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Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap Model No. C27L

What is this product? Designed for use with most hair care product. Quit, automatic thermo-controlled unit heats deeply without overheating. More info: Dual thermostats for complete safety, Unique design provides evenly-heated therapeutic treatments. 3 heat settings Convenient washable liner included UL Listed

Key features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap Model No. C271.
  • Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap Model No. C271

Honest reviews


i dont like this that much

it doesnt get as hot at a normal one would, so i dont like it that much because i dont know if its doing its job propperly

Marcella Pine Beach, NJ

Great for Hair Treatments!

This is fantastic for anyone who does hair treatments often. My aunt usualy does a hot oil treatment every couple of weeks. She recently got one of these and says it’s increased the effects of the treatment and is much more relaxing while she’s waiting for the oil to work.

Sally Bernardsville, NJ

Worth it!

I’ve been looking for something like this for my awful, fried, dead hair (haha). It works pretty well by heating up the cap so the deep conditioner can get into the strands of hair.The only problem I had was as someone else mentioned, it really only heats at the top of the cap, so you would have to pull your hair to the top. I was under the impression that the whole cap would heat all around. Also, because the cap is some sort of plastic material, the edge (of the cap) does hurt my neck by stabbing into my skin. I have to adjust the cap a lot or wear a protection around my neck.The cap does need to be plugged into an electrical outlet so you do have to sit down or stay around an area while it’s plugged in. It is pretty long, but I wouldn’t mind it to be just a little longer.I’m glad I bought this item & if it does happen to die eventually, I probably will purchase another one. The only thing I wish was that the whole cap heated…I know there are wires inside of it…but you get what I’m saying.

Glenda Hitterdal, MN

Excellent for henna!

I use henna to color my hair because I don’t want to use any of the commercial chemical dyes. Sitting under the hood dryer worked ok, but this is much better! I used it for the first time last night and it worked great! It heated fast and maintained the temperature throughout the 45 minute treatment. I changed the temperature setting several times during the treatment to help set the hair. My henna came out dark and covered all of my grey! This is totally due to the even distribution of heat from this cap. I highly recommend this heating cap for anyone who uses henna or any other type of hair treatment.

Malinda Hayti, MO

Good Heat Cap

I received the heat cap this week and used it for the first time. I have very short hair (sort of a pixie cut) and my hair is thin. I have a relaxer and I color. My hair has a tendency to be overly dry in spite of taking care of it. I purchased it to use with a deep conditioner I purchased.This cap heats extremely well on the low setting (maybe because my hair is thin). I’ve decided to cut my treatment time from 20 min to 10 min so I don’t overdo it. It fits comfortably enough for the amount of time it has to be on my head.Some of the reviews I read before purchasing almost convinced me not to buy it because they said it didn’t heat well enough. Since this is designed for conditioning and not for drying, in my opinion, the heating level is perfect.I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because I haven’t had it long enough to evaluate its performance over a long period of time.

Lynda Saint Catharine, KY


I use this heat cap every 90-days when I do my deep condition or reconstructive treatment. I love it because you can control the amount of heat you need to get just the right treatment need from whatever product you choose to use. It’s even good to use for hot oil treatments or regular conditioner treatments. Works great!

Rhea Beaver, AK

Has transformed my hair’s condition

This is the equivalent of going out in the sun with a cap on and some heavy conditioner.I put on a heavy conditioner, pop this hat on for 15 minutes, and my hair is in much better condition after a few weekly treatments.

Ursula Vinton, IA


I’m Black American Natural 3b/3c I owned the exact brand previously (when I was relaxed) and it died after about 15 years. This one really works It gets really hot and helps especially if you have low porosity hair. But relaxed or natural this heating cap works and helps w/ deep conditioning and pre-pooing.

Young Fairfax, OK

nice and fast

The heat cap is the best I have ever used and I saw improvement with the first use. But it.

Molly Red Bud, IL


I love this cap. I use it every week for my deep conditioning hair treatments. I highly recommend this product.

Madeleine Fairfield, KY

Fair Enough

Not bad for the price but like someone else said the nape area from mid back of head down does not heat up. For me this isn’t much of an issue though I can see how it would be for many others. My nape area is pretty fine and loose textured compared to the rest of my curls so when I’m deep conditioning I don’t have to calm down a kinky kitchen. But I’m sure most other ppl will want to. It gets pretty darn hot in the front area though. Still soothing and you can get accustomed to the temperature pretty well it seems. My cap is a little hard to pull completely down because I have quite a bit of hair but once it’s on securely it’s okay. The locking mechanism on the chin strap (sort of like a cloth belt with the 2 metal rings and one cloth strand that you loop through and back through…. it’s really hard to get off in a hurry because the strap is stretchy so your inclination is to put it on snug but then when you try to remove it stretches more so it can be tricky to release. Nice that it came with one shower cap. I’ll continue to use this once a week, however. I would probably repurchase from a different brand to try out something else if something happens to this one. It works… just not over as much surface area as I’m sure most would prefer.

Sybil Baltimore, MD

Great Conditioning Cap

Easy to use and quick! Too bad it doesn’t come with more than one cap. They can tear easily. When you contact the manufacturer they don’t respond 🙁

Isabel New Troy, MI


I really love what it does for my hair. It let it so shinny and moisturized. Every Sunday I put on my hair treatment and I stay for 20 minutes under this cap, and you can see the difference

Sybil Arverne, NY

Love THIS!!

I absolutely love my heating cap!! It warms very well. The only thing I can say is that it doesn’t warm as much in the very back but that doesn’t matter cause my neck will burn anyway because it gets super hot at the top.

Julia Slater, CO

Far better than a wet towel!!!

The heat is a gentle heat but very effective. The cap fits comfortable. You can comfortably wear glasses and read with the cap on. I love that it just says warm and no heavy wet towel that keeps getting cold. I have had mine for years and I use it a couple times a month. If I have done something to destroy my hair then a few times a week. I couldn’t live without this heat cap! It helps give outstanding conditioning to your hair. I also suggest coconut oil to condition your hair.Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 OunceIt is also THE best skin tightener and conditioner.

Jean Cawood, KY

Perfect Heat Cap

Love this heat cap! It is convenient, I dont have to take down my hooded dryer to steam/ deep conditioner my hair. It heats up well. However, not as much heat gets to the back of my head so I sometimes rotate the cap. Other than that , this cap is perfect!

Selena Winchester Center, CT

Intermittent Heat

This doesn’t heat up for as long as I would like. My mother has a similar one and the heat was very consistent. I think I might try to get her to send that one to me. I like this one, but the heat is intermittent so do be aware of that prior to purchasing.

Terrie Bouse, AZ

Shine and Soft

This product is really perfect for me 🙂 Let say i am the kind of person that not going to parlor main reasons i cannot afford it 🙂 whew! but through this Thermal Spa CHC i feel great, now my hair not like before dry and dull. its really good!!

Florine Imboden, AR

hair feel so good

i have used this cap with my conditioner and i love as different settings for your can even relax while your air is being conditioned.

Claudine Las Piedras, PR

A must have

I try and use this at least once a month. It leaves my hair so soft and moisturized after the deep conditioning.It is now 2/13 and I am still loving my cap.

Bobbi Adamstown, PA

In love with it!

I love it! I use it to do my oil treatments and works like a charm! I like that I can manipulate the temperature and the cord has a really nice size too.

Florine Spur, TX

Very Good Product!

Faithfully ever week I condition or deep condition my hair with heat. This cap works like a charm. I love it!

Ursula Demarest, NJ

Excellent for Deep Conditioning

I love this thing, I know there are a lot of complaints about it not heating up the back but as another reviewer mentioned put the hair on the crown of your head and you won’t have that problem. This works well for me, so I don’t have any complaints, if it’s too hot just use a towel to cover your ears and the back of your neck.

Eddie Capitol Heights, MD

Great but doesn’t heat hair evenly

I do have to say that I like the product but it doesn’t heat the hair evenly. The back of my head isn’t as warm as the top/crown area. It does a great job otherwise. It heats at a reasonable temperature and does wonders to help condition hair to a very soft finish.

Ashleigh Lejunior, KY

Love it

I love this product! So convenient without the noise of a blow dryer. I can move around unlike being stationary under a bonnet dryer.

Georgia Paris, VA

excellent product

I’ve own a heat cap for over 15 years and it still works great! It is such a vital tool to my hair regimen that it’s traveled with me. My hair responds so much better to deep conditioning and the heat helps me to cut the time I do it.If it ever conks out, I will be getting another one quickly.

Tara Anchor Point, AK

Good for travel use

I like the Thermal Spa Conditioning Cap. I mainly like to use my hair steamer but when I am traveling, I take this as it is more portable. The cap does get very warm which is great but I would agree that some sections are hotter than others. For my purposes and for the cost, I was pleased with the purchase.

Fay White Water, CA

Don’t buy it..

It was good for a while, then it started being bad. Meaning, it got really hot at first then cooled down after 3-5 minutes to the point where it felt like it wasn’t even on. I’ve only used it about 30 times before that started. Honestly, spend the money and buy Which is exactly what I’m about to do. (Don’t have a review on that yet since I haven’t purchased it yet, but it seems like a great product).

Lourdes East Lynn, IL