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TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask, Reusable Hot Cold Therapy Eye Mask

Eye-ssential for tired, puffy eyes, tender brows and aching heads! Even after a restful night’s sleep you can wake with red, puffy eyes that make you look and feel tired –especially during allergy season. If decongestants leave you in a fog, try THERA°PEARL’s Eye-ssential Eye Mask, the natural way to look and feel brighter every day. The mask can be used cold or hot. Cold relieves dry, puffy eyes and those wicked sinus headaches. It takes the sting out of a brow wax and reduces swelling after a cosmetic procedure. Heat helps to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness once the swelling is gone. Chill it in the freezer or fridge or pop it into the microwave. Place it over your eyes and sinuses, or slide it up to your forehead. Its pliable, face-hugging shape stays put without drips or leaks, and the therapeutic temperature lasts 20 delicious minutes. You won’t believe the comfort.

Key features

  • Perfect for dry eyes/allergies, headaches/sinuses, puffy eyes and more
  • Gel pearls conveniently hold temperature for doctor recommended time of approximately 20 minutes
  • Easily freeze or microwave to feel the ice or heat
  • Reusable and non-toxic hot & cold compress
  • Latex-free BPA-free phthalate-free

Honest reviews


Multiuse! A true lifesaver!

When I was offered to sample this product, the timing could not be more perfect! I had been fighting a sinus infection for two weeks and was at my wits end! I was taking medicine which helped relieve some of the pain but the pressure was intense!When I received mine I removed the band, which is elastic, and washed it by hand with dish soap. I then put it in the freezer. I know you are supposed to wait two hours but I was impatient and tried it before. It was cold enough. I placed it on my eyes and it felt so good! The pressure finally was getting some relief! It is wonderful to sit on the sofa and cover your eyes. You can even pull it over your forehead and it feels good there.This thing has been used several times a day in my household. It serves so many purposes though! When I was sick growing up, my mother would get me a cold washcloth to place on my forehead. It felt like heaven! I in turn do the same with my daughter; however, this will be replacing that tradition. Still ill a few days ago, I decided to place this on my forehead as I lay in bed with a fever. This was a lifesaver to me! It felt so good on my forehead and my eyes!If you have puffy eyes, this is also a great thing to use, just place it over your eyes and the swelling will go down.I have not tried the heat part of it yet. For the cool part it has served so many purposes! Where I live it has been in the mid 90’s the last few days. I have found myself coming in the house and putting this mask on my head and it instantly cools me down. I used to turn the air conditioning up but use this mask instead.So many uses and very easy to clean! If you do not have one of these in your household, I recommend getting one. Good luck not fighting over it though!

Lois Homestead, PA

WOW I love it!!

All I can say is WOW. So well made and freezes fast. Love the aqua coloured beads. I actually sat and looked at this mask and kept thinking how beautiful it was.Easy to wipe off and fit me perfectly. In the summer after working out or working in the garden, kayaking etc my eyes are so tired and I used to use a square ice pack over my eyes when I laid down. This is much much better.LOVE it!!

Natalie Huntsville, OH

Ahhhh, flexibile and comfortable. Sweet Relief

The Thera Pearl Eye-ssential Mask mimics the idea of "peas" (frozen peas in a bag) that can be used for a headache or sore eyes, puffiness. The mask can be used in hot or cold mode but for me, cold is always when I opt for. I placed mine in the freezer for three hours and this was enough time to bring it to a nice cool freeze. The mask never turned "frozen" and was pliable the entire time. I found that it stayed cool for about 30 minutes before it began to lose it’s coolness.The mask is comfortable and effective for tired eyes or an achey head. The elastic strap can be removed via a snap. You can decide whether you want to use the strap or not.I received my mask as a sample for review.

Louise Felts Mills, NY

Soothing Mask for Sore Eyes

A few months ago I’ve discovered the Thera Pearl line of products, and they have since been my favorite way of temporarily soothing sore muscles and joints. Their innovative design of small gel beads suspended in highly viscous fluid makes them a very effective gel packs. When frozen they tend to be less rigid than the other gel packs that I’ve tested, without compromising on the soothing action.My eyes often get sore from all the staring at the computer screen, but until I came across this mask I did not consider applying any kind of remedy for it. This mask is fairly small and well made. I’ve only used it for cold therapy, and had primarily put it in the freezer before use. However, the deep freeze is an overkill, and I had to put a piece of cloth between my eyes and the mask. The mask is a bit on a small side, and after about five to ten minutes it loses most of its coldness. The mask features an elastic band, which works fine, but it doesn’t look too durable. I have enjoyed the cold therapy for my eyes and will continue using it. The other Thera Pearl products that I’ve used have been very durable (even withstanding a few really rough treatment by my toddler), and I expect that this mask will also last me for a while.

Maribel Sumiton, AL

Comforting mask stays put and can be used frozen or heated

I’ve recently suffered from an allergic reaction to something that presented with contact dermatitis on my eyes. The result was very swollen, itchy, red, inflamed eyes that hurt constantly. I thought they were going to drive me nuts and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of them.I tried putting lotion on every time I couldn’t resist the urge to scratch and that helped some, but there were times that only ice packs helped, especially when I laid down at night to try and sleep. The problem is, I’m a side sleeper and ice packs don’t stay on all by themselves unless you sleep on your back.I found the TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask at Amazon and ordered it without hesitation. I liked that it could frozen or heated in the microwave. So far, I’ve only used it frozen, but it is nice to have the warm option in the same mask.This mask helped me immensely. While it didn’t completely cure my eye issue (only an aggressive course of Prednisone did that), the mask did give me some relief and helped me get to sleep at night.In fact, I liked it so much I ordered a second one so that I have another ready after the first one defrosts.I imagine this will be a nice comfort the next time I have a headache as well.

