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TheraNeem Cream – Original Organix South 2 oz Cream Vanilla

Neem cream – original neem cream original vanilla neem is respected by ayurvedic practitioners for its ability to support healthy skin. Packed with antioxidants and nourishing essential fatty acids, neem calms and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. Directions: apply as often as necessary. Great for all skin types. If irritation occurs discontinue use. If condition persists, consult your health care practitioner.

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  • Organix South

Honest reviews


This is a nice add on to the Theraneem Shampoo

I order this product to target problem shin areas. It is still in review but with 4 applications I discovered it soothe the skin, relieves the itch and has a good of that most important Neem Oil.

Renee Vinemont, AL

TheraNeem Cream

I tried this product and the cream made my face feel more dry than it already was. I discontinued using it because my skin is already dry. I was looking for a moisturizer.

Coleen Bromide, OK

Smelly but works

I use this before bed on the dark spots on my hands and on my face.. i like it so far.. My skin seems more smooth and soft.

Deirdre Boyceville, WI

A Dr. Oz recommendation – not bad, but not great.

Doesn’t perform on my skin quite as expected. Has a different odor, not unpleasant, just different. I’ll finish the jar, but not sure it’s done much..

Hilda Oxon Hill, MD

It’s alright

I bought this product thinking it would help with acne scarring but I couldn’t get pass the smelll. The smelll is vanilla mixed with Neem oil which is a strong scent the vanilla does not really cover the scent of the Neem oil.

Cecilia Kinderhook, NY

The wonderful benefits of Neem!

I am so happy I stumbled across this product! I have been using Neem oil for quite sometime, & was very impressed with the results! My skin was much clearer, the breakouts were less severe & frequent! Neem is not the best smelling, but it worked well and I was able to over look the smell. I found this wonderful cream with a nice vanilla scent to it masking the Neem smell. I really love this face cream!!! What’s not to love really? 1. It works! (for a variety of skin conditions.) 2. It is 100 all natural and organic! 3. The price is great! 4. Leaves your skin nourished & hydrated! Give it a try and see the wonderful benefits of Neem for yourself!

Victoria Flanders, NJ

Pretty Good

I brought it for my boyfriend who has itchy feet. It seems to be a problem from within because he has minor signs of athletes feet. However, I brought the Neem pills, cream, and soap with hopes of helping this problem. He noticed his feet feels better when he uses the cream everyday. The pills are working his system like never before (regulated his bowel movements), and the soap he is not sure, but let’s it sit on his feet a while before washing off. It has been almost a month and I notice he has more energy when waking in the morning as well as little to none outbreaks on his face. We will continue to try it out.

Patsy Clarksville, NY

Smell goes away!

This cream definitely has a funky smell despite the added vanilla (think like cumin or curry), but after the product soaks in and dries, the smell goes away, so don’t let it deter you!Great moisturizing, feels wonderful, and is a great face moisturizer. It did NOT make me break out and even helped clear up my hormonal blemishes IMMEDIATELY. I just hope it continues to work as well the longer I use it.I found this product at a health food store, and was kind of pricey, but a little goes a long way. Much better price than department store products and most importantly, it’s all-natural. No weird ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Crystal Browder, KY


Really like this cream. It smells great and makes my skin very soft. I only recommend using this at night, because the smell is too strong for during the day.

Hilary Oxly, MO

Smells gross

At first I thought this smelled like peanut butter, but than after awhile it seemed to smell worst like so bad and too strong it was making me sick, if you can stand the smell, go for it, but it definitely made me want to throw up.

Pansy Tecate, CA

Lingering vanilla smell

Great moisturizer but the lingering vanilla smell is just horrible. I would prefer my face not smelling like vanilla. Not sure if I’m noticing any skin