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Thermal Spa Hair Wrap – White

Thermal heat caps are perfect for hot oil treatments and deep conditioning. The Hair Therapy Wrap is cordless and microwavable for the ultimate in at home convenience. Just place the included hot / cold gel packs into the sewn into the heatcaps sewn in pockets, place the heat cap in the microwave, and in minutes you’re ready for a deep conditioning treatment, like a hot oil treatment.

Key features

  • cordless, microwavable heat cap
  • machine washable, 100% polyester, air dry only
  • easy to use hot/cold gel packs
  • perfect for deep conditioning treatments at home
  • ideal for hot oil treatments

Honest reviews


Innovative and Useful

This hair wrap is such a great invention. It’s basically a headscarf with compartments that provide a place for gel pack inserts so that you can deep condition your hair without being tied to a bulky hairdryer. I purchased this product because it was suggested on a natural hair blog and because, as a student, I didn’t have time to sit under a dryer all day. I had to study! This product was definitely the solution.To use this hair wrap, all you have to do is microwave the gel packs per the instructions written on each pack and then put them into the the wrap’s compartments. Then you fasten it on your head and you are free to go about your business for about 30 minutes of deep conditioning. After 30 minutes, the heat is gone. I prefer to boil water and place the gel packs in it for 5 minutes rather than using the microwave because I have heard that the inserts can burst if heated too long in the microwave. I have never had a problem with boiled water method. When using this method, I even find that the wrap is often too hot to put on my head so I have to let it cool a bit before wearing it.I have two reasons for giving this product 4 stars instead of 5. The first is that when you put the wrap on your head, part of your head will not come into contact with the heat. You have to reheat the gel packs and then turn the wrap around to condition your entire head and that’s just annoying. The second reason is because the material is really abrasive for your hair. You definitely can’t just put the wrap on your hair without some sort ofElastic Plastic Processing Capto protect your hair. Even when just the edges of my hair touch the wrap, I notice some breakage. I just have to be extra careful to make sure that my entire hairline is under the plastic cap when I use this hair wrap.That said, I would suggest this product because it has made my life easier and served its intended purpose. Just make sure that you carefully heat the gel packs and wear a processing cap this hair wrap. Happy conditioning!

Freida Collingswood, NJ


Love this hair wrap. I used it in the microwave the first time but I later discovered that putting it in boiling water makes the heat last longer. No more sitting under a stationary bonnet for hot hair treatments!! Love it!

Crystal Capels, WV

Short-Term Use

I bought this cap from another site and although it works well, it cannot get as warm as you’d need it to be for deep conditioning nor does it stay warm for a long time. I used this product ACCORDING TO THE DIRECTIONS and the packs burst and the gel hardened. I called the place I got it from and they do not sell refill packs. I have yet to find any place that does. So now, this product is basically a towel. It was okay while it lasted though but if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Beatrice Greenville, FL

Has worked really well for me!

This turban has worked extremely well for my deep conditioning sessions. I have a 1000 watt microwave and so microwave it for about 45 seconds, then another 15 – 20 to get it to the temperature I want. Once it is hot, it is ready for use! The turban stays hot to warm for about 20 minutes and if I want a longer deep condition I simply place it in the microwave for another 25 seconds and it is hot. Really liking this product! My only qualm is that the turbans design results in the gel packs not quite covering the whole of my head, which means about a 1×2 in section of my head doesn’t get direct contact with the heat. I simply turn the turban around on my head after a while to reorient the position of the packs and get the heat to that section that was missed. No big deal, but I decided to give a four star instead of a five because of this.

Petra Buffalo, MN

My Thermal Spa Hair Wrap

It does what its suppose to do, except it is somewhat small for my head. Heats for at least 20 min, and is comfortable, the price was right and I really can not think of anything that is wrong with it.

Patsy Two Dot, MT

Great, but doesn’t last long.

This really helped deep conditioner absorb in my hair but if you leave it in the microwave just a few seconds too long it’s ruined. You have to heat it at 15 second intervals with a maximum of 90 seconds. I know, sounds easy but I’ve gone through 3 so far and am going to try the battery operated one instead. I’m hoping that the battery powered one heats more evenly as well.

Imogene Paint Rock, TX