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Thermal Spa UV Auto Gel Light Nail Dryer

Thermal spa professional u/v light gel dryer for beautiful manicures. with 45 watts of power reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications. made with heavy-duty steel construction for durability, with a sleek design.

Key features

  • Accommodates two hands or feet
  • 3 settings (always on/2min/3min)
  • Designed for maximum u/v distribution
  • Removable, easy-to-clean bottom
  • Lamp included but packed separately

Honest reviews


Great lamp and perfect for UV nail polish!!

I was fed up with my nail polish chipping, over acrylics so tried UV polish…loved it – nail polish that stays shiny and does not chip off for at least 2 weeks – what was not so appealing was the fact that it cost $40 plus tip locally!After doing some research I decided to purchase the CND Shellac nail polish / base coat and top coat which require a UV lamp to set the colors. I paid $180 for all items – polish and lamp which is not bad, as by polish number 5 I will be saving my cash!CND has an official lamp with a rather high price tag, so I saw this, reviews looked good so decided to give it a try!It has three settings: 2 minutes, 3 minutes and constant. It also does come with the three bulbs it needs (be careful as they are tucked away in the box and I almost missed them!It is a good size – you can fit two hands or two feet in at the same time so it allows you to complete your UV process much faster! Similar lamps tend to be smaller – and more expensive!It works perfectly for these UV polish systems and set my color just fine with no need for a repeat cure. Your nails will feel tacky at the end of the process, but simply follow directions, wipe your nails with an alcohol pad and you will be good to go – the lamp does the trick perfectly.If you are looking for a UV lamp to use with UV polish systems, this is a great choice – good price, several settings, and large enough to cut time off your mani’s!UPDATE: 4 years later this is still going strong, I have yet to replace a bulb -I use myabe 20 or or times a year for reference, so based on the price and the fact this this has stood up well over time; it is a great pick!

Lynette Macon, GA

Alternate Use for Product

I don’t know if anybody else has discovered this, but I find that the UV light helps “cure” regular nail polish into a much stronger, more durable prodouct. I was getting gels at the salon but, after repeated applications and removal, my nails were getting destroyed. I decided to take a break from the gels and noticed that my regular salon manicures were lasting way longer than my home manicures, even though I was using all the same products. The only difference: I dried my nails under a UV light with a fan at the salon. So, I bought this light for home use and — Ureka — my polished nails are lasting days longer, even when doing laundry and housework. I’m using the light (along with a small fan) to cure each step of the application: I put on two coats of base coat (OPI Nail Envy)and use the light/fan combo for a couple minutes, two coats of color (OPI)and use the light/fan for a couple minutes, finish with top coat(Seche)and use the light/fan again. The polish was totally dry and I immediately used my hands without fear of messing up the polish. The manicure is lasting a whole lot longer than it used to. I’m on day #5 without a chip, having done 8 loads of laundry and ironing. And believe me, my natural nails are tissue paper-thin.I gave 4 out of 5 stars only because the bulb connections are pretty flimsy. I hope the light lasts. It’s the same unit they use in the salon I go to, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Janie Ranchita, CA


WOW it’s big. The two hander was the same price at the one hander so I got the two hander. It’s pretty honkin. My main complaint it that it only has 2 and 3 minute auto timer and I would really like a 1 minute which I think it claims to have) for doing the OPI Axxium. Works very well.UPDATE! 7 months later.Axxium is too hard to take off so I’ve started using CND Shellac. FANTASTIC, but don’t let them snow you that you need the “official” CND light. I use this bad boy and get two weeks of perfect wear out of my Shellac. Love this light. Also the OPI light is $200+ and you can only do 4 fingers at a time and thumb seperately. lame. LOVE THIS LIGHT

Irene Robertsdale, PA

Must have for the new CND Shellac Polish

If you do your nails at home and like the gel polish, this UV light nail dryer is a must have.

