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TIGI Bed Head After the Party Smoothing Cream, 3.4 Ounce

TIGI BedHead After the Party Smoothing Cream 3.4 Ounces

Key features

  • Smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair
  • After-Party hair creme for silky smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. 
  • Control the funky fly-aways and silk-ify your hair
  • The Perfect Party Favor
  • Tigi Concerned – No animal testing.

Honest reviews


I use this product on damp hair, and it works wonders!

I know this product is supposed to be for dry hair only, but I beg to differ. I apply this to my hair when it’s damp and before I blow dry it. My hair feels so healthy, shiny, soft, and silky. My hair is fairly thin, dead straight, and to the middle of my back. My hair is manageable and I don’t have problems styling it so I use this product more as a treatment for my hair. It’s very difficult for me to find a product that I really like, usually they make my hair greasy…this product doesn’t. I’m frugal, so the price is a bit expensive, but for the cost I think it’s worth it. If you want healthy hair, this product is for you.

Michael Stanwood, IA

Good but not great

So first I should mention that I have the kind of hair that’s just not cooperative. Every single strand has a hairstyle of its own. I have used a million products so far. Some work better than the others, but nothing so far has worked perfectly, including the Bed Head After Party. It seems to calm the flyaways a little but doesn’t do too much for me. Beware though that too much of it will make your hair sticky and appear oily. I think it works best on wet hair actually.

Kayla Fairview, NJ

Love This Product

Awesome all around. The texture is creamy and kind of reminds me of jet-puffed marshmallow cream, and there is no noticeable scent, which is great for me because I am extremely sensitive to fragrance. That, and having multiple products with difference scents tends to become really overwhelming for me. The product does not leave my hair “crusty”, greasy, or dull, and instead gives me a nice, workable softness and helps to tame the frizz.Word of warning, though: Be sure to start with smaller amounts and only use more if you need it. I was in a hurry and got too much of this on my hands… My hair ended up looking oily, as though I hadn’t washed it, by the time I got to work. So, if you have hair like mine (straight and fine) I would suggest either working this into ends as needed or apply a small amount at first. If you don’t go overboard, it’ll work wonderfully!

Cristina Cleveland, TN

Nice fix for tangled hair

I know this is not the intended use, but my daughter has fine, long hair, and this detangles her hair better than any of the products we have tried. Another bonus: her hair is very wavy and curly (think Merida from Brave) and this product relaxes the curl but doesn’t straighten it completely. After drying fully, it springs back into her many curls and waves, just without the tangles. Bonus: no tears when we use it. I have used it as well on my fine, bobbed hair, and it looks sleek and sophisticated with no sticky residue. Highly recommend it!

Adriana Greenville, UT

Awesome styling potential- for a few hours.

I’m a hardcore TIGI fan so of course I tried After Party. The consistency is very smooth and creamy and surprisingly light. The trick to this product is to use a SMALL amount and keep it far away from your roots. It gives a great soft piecey look, but if you’re not careful you’ll end up looking greasy. Once you have a look you like, it helps to dust with a bit of hairspray as I’ve found after a few hours you’ll end up needing a touch up.

Vivian Elmore, AL

Best Bed Head Product!

This product is heaven! I have been really into curling and waving my hair a lot these past couple months, and to finish off my style I would use hairspray. I have thick medium length hair and hairspray and I do not mix. Until I found this amazing lotion, my hair is so smooth and soft it is unbelievable! I am so impressed, I definitely recommend this product if you are sick of using hairspray, because this does absolutely wonders! It is also cheaper on here then it is at the store, F.Y.I :3

Nina Roanoke, TX

Love this product

I only use two hair products: Wen and Bed Head. My hair has never been softer, creamier, fluffier or happier. I put a dollop of this on my hair, twist it in a bun and go to bed. Wake up and go. Love this stuff!

Petra Polebridge, MT

Licensed Cosmetologists review

Glamazons with blonde, processed and dry hair rejoice!!!! This hot little number will smooth, tame and add a little hydration to your locks! I normally do not write glowing reviews about TIGI products, but this one is definitely worth the cheddar! Snag this baby up and use it, repeat, and keep on lovin’ it! Oh, it adds shine too, without weighing down your hair. Holla!xoxoxo Licensed Beauty Pro, Owner of Glamour Couture

Emma Sullivan, KY


Love this product. I usually squirt a small amount (less than dime size) into my palms and smooth over my hair. It leaves my hair soft and shiny with the most fabulous scent. I’ve gotten so many compliments. The scent is fresh and clean with a twist of fruit. YOU MUST TRY THIS STUFF, IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THE AMAZING SCENT!

Christina Avondale Estates, GA

Another great product from TIGI.

I bought this product off Amazon and am pleased with it.It is authentic, came in perfect/new condition, and it smells amazing!I like to apply it throughout my damp hair on a day when im not straightening it and it smoothes and glosses wonderfully. Also, makes my hair incredibly soft and managable!

