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Thermal SPA One Hand Led Gel Light Nair Dryer

One Hand Led Gel Light Nair Dryer. 10 30 60 Second Interval Settings.

Key features

  • 10-30-60 Second Interval Settings
  • Accommodates One Hand Or Foot
  • Bottom Reflection Design For Maximum Cure

Honest reviews



This is probably the best nail light out there for the money. I initially started out with a UV light that was big enough for two hands to go in it at one time which was nice but i found that I usually did one hand at a time anyway so having it extra large was useless. Plus my old light took up to 2min to cure the Gelish nail polish, which doesn’t seem long but the time adds up with each coat. Also the old machine cost me around $60.So eventually I set out to find a new light that could cure a little quicker and I found this amazing product which is an LED light which is wayyy better then a UV light!! I could not be happier! It is built well, looks nice, is small enough to put away without a problem, and comes with three options for the timer: 10, 30, and 60 seconds. I use the Gelish nail polish and I always set my LED light to 30 seconds and my nails are perfectly cured EVERYTIME! It has saved me soooo much time! I also LOVE the fact this light has a sensor that when you put your hand into the machine the light automatically turns on to the time that you selected. One great thing about the sensor is that since you don’t have to touch the machine with wet nails to turn it on you dont end up ruining the top of the machine like I did with my last one that was covered with polish and scuffed up from alcohol. Also, when your done with the unit their is a master on/off switch on the back of the machine you you can leave it plugged in all the time if you choose to. If you refuse to pay $30 everytime you get your shellac nails done like I do then doing them yourself is the way to go and this light will make them perfect and do it quickly!!

Wilma Darby, PA

Does one entire hand or foot

Overall pleased with this purchase. I wanted an LED light that would cure one entire hand or foot (not messing with doing thumbs separately!) and this one easily fits the bill. Has done a good job on curing so far, though I’ve only had it for a month.Have noticed that the timer does keep cycling automatically sometimes. I will set it for 30 sec, it beeps when the time is over, but the light continues if the hand remains in the dryer for a split second after the beep. The light does turn off at the end of the cycle if no hand or foot is in the dryer.Not a huge problem if you’re paying attention, but might be an issue for professional manicurists.Will add that Thermal Spa had the best price on LED lamps–much less expensive than, say, OPI or Gelish versions, but TS works just as well.UPDATE: have used the dryer for several months now. Users will need to use the 60 second setting for any polish, no matter how light, for each layer, if they want the polish to stick for more than a day or two. otherwise, the polish will peel off within 2 days. Cure times for this light are longer than what I have read about for other LED lights.

Marci Holmes City, MN

works as advertised.

I’m new to gel polish and LED curing, and I’m very happy with this light and the small investment it represents. Works well, all nails seem to get equally exposed with all of the reflective surfaces inside. Seems sturdy. Only downside, and I saw others made this comment before I purchased: Sometimes when it goes off after the programmed amount of time, it comes right back on for another cycle. Happens more on the 10 second than 30 second program. Happens about 40% of the time.

Elaine Roaring River, NC

Works Great!

I’ve just recently gone the way of gelish nail polish and decided that I could save myself some money and do my own nails. I bought this LED nail dryer and some gelish polish …….. and from the first time I used them, my nails have looked like they were done in the salon. This LED nail dryer is large enough for your whole hand to fit in, but I do my fingers first and my thumb separately. You can set it for 10, 30, or 60 second drying time. I do the base coat and 2 layers of gelish nail polish on the 30 second setting and for the top coat, I put my nails in the LED nail dryer for 60 seconds. If I use a darker gelish nail polish, I put my nails in the LED nail dryer for 60 seconds for both coats/layers.The LED nail dryer is also automatic ….. once you turn it on, all you have to do is insert your fingers and it automatically comes on and shuts off according to what setting you chose (10, 30,60 seconds).The price of the LED nail dryer is the equivalent of 2 nail salon visits ………… I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it. I can’t begin to add up how much money having my own LED nail dryer will save me …..I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Bobbie Beatrice, AL

Thermal LED lamp, I love it!!!