Amalia Trafford, PA

Works great

This product is great! I use it with the CND Nails. The CND system is the best, and will only be improved in the years to come.This large UV lamp works great for CND Shellac nails- no need to buy $200 plus one that CND recommends!!! It works perfectly for this UV polish system and set my color just fine with no need for a repeat cure. Your nails will feel tacky at the end of the process, but simply follow directions. The last step is to wipe your nails with 100% alcohol, this takes off the sticky coating. The lamp does the trick perfectly. My nails lasted 14 days. I even did a french manicure that came out fantastic! Make sure you put thin coats on. The thinner the coat, the better the cure! Make sure you use cotton pads, not cotton balls. Cotton balls leave too much fuzz, and sticks to the tackiness of the polish system.TIP: I spoke to my manicurist who verified that you don’t have to use CND color polish, only the Top and base coats!I will never go back to acrylic just to keep the polish on!

Tara Tensed, ID

This is the one you want

This is a UV lamp for use with any type polish that requires UV curing.Pro:Works for ANY soak off gel nail polish (as far as I know)3 each 18 watt bulbs included for total of 54 watts of power = fast curing timeBulbs are easily replaceable – (item PAR414)Roomy interior with space for both hands or feet at once to speed up SOG manicure time.Plenty of space for feet to fit inside without bulbs touching your footConvenient hand grip in top easy to carryTimer is easy toggle press for increments of auto-off in 2min – 3min or Continuous operationInterior clear plastic protector can be cleansed/disinfected between usesQuality ConstructionReflective surface inside well placedQuiet operationCord is removable from base unit – handy for storagePrice is right!Con:Cord is a bit short, I had to use an extension cord.I use mine with Harmony brand “Gelish” soak off gel polish – which is a hybrid gel with nail polish color in it that comes in regular nail polish bottle style containers. I am a huge fan of Gelish, but this lamp will work for all brands Shellac, Gelaration, etc. Please see your polish makers web site for the proper times for each coat.

Dixie Pilot Point, AK

So far, So good…

I’ve only used this one time so far, but I’d say it worked pretty well! I bought this dryer thinking it was 45 watts, but it arrived with 3 18watt bulbs, so it’s really 54 watts, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing! The bulbs are a little awkward to put in, and you’ve got to push the bulbs into place until you hear a snap, otherwise they won’t turn on. overall, I’m happy with my purchase!

Jocelyn Mascotte, FL

It does the job!

I love the OPI Axium/Shellac/ gel nail polishes. I decided it was cheaper in the long run to buy my own supplies rather than getting my nails done. This worked just fine. I have no complaints.

Cathryn Linden, IN

Fits both hands at once and works for all my brands of polish

I was given a gel kit for Christmas last year and went online to purchase a light. There were so many options and prices ranging from $20-250+ for UV and LED lights. After reading reviews and researching the options I decided to get this particular light. After using it for about 4 months here’s what I think of it:Positives:-Convenience: I was hooked on being to cure both my hands at once. I am already annoyed that I have to take off my old polish one hand at a time, I don’t think I could handle having to cure and hand at a time also (except maybe with a quick curing LED).-Wattage: I’ve seen UV lamps with wattage as low as 9 and as high as about 54. This lamp is 45 watts, which seems powerful enough to accomplish what I want.-Settings: I use the 2 minute setting for everything and I’ve never had any problems. There’s also a 3 minute and continuous setting. I’m glad I don’t have to look at the clock or set a stopwatch to time myself.-Price: After spending a few hours researching these lamps I realized this is probably has the best features for the price. There are models from $20 up to about $300 (LED usually), this seemed to have everything I need for about $50. That’s just a little over the price of one gel manicure at the salon.-Works with all my polish: I mostly have Gelish prodcuts, but also bought Red Carpet and FingerPaints products, which cure equally as well under this light.Cons:-UV vs LED: In hindsight I wish I would’ve sprung for a LED light. The bulbs last much longer, there’s no cancer causing UV rays and the drying time is much quicker. The better LED lights are $60+, but I did see one that got pretty good reviews for about $33. The lower priced LED lamps generally only do one hand at a time, up to 4 fingers at a time (thumb separate). I’m not entirely sure if I’d be happy having to put my hand under a lamp 4 times for each coat of polish I do, even if it’s for less time. The LED I want is $270 and does one whole hand at a time, 30 seconds each coat. Now that I’ve grown to love and rely on my gel manicures I know it’s probably going to eventually be worth the extra investment.-Bulbs: I can’t say exactly how long these bulbs will last, but the replacements are sure pricey. I looked it up and each bulb is right now $11.21, so the cost of 3 new bulbs will be $33.63. This is just a quick Amazon search, I didn’t do any major price comparisons. That’s not much cheaper than the cost of the whole unit plus bulbs. I think when I get to the point of needing to replace them I will be giving my unit away and upgrading to my desired LED dyer.-Size: Both a positive and negative, yes, you can dry both hands at once, but this thing is pretty big to store. If you are short on space this might not be the best option out there.All things considered, I’m not unhappy with my purchase and am giving 4 stars for “I like it”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like doing my own manicures or if I would do it a couple times and would get bored of it, so I didn’t want to spend too much on a light. Now that I know I’m going to be doing my own gel manicures for years to come, I will eventually upgrade. For anyone who wants a relatively inexpensive, larger, 2 handed UV lamp, I definitely recommend this unit. If you have the cash to spend it might be better just to initially go with the LED.

Sharron Thetford Center, VT

Seems to be fairly efficient

This is a great size for fitting two hands or two feet, its easy to use and install the bulbs. My only concern is the drying time, it takes at least 15 min. to thoroughly dry your nails with this dryer even though the timer on the machine has a 2 min. and a 3 min. option, fortunately it also have a "continuous" option for a longer drying time. I would recommend more research before purchasing this dryer, however it does get the job done.

Rosario Cedar Point, KS


I had another lamp that I was trying to use for policrylic (sp) and shellac/Gelish. It was not working well and I was ready to give up. I just bought this baby yesterday and selected one day shipping. It arrived early in the AM and I tested on both Gelish and Shellac and it works AMAZING. My nails look fabulous and I am so excited that as a SAHM I can have gorgeous shiny nails without spending and arm and a leg. So glad I didn’t buy the 150+ lights as this is PERFECT. It cured everything in two minutes. Thanks again Amazon for another great product!

Vicky Ebro, FL

Works really well

I was going to buy an LED lamp, but the reviews here on amazon for those have been faked. SO, I decided to buy this UV lamp for my Gelish.I received it a few days before the polish arrived, and couldn’t wait to use it, all the bulbs were neatly packed in the bottom of the box, and weren’t too difficult to click into place.I’ve used it 3 times, once for each of my hands (separately) and I did my daughters hands (at the same time)Just 1 minute for each layer of Gelish, the top it off needs 2 minutes. All cured perfectly!!!It is made of plastic, not metal as in the item description.

Michael Elton, WV

Great for Dryer!

This is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves doing nails. I tend to always end up with at least one messed up nail from touching it to something. This prevents messed up nails. The quicker your nails dry the less chance of touching them to something.

Marjorie Canvas, WV

This is a fair dryer

I tried this my first time using shellac! I did not know that shellac still feels wet no matter how long you cure your nails. And, believe me I cured my nails so long I thought they’d fall off! It doesn’t have a fan though and the top does not come off for easy placement of lights or cleanup. I returned this one and bought another.

Amie King, WI


I hate wasting time waiting on my nails to dry. So after going to the salon for my first 2 sets of Gelish or Shellac manicures, I decided to try it myself. Salon had the “one hand at a time” machines. So when I found this one on Amazon that lets you do BOTH HANDS AT THE SAME TIME, I thought WOW…that’s cool. I’ve used the product 3 times and it’s great. Has a timer, and good strong bulbs. Makes doing your own gel manicures at home a cinch! The only thing I miss is a 1 minute timer. The timer has 2 minute, 3 minute and continuous setting. Shellac and Gelish instructions call for you to dry the base coat for 1 minute, but drying it for 2 doesn’t seem to negatively effect the process, so that’s what I do.

Camilla Midland, VA

A Bit Worried About The Bulbs – LAMP JUST DIED!

I read a few other reviews where the bulbs would flicker or not turn on. Other users said they had to jiggle them a bit to get them to start. This is true, as I am having the same problem. I have used this 5-6 times, and each time I have to wiggle one bulb or another. With that being said, once they are all on, it seems to work just fine. I get the same results as the lights in the salon. I think the price can’t be beat. My mom can buy at the beauty supply wholesale stores and their lamps are all $200 – $400. This one does the same thing for a fraction of the cost. I have been using the Gelish System with this lamp and it’s been fine. I did just use a CND Shellac color this last time. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a better product, or I’m just getting better at application, but this manicure seems to be the best. I am going to try another CND Shellac color. I’ve have learned the hard way — there are few tips I wish someone would have shared with me.1. When removing nail polish, soak part of a cotton ball in acetone. Place directly on nail and wrap with foil. Sit for about 10 minutes. It makes removal SO much easier. And it’s better for your hands because not so much is exposed to pure acetone.2. When you start put all the cotton balls away. Don’t have any cotton balls near year. The first few times, bits of cotton got into the color and top coats and then the manicure looks like a total “at home” job. Trust me, it will find it’s way. I clean my nails with a nail brush just prior to starting.3. Don’t waste your money on the prep wipes. It’s just alcohol. After filing, shaping and cuticle trimming. Wash hands. Dry with towel and apply a swipe of acetone or alcohol to nail bed. Let dry and begin.4. Use VERY THIN coats on all steps. Once it gets “gloopy” you might as well start over.5. The process is no where near as “forgiving” as traditional nail polish. Once it’s cured – it’s cured. So, if you go off your nail a bit, fix it before it goes under the light. If part of it goes over to your skin it won’t seal properly and it will just pop off in a day or two. Esp true with the top coat. A little goes a long way and good luck keeping it “in the lines.”6. You have to get good cuticle nippers and a good cuticle remover gel. Take your time on this step (remember, not as forgiving as traditional nail polish). If you have cuticles, you will get paint on them – it won’t seal and in two days you won’t be happy.7. You can use the 70% rubbing alcohol to cure it, however, if you can find 91% or higher it’s worth the extra $1.00. I found some at wal-mart. Soak the cotton and don’t be afraid to rub the nail. It won’t ruin it and it will cure it better.Hope this helps!UPDATE: Don’t buy this lamp! It has been a little over a month and about 6 uses…when I turned it on tonight, it flickered and wouldn’t turn on. Completely dead. I was worried because it was outside the 30 day window. I called Amazon and becuase it was fullfilled by them they are standing by their products and refunding me my money. THANK YOU AMAZON FOR BEING A COMPANY THAT I CAN TRUST AND WHICH VALUES THEIR CUSTOMERS. Whew! I could have been out $60.00!

Malinda Clear Lake, MN

The best thing ever

So I do my nails often and i realized how expensive it was for me, being a student and all. Once a month I actually do go to the salon to have my nails filed and cuticle removed, but once every two weeks I do it my self using this gel light.

Rena Crab Orchard, TN

Will It Ever Ship?

I was so excited to order the Thermal Spa 49135. I ordered through Prime so I would receive it in two days. It wad ordered on 4/23 to arrive by 4/25. It is now 4/26 and the item has not shipped. Amazon should not have a charge to join Prime if they have no intention of giving timely service. I wish I was giving myself and my daughter manicures, but I guess that will have to wait…[[ASIN:B001RMP7M6 Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer].UPDATE: 7/3/12 – I should have written this a while ago… I cancelled the nail dryer from the original supplier and reordered. The second supplier delivered within two days. My daughter and I absolutely love this dryer. You can put your whole hand in at once, which makes the process of applying gel polish much quicker. We have saved a fortune doing our gel manicures at home. A wonderful investment.

Herminia Mendon, IL


I looked long and hard before I bought a light. I didnt have the couple hundred to spend on one but wanted some thing good! Well I found something GREAT! Does both hands. Well made. Spend the extra few bucks and buy this light. You wont be sorry!

Esther Tipton, IA

Works for Shellac

The salon said you could not get the stuff to do shellac at home and had to have it done professionally. I went home and amazon’d “shellac”, bought all the stuff to do it at home including this light, and it worked perfectly 🙂

Michell Mazama, WA


Had a smaller UV Gel Nail Dryer that did not dry as well. This one drys my nails in a short span of time and keeps them dry.

Carey Keewatin, MN

Well Worth the Price!

I checked the prices for some UV nail dryers at a beauty supply store, and this one had the best price by far. The ones that I looked at were almost the same price, but were made for only one hand. This one easily fits both hands or feet with room to spread your fingers. It has 3 sets of UV bulbs and 3 timed settings, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, or always on. Love it!

Elva Port Mansfield, TX

Polish lasts so much longer!

After getting gel nails at a salon and paying a ton for them, I ended up purchasing my own supplies on Amazon. This light is great for all types of polish. When I polish my 10 yo nails, even regular polish will last for at least a week, if not more, thanks to this light. Without the light, we were lucky to get through one day. Shipping was great, and all arrived in working order.

Simone Whiting, ME

Feels Like it burning

This machine really works good, but after a couple minutes it kinda burns. I used it for my OPI gel and due to it being a UV the curing time takes longer, so consequently it gets hotter. Also you have to be careful putting your hands in, because they can hit the back lower bulb. It does work and for the price you might want to deal with the heat.

Alberta Ridgeville Corners, OH

Phenomenal. I am in love!

If you do your own gel manicures at home this is a must own. I had this rinky dink 9w I bought from sallys which worked…but I could barely get my one hand in let alone both like this beauty!There are three settings, 2min-3min-continuous.3 bulbs included, all 18wAs I do my own manicures I don’t put both hands in, however it’s so nice and roomy I never fear accidentally bumping into the top or sides when inserting my hand.This dries my gels superbly and securely. I have never once experienced lifting or any kind of machine malfunction.If you buy this, you WILL NOT regret it.

Terri Onekama, MI

Great Nail Dryer

This pays for itself in a few uses. It works well. I’m not sure why some comments say that it doesn’t cure. You have to use the alchohol wipes to get the sticky feel out of it. I love the gel polish and the lamp, I have saved so much salon money by doing this myself. I was a little messy at first but after some repeat attempts it works really well. Nothing negative or bad to say about it.

Lenore Smyer, TX

Does the trick! Great for doing 2 hands at once

I use this with the Harmony Gellish products for my gel manicure. The lamp works great, and it’s reasonably priced! It’s roomy enough so you can comfortably do both hands at once, and it’s very easy to use. If you get rough with it, the bulbs will pop out, but it’s easy to pop back in. Totally a great buy!

Trisha Morven, GA

Teriffic Unit at a Great Price

Works Great! Was given this as a birthday gift about a year ago along with OPI Gelcolor polishes and use it all the time. Although I get a manicure every two weeks, often I decide to ‘fix’ a nail if I get a crack. Sometimes I just decide to change colors. The Gelcolors are avalable on Amazon, so having this double wide UV nail dryer makes it easy. Evidently they have upped the watts to 45 (from 36) so now it will take even less time between coats. I have yet to need new bulbs or had any issues at all. I highly recommend this unit.

Brigitte Melrose, CT

Works great and twice the size for the same price!

I bought this after looking at another one from a beauty supplier and this is twice the size (the other one is a one hand model) at about the same price actually slightly cheaper. My only complaints are its a little hard to set up ONLY because there aren’t really instructions so I will explain it takes 3 light bulbs inside (I noticed some people thought it only took 2 and we got an extra bulb) and they have to be pushed in to the side (you’ll probably hear a click) I recommend starting with the bulb in the very back on the wall, you need to put the part of the bulb with writing on it facing you and then it just kind of clicks in then it sticks real decent then do the same with the bulbs that go on the top from back to front make sure the writing faces the bottom of the unit. I used it with the Gelish system today and it cured great, and the only thing is is I have to time is the first coat myself because the base coat is a 1 minute cure so I set it for 2 and then time it myself and shut it off in between steps. Its nice and big (I purposely bought the bigger one because I am kind of clumsy and like extra hand room and I plan on using it to dry polish on my feet faster and my feet need more room. Eventually for my hands I might buy a LED because they cure faster, and stick to this with my feet only, but this is a better price and more versatile than an LED so right now so it was a more important investment.

Jewel Danvers, IL

Works very well – More convienent than one hand UV lights.

This UV lamp is wonderful. I can’t specify as to it’s long term reliability, as I’ve only had it for less than a week, but it cuts the time it takes me to do my nails with Shellac in half.Because I do both hands (or feet) at once, instead of having to do them separately. It arrived so quickly, I was shocked and very, very pleased.

Dorothea Osceola, MO