Deann Naruna, VA

No more frizz

Makes your dry hair smooth, shiny, and soft in an instant! Great for people with frizzy hair that is difficult to tame.

Janette Webberville, MI


Expected better, but it’s a decent smoothing cream. I enjoy the smell

Lela Joseph, OR

Bed Head After Party 3.4 oz.

I like this tigi product very much. I makes my hair smooth and controlls them. Yet I do not recommend using it on freshly washed hair as it makes them dull. But after 2-3 days that you want to make then feel smooth after using styling products it works perfectly.

Tori Glen Fork, WV

Lack of scent, nice shine

Love this product. Makes my hair soft and look shiny. Easier to straighten, too. The bad side? Something is wrong with the one I got from Amazon. It’s scent is like plastic. The smell of the ones I have bought from other stores is THE BEST smell I have ever smelled in my life. I was very disappointed in that. I think it was stored in too high a temperature or something :/ But the product still works great. I just really, really, REALLY wish my hair smelled like it should….Knocked off two stars for it because the smell is really something so great, to be upset over!

Bertie Pisgah Forest, NC

if you want shine…buy it

my hair is over processed and natural curly. this product makes my hair looks like new hair. the shine pops the color and looks very healthy. I am on my second container and will not be without again

Sasha Tuolumne, CA

Love this stuff

A little goes a long way with this stuff…I have found that gradually adding on is the best way to go otherwise your hair will end up looking too greasy and wet. It makes your hair smell amaaaazing though.

Kathi Bowling Green, IN

Works perfectly & smells wonderful!

I’ve been using After-Party for the past few years, after a stylist recommended it to me. At the time I was having trouble with flyaways. It does help with that. I don’t really know totally how to describe this, but it’s almost like After-Party makes your hair chunk together just ever so slightly (not in a gross way, an not in an unnatural way)… it makes your hair shiny and just beautiful. It always makes me feel like a model, and like my hair is just gorgeous. Another thing about this is, the smell is so good. It makes me feel attractive, and just really on top of things.If I had to choose a favorite hair product, this is it, definitely. It makes me feel really good about myself, because it makes my hair look perfect.

Deana Scioto Furnace, OH

Bed Head After Party

Love this stuff, I put it on after I shower so my hair is still damp, and it brushes through so smoothly. I would recommend!! Will be ordering again. Came on time and great price.

Kimberley Quinault, WA

love it!!

this is an amazing hair cream. i have thick wavy unruly hair and has mind of its own and sometimes it likes to stick up and fly away. bed head after party was so good in taming it down. a little goes a long way, dont put too much bc then it appears the scent too!!!

Mattie Lytton, IA

Love it

I have very long, fine hair, that has the little flyaways/frizzy’s throughout….this is working effectively at getting my hair to lay flat and smooth. You do not need much (less than a dime sized amount for thin hair), and it won’t leave a greasy residue. I have used other smoother’s/creme’s before and this is one of the better one’s.

Rae Hannastown, PA

Loved it

I love the way this smells and I like that it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy at all! Way cheaper here than at my work and that’s including my discount!

Blanca Fort Thomas, AZ

Must have!

This stuff is just awesome! A small amount goes a long way and it smells great!! I’ve always loved Bed Head products and this does not disappoint.

Silvia Hemlock, MI

Five Stars

Love this stuff.

Susie Doylesburg, PA

Basically like lotion for your hair

This stuff smells amazing and doesn’t make your hair greasy. I have thin Asian hair and I work it in on my ends and mid-way. My hair feels softer than before, and I haven’t had a hair cut since May 2013. The one problem I had though is the product had an 1/8th gone. I went to target and saw they had more product than this but it was more expensive. I guess it’s what you pay for.

Leila Westby, MT

Works great!

Makes my hair silkier and easier to comb through.There is such a difference in my hair when I use this product!Would definitely recommend.The only thing I wish is that it was a little more scented.

Claudia Cassville, NY

Great for Shine

I love after party. I use before I curl or flat iron my hair as an extra protectant as well as getting the shine. I have gotten several compliments on how my hair looks shiny.

Renae Nimrod, MN

After Party

I love this product! It smells great and it’s a great way refresh or smooth your hair. It is very expensive in my opinion but it was definitely cheaper on Amazon than in stores.

Kristi Lincolnshire, IL

Great stuff

This stuff is a dream I’ve been using it for years. It tames your hair without making it oily and it smells amazing. All the women in my family are addicted to it.

Earline Simmesport, LA


Useless product. It didn’t do anything for me but smells good

Therese Fitchburg, MA

love the shine!

I use this the morning after I wash my hair and it is fly away or just doesn’t want to lay were it is supose to! I small amount goes along way.

Mara Cedar Bluffs, NE