got a bad bottle. Or maybe it doesn’t work well with Wen hair cleanser, which I use. I’ll never know because I’ll never try it again. In the trash it goes.

Robyn Kingston, MA

smells incredible, but feels horrible in hair

This stuff smells so good. I can’t get over how good it smells. The smell seems to linger in my hair too.The product does what it says and really gives some umph and nice texture to my hair, but it makes my hair just feel REALLY DIRTY and waxy. I can’t even touch my hair with my fingers or have it touch my face because it’s a very sticky feeling. I don’t wear this at all in warm weather because the combination of sweat and this stuff just seems like the worst idea ever.I bought this months and months ago and have probably only used it a handful of times just because of how bad it makes me feel. I just don’t feel comfortable with this stuff in my hair, so only wear it on late night dates where I know I’ll get to shower it out soon. It’s sad too because the smellll and look it gives my hair is great.

Angelique Zwolle, LA

Adds volume and texture

My natural hair is frizzy, so I have to straighten it every time I wash my hair. But, after I straighten it, my hair becomes lifeless and flat. This stuff adds volume and texture even after I straighten my hair, and it has the slightest smell of sweet lemons.Do note that when I say texture, I mean course texture. It makes your ends feel rough but will let up overnight.

Kenya Devils Elbow, MO