I love this LED lamp!!! Love love love it!!! Works awesome it is flawless. There is nothing wrong with the timer it works perfectly. It’s the person using it that’s not using it correctly. The timer has 3 settings, 10, 30, n 60 sec. Set the timer on what you want n SLIDE your hand in, keeping it laying flat on the bottom until your whole hand is in, the lamp will come on automatically as soon as you put your hand in. When the timer goes off DO NOT pick your hand up, keep it laying on the bottom and slide it out. This will keep the timer from resetting and coming back on. The timer sensor is located on the inside roof of the lamp at the entrance, so if you pick your hand up to take it out your getting into the sensor zone and that will reset the timer and it will come back on. When I need to cure for 2 to 3 minutes I set the timer on 60 and just lift the palm of my hand enough to reset the timer to go another 60 sec.And for the people who are saying that it doesn’t dry/cure their gel polish completely, they are either NOT curing it long enough and or they are not wiping the tacky residue off with either the gelish cleanser or alcohol wipe “lint free” DO NOT touch nails until you do that final step. You might think it will ruin your mani but it doesn’t, it sets it, and your nails are completely dry.This is my manicure routine for gel polish n regular polish.1. Remove all cuticles, I use Sally Hansen “instant cuticle remover” by far the best hands down. After applying this I soak my hands in some warm soapy water leaving the remover on for about 3-5 minutes n than I use a spoon metal cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles n remove the cuticle that has grown on my nail plate all the way around my nail, sides included do not cut your cuticles or the skin around your nail plate, that’s what causes them to split and become callus. Should NEVER touch any of the skin around your nails.2. Wash hands good to remove all the cuticle remover.3. I use my electric nail file/drill “very gently” to remove the shine on my natural nail n any remaining cuticle on the my nail plate only. This does not damage the nail plate n by using the E file it’s much easier to buff the nail without using a block buffer or the 100/180 file that’s very hard to use without touching the skin around my nail. I will NEVER use a block buffer or file on my nails ever again. Since giving up the buffer n file and using the E file only, my nails n the skin around my nail plate has never been healthier. There is a video on YouTube on how to do a proper manicure prep before applying gel polishes n regular polish.4. Shape nails with a OPI crystal file, filing in one direction only. Do not file side to side this will only rip your nails and do not file the sides of your nails at all, this weakens the nails support causing them to break. Tips only.5. I use a brush or nail duster to remover the nail dust.6. I apply 91% alcohol, let air dry than I use EZ flow nail primer being careful not to get any on the skin as it does burn, let air dry than I apply the gelish ph bond air dry.The trick to gel polishes is very thin coats, keeping the foundation, color n top it off sealer off your skin if you do get any on the skin around your nails, take a paint brush n dip in alcohol and clean it off before curing it so alway check all nails good before curing.7. Apply a very THIN coat of gelish foundation, cure in LED lamp for 1 minute.8. Take a dry paint brush that u would use for applying nail polish or makeup not the ones for removing the dust n wipe each nail down with it, this helps smooth out the cured foundation n removes the moisture. I got this tip off the gelish web site.9. Apply a very thin coat of the gel polish color you have picked out n cure for 1 minute, 2 minutes for dark colors.10. Apply another coat of your color, again cure but I cure the second coat for 2 to 3 minutes depending on how dark it is, if u are gonna apply a 3rd coat only cure 2 mins n cure your 3rd coat 3 minutes.11. Now it’s time for your gelish top it off top sealer. I usually put 2 coats of this on curing the first coat 2 minutes n curing the second coat for 3 minutes.12. Take the gelish cleanser or just alcohol on a lint free cloth or a paper towel will work as well and wipe each nail down good removing the tacky residue, never use anything cotton with your gels or regular polish it’s your worst enemy.And now you have beautiful nails with color that should last 10 days or more 🙂 and are fully dry.

Allyson Sunflower, MS

Buy it!

This has a ton of bulbs and works great. Plus, I’ve seen this used in nail salons. I’ve used it three times now and every time it has worked great.

Reva Cuthbert, GA

Still learning, so far so good

Used this about 10 times already.Unfortunately I have the " Gel-ish" brand. Im not sure how long I actually have to cure my nails for. Most of the time it ends up smudging maybe because its not drying properly. but overall a good product. I prefer this then paying 30-40 on a simple gel manicure at a nail salon, that uses harmful uv. LED is way better for your skin

Krystal Aurora, MN

Not Salon Quality

Bought this LED light to do at-home gel manicures. I used gellish polish with the foundation coat, polish, then top it off but each coat takes at least 2 minutes under the light. I was not able to use the recommended times on the box or on the gellish polish. It works, just takes much longer to fully dry the polish than it would at the salon. It also doesn’t have a fan.

Sherrie Lawrence, NY


The settings are super easy to figure out and if you simply slide your hand in and out it works perfectly! I did my daughters nails and then mine, our nails cured perfectly! It’s very light so if you need to move around it’s not an issue. The light is extremely bright, I do not recommend looking in it when you are doing your nails (my daughter was facinated with that but I had to tell her to not stare inside of it while on). Arrived well packaged and quickly.

Patrice Oklahoma City, OK

Love it!

Shipped quickly, dries fast and works great with all my LED polish. I know some people complained about the timer not working and this lamp not shutting off right away or whatever but every time I have used this it has worked flawlessly. As long as you use this correctly then it should give you no problems!

Alisa Scottsdale, AZ

Bright, cures well, love the automatic turn on

The auto turn on is a bit sensitive, and you can turn it back on if you aren’t careful when you pull your hand out past the sensor. The light is bright and cures my nails quickly. It fits my whole hand no problem, and I am not a petite woman. I definitely recommend this light!

Lea Spring Hill, TN