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Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly Thick Thickening Serum, 5 Ounce

This essential formula enriches the hair shaft to build body and strength for incredible volume.

Key features

  • Made with caffeine to energize your hair!
  • For fine, thin, or limp hair
  • Thicken, strengthen & revive

Honest reviews


no thank

This my first time buying this product so i hope it work just like they talk about it and gave it a five rating so it must be good

Karina Macks Creek, MO

Great for my thin, fine shoulder length hair!

I thought I had found the perfect product a few years ago (which was recently discontinued) by Redken. Since then I have tried numerous volumizers/root lifters/thickeners and have brought them all back. I think it is important to note that my hair is straight, but also fine and on the thin side, and normal to oily. It is shoulder length. Most products claiming to add volume only seem to weigh down my hair and make it feel sort of gummy, and they don’t help it hold a style whatsoever. Finally I tried this and so far, I LOVE it! Far better than products that sell for 3x as much money. At least with my hair, it gives it some volume without leaving it sticky or gummy, does not weigh it down or feel like there is any build up on it! It allows my hair to hold a shape, instead of having it go every which way. As far as drying it out, I really can’t say, as my hair is on the oily side so maybe it just evens it out 🙂 I LOVE it! Please don’t stop making it!

Joann Pennsboro, WV

Not much difference.

I have some hairloss and thought this product would help. Not much difference. May work for shedding but didn’t work for me.

Casey Ashland, VA

good product

I usually use the Bumble & Bumble hair styling cream which is also a good product but expensive for a small bottle. The Thick Serum gives hair more volume, but is a soft hold, not stiff as with Bumble & Bumble. I sometimes like to add just a little of the Matrix styling hair creme after working in the hair serum. I find the hair serum works even better if I wait a bit before drying my hair. I put my makeup on and then dry my hair….just enough time for the product to penetrate the hair shaft.

Reba Nelson, GA

not satisfactory for my hair .

I have very fine thin hair. This product just weighed it down. I could not hold a style. I’m stuck with another useless product..

Grace Barto, PA


dont think it worked for me. I tried it for a couple weeks, and I think I wanted to think it was working, but didnt really see a difference. I have thin, kinda oily hair, long hair, so now to volumize my hair i just leave out the conditioner most of the time and i fell my hair looks fuller

Allyson Pie Town, NM

Thicker but stickier too

This product will deliver on thicker hair. You put it in wet hair and work it through and then style hair. Once your hair is styled it is not easy to work a comb or brush through it. This product makes your hair feel as though it has a lot of product in it. I would say for a man who does not intend to restyle his hair throughout the day or does not enjoy to twirl and play with his hair (okay I do this sometimes at my desk) then it probs will be great. I am a girl who likes to hair soft and silky feeling hair with volume not tangled thick hair. The good thing is it washes out very easily. Recommend for non hair twirlers or restylers!

Nina Unalaska, AK

does what it says!

This serum does produce volume (more so than body, but it does help with that too!) Am soooo glad I tried this product and will definitely continue purchasing.The first products I use on towel-dried hair is Matrix Total Results Miracle Treat & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, mixing both in palm of hand and then applying throughout hair. Then I wait a couple of minutes and apply this Cell U Plex Thicker Fuller Hair product, (2 pumps – my hair is shoulder length or a little longer…) and rub into palms of my hands and apply throughout hair, starting at ROOTS. Blow drying hair seems to help activate it. Even if I go one day without shampooing, I still have a nice, fuller head of hair and it feels soft and nice too! On day 2 just reactive by putting little water/moisture at roots. Does an EXCELLENT job! Love it – very glad I bought!

Hillary Donalsonville, GA

Fuller hair

Although the main ingredient is water, must be the caffeine be doing the trick in this product Whatever works. That’s what I say

Angeline Harrison Valley, PA

Thicker Fuller Hair serum

I love this product. It makes my hair soooo manageable! Also love the gel. I use them together….I recommend highly!!

Guadalupe Crandall, TX

The Best Yet!!!

I have thin, fine, limp hair. This thickening serum brings my hair to life…..the absolute best hair body building product that I have ever, ever used. I am 66 yrs old and a retired hair stylist…have used many products… high cost & low cost. This is very highly recommended. Just remember don’t use to much. I have chin length hair & used about three small pumps. Play around with it….use your blow dryer with your head down and hair forward until its half way dry…..this will do wonders…use a brush to shape your hair the way u want it. Try using it different ways.

Faith Prairie Du Sac, WI

This stuff works

I have thin hair and have tried every product, and for the price this is the clear winner. Makes my hair fuller and does not weigh it down.

Cathleen Mariah Hill, IN

This is perfect

This is perfect for women who’s hair has thinned out due to age,doesn’t flatten yet holds style nicely and cheaper than another pricier bottle that is in a white bottle(P.M) found in salons…you know who I’m talking about

Jimmie Angle Inlet, MN