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Thermafuse One Pass F450 Hot Iron Smoothing Cream 3 oz

Use on wet hair and great with heat products such as hot iron , curling iron, or hair dryer to create smooth non frizzy hair

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  • Thermafuse F450 One Pass 3oz

Honest reviews


Straight, Soft and Shine

This is the product, leave hair straight, soft and with an incredible shine. I have very fine hair so I use it with my titanium flat Iron at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, but It can be use it up to 450 degrees. I don’t recommend using it every time you wash the hair, because it have to be sealed with high heat and you can damage your hair if you use it always, personally I used once a month or every two weeks, when I want my hair to specially straight and shinny.

Toni Stanwood, MI


Does what it is intended to do. Definitely recommend waiting until it’s fully dry before straightening the strand. Only takes about 10 seconds, but you don’t want it smoking. :)A little goes a long way as well, even though it’s a small bottle.

Chelsey West Mystic, CT

Expense not worth it!

I tried this smoothing cream on a whim hoping it would be good. The "You get what you pay for…" is usually true, however this product at $25 was a waste of money. It left a residue on my hair, plus it didn’t seem to protect from the flat iron. I cannot recommend this product.

Judi Buena Vista, TN

Too much for my fine hair

My stylist recommended this product, but it is just too heavy for my fine hair. That said, most products are, so if your hair is not as fine it might work out well.

Bettye Atlantic Mine, MI

Humidity is NOT my friend…

Most of the time I really like my hair. It’s naturally straight; the texture is fine (but I have a lot of it) and, with the right products, it’s easy to work with. Notice I said MOST of the time. Throw in a little heat and humidity and it all goes horribly wrong. Frizzy, 1980’s-metal-band wrong. Since Summer here is humid, and the prospect of controlling my hair with a heavy coating of extreme hold hair spray is most unappealing, I’m constantly trying new styling products – with mixed results. Until now…This stuff really works. I take about a nickel sized amount, rub it into my palms and work it into DRY hair from about mid-shaft down. Instead of a flat iron I use a large-barrel curling iron for a loose wave. Just finger comb, maybe add a dab ofThermafuse HeatSmart Serum Dry Oil Treatment (2 oz)to the ends and I’m finished. The style does not reverse, even when the weather is damp or humid. My fine hair does not feel greasy or weighed down and the frizzies are kept to a minimum. It has a light coconut smell that is very faint once you’ve finished styling. Can we say that this product is just about perfect? Why yes, I think we can.Plan to experiment a bit with how much product to use and how close to your roots you want to get. To be on the safe side I’d recommend using a small amount from about mid-shaft down the first time you try it. I would think that applying at the roots might make the hair look greasy, but if you have very curly or coarse hair that may not be a problem for you.Go ahead, give it a try! This is one product that actually delivers.

Luisa Nevis, MN

Pretty good stuff.

Smells nice, like light cotton candy. I have to make more than one pass but I love how it reduces frizz and adds manageability to my locks. Will reorder for sure!

Renee Mauriceville, TX