Jenna Monticello, AR

Mostly air.

Only 1/3 of the mask had beads in it, it was mostly just air. I’d be happy to submit a photo. This issue has been reported by many other reviewers but I was hoping it wouldn’t be the case for me. Great idea, poor design.

Carolina Conyngham, PA


I’ve used these Therapearls for back and neck therapy before and found them to be very good. For icepack usage, they are 100% better than bags of ice or bags of gel. The problem with bags of ice is that they melt too soon and need a towel wrapped around them. The problem with bags of gel is that the bags are always too thin.All these problems are solved with Therapearls. Therapearls don’t freeze into a block and their plastic cover is quite strong. In fact, this is the only type of ice therapy I use right now. I received this particular wrap as a sample review.This eye mask is perfect for the eyes. It fits just right over the eyes. Also, they are great for fevers and fit just right for the forehead. The great thing is that they are not too cold and not cold enough either.I highly recommend them. Much better than ice packs/gel of any kind that I’ve used, and great for heat too.

Lucille Jasper, TN

Works great on the BACK

I got this item in today. The concept is a cool idea but if you have teenagers they will definitely try to burst one of the pearls. Well, I sort of tried to burst a pear also, it was so tempting, but then I decided to leave the little pearl bubbles alone.This particular product is designed for your eyes (eye mask) but my back was hurting so I heated the pack for 15 seconds and placed it on my back. My back felt so much better. It stayed warm for about 20 seconds. But when I put it back in the microwave I quickly found out that 15 seconds was too long as the pack still had a small amount of internal heat in it.It looks like this company has many other similar type products. I see they have a Puppy, Panda, Pig, and Frog, I would love to have the first three as they look so cute.All in all I love this product. I was hurting, used it, and it helped. Sample provided. Thanks.

Francesca Cape Girardeau, MO

Soothing hot or cold mask

The TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask is designed for the eyes and bridge of the nose, but the shape is also easily adapted to the forehead or chin. It has an elastic band to keep it in place and the vinyl is thick but conforming.A half hour in the freezer and it is ready to provide cooling relief to tired eyes or from sinus pain. When it starts to warm up, it quickly chills again in the freezer.Alternatively, a few seconds in the microwave will provide soothing warmth for about ten minutes.Gently mixing the pearls will make the therapeutic level of heat or cold last a little longer. The pearls can also be redistributed between compartments to concentrate the effect in a particular area.The wrap is fairly lightweight and the pearls are slightly squishy so it is very comfortable. The TheraPearl wrap is much safer than a heating pad for use when lying down because it won’t cause burns if left in place when falling asleep.A sample was provided for evaluation and review.

Ramona Boles, IL

My New sleeping mask

This is awesome!! Sometime my eyes feel dry so I put it in my fridge for 1 hour then put on my face and relax. It help me on my dry eyes.

Lizzie Laurel, FL

Relax and Enjoy the Cool Refreshment of This Eye Mask

My TheraPearl Eye-ssential eye mask resides in my refrigerator for the brief rest I take after working outside. The cool mask is perfect for relaxing and refreshing my eyes. After it begins to warm, I’m ready to go again with puffy eyes removed..This mask can also be heated, but during summer heat, I have not tried the heat on my head. I generate plenty without adding more, but during winter time, I may use it heated.Comfortable, refreshing eye mask that I’m happy to recommend.FIVE STARS!

Meredith Gautier, MS

Easy Sinus Relief!

I’ve struggled with allergies, sinus problems and sinus pain for a lot of my life. Icing it seems to do the best for me and to provide quick relief. I’ve had eye masks before, but they were gel, and tended to go "thin" in certain areas and no cold would be applied in those areas. This one doesn’t do that. I can use this one on the eyes or forehead easily, and get relief.It doesn’t stay cold as long as the sports pack, but it will hold itself on so if things are "moderately bad" I like this, if things are "really bad" I use the sports pack on my face instead.I haven’t had any leaking problems as others have mentioned but I can see if you really squish it a lot it could be worn out. It’s a little bit tempting to squish it a lot because the pearls are kind of attractive to watch!? Anyway, I avoided that and haven’t had problems.By a lot of hard hours and days and years of time spent reviewing, I found myself in the top 10 reviewers on Amazon. This wasn’t a goal or self promotion, but by nose-down focused reviewing. I occasionally get contacted by manufacturers or sellers who appreciate my way of reviewing and ask if I’ll consider reviewing a product for them, with no obligation or cost. This is one of those products. I assure you that I review what I want, when I want, how I want, in order to share what I feel is the most accurate useful information.

Cathryn Perdue Hill, AL


So fun for me when I got a Stye. Its like a pimple on the inner of your eye lid and it hurts. I used this as a heat pack and it really helped with the swelling. The pack stayed warm for about 10-15 minutes. it was comfortable to wear and my swelling went down in a day because of this. I have read reviews about the beads bursting so I bought two. One for the freezer and one for the heat only. I am hoping that will stop the bursting issue. If they do burst, I will update.

Roxie Fontana, CA