Three Seven 777 Travel Manicure Pedicure Grooming Kit Set

Lifetime Warranty. New Sealed Genuine Original World No. 1. Three Seven 777 Travel Manicure Pedicure Grooming Kit Set – Included (Total 11 Pcs: Nail Clipper, Toe Nail Clipper, Cuticle Trimmer, Small Nail Clipper, Beauty Scissors, Tweezers, File, Safety Scissors, Double-sided Push Stick, V-Shaped Push Stick, Ear Pick: TS-16000SVC), Made in Korea, Since 1975. Not 3rd Party, Original Three Seven (777) Product.

Key features

  • World No. 1 Quality & Technology since 1975. Made in Korea.
  • Not 3rd Party, Original Three Seven (777) Product.
  • Model Number: TS-16000SVC. Size: 5.0″(L) X 4.0″(W) X 1.0″(H). Case: Aluminum.
  • Included (Total 11 Pcs: Nail Clipper, Toe Nail Clipper, Cuticle Trimmer, Small Nail Clipper, Beauty Scissors, Tweezers, File, Safety Scissors, Double-sided Push Stick, V-Shaped Push Stick, Ear Pick: TS-16000SVC).
  • Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects Only. This warranty program covers all items of your Three Seven product purchased from Phospedia, LLC and applies to all types of manufacturing defects. The warranty program does not cover product that is lost, stolen, dropped, shattered by customer’s fault or any other damage that is caused by the consumer.

Honest reviews


This is Mine!!!

Between all of us in our family, we have zillions and zillions and zillions and zillions of clippers, files, etc. around, or hidden in, our home. Nevertheless, no matter how many clippers or files, etc., I keep beside or near the bathtub, they dissappear. Out of desperation, I bought this product and I am beyond thrilled. The products inside the container are exceptional and well made. The container looks like a mini, stainless steel suitcase. I keep this “suitcase” by ‘my’ tub. I have to admit that I instructed my family to never take any of the ‘suitcase’ contents outside the bath on penalty of death. Actually, they too enjoy finding everything they need for a manicure, pedicure conveniently located. I am pleased to recommend this product. Cheers.

Rhea Abingdon, MD

Great Buy – Incredible Quality

I was so pleasantly surprised when this arrived as from the picture I feared the product might be kind of large and klunky, but no such thing at all. In fact, quite the opposite.The product is smaller than it appears in the pictures and is very sleek and attractive. Check out the list of tools included as several typically must be purchased separately.This product is so trim and non-intrusive that it can go anywhere or be placed anywhere in the house. The tools do not slide around loose in the case as happens with most kits. They are held securely in place where they were left for the next use.This was a gift for my husband and he is very pleased with the quality of manufacture, the appearance, and the precision results he gets from using the tools.Right now I’m fighting the urge to buy several of these while they are in stock as they would make terrific, unique, and well appreciated gifts.

Melisa Morgantown, KY

Have to return

Have the return. Do not know the actual better use. So I can not give you advice. The price of this commodity repeatedly, high and low. You really want to buy it, careful observation.

Pearl Drakesboro, KY


Great tools, but overpriced. Case does not allow for the addition of anything else you may want to add to your manicure/pedicure kit. Does not include some tools you need and includes some you will never use. I returned mine.

Michaela Westbrook, ME

Gave as a gift

This appeared to be well made, had good quality tools, a nice assortment of tools and a very nice case.

Isabel Mc Gregor, IA

Lifetime warranty!!

My husband bought this set for me after growing tired of me complaining I can never find my nail clip or file when I need them. He concluded that it would be harder for me to misplace an entire kit!I have to say- the pieces are well built, very comfortable to hold and get the job done perfectly.If I had to complain about anything I would say that I wish the nail file was sharper. But it does get the job done.I do believe it will last a lifetime indeed.So far I have managed to drop the entire case to the floor(concrete) and at first when I picked it up I thought it was sprained but it wasn’t! What more could possibly cause damage to it?I have no doubt that if you got this for yourself you’d be satisfied or if you gave it as a gift, the recipient would be impressed.

Rita Fort Washington, PA


There’s much better quality out there esp. the cuticle trimmers which are pretty useless. The nailtrimmers and scissors are okay though.

Letha North Rose, NY

Very Nice Gift for Man

I bought this for my younger male cousin who is in his early 30’s. It is so hard for a woman to buy for a man. This seems to be the perfect gift. It is very high quality in the instruments as well as the case. Very Nice as a gift or for one’s self.

Tamera Orient, ME

Keep in your purse

Keep this in your purse for those emergencies! I am so glad that I have! Great quality of stuff. Only complaint is the tweezers aren’t as nice as my Revlon ones, but they still work great!

Ramona Newtonsville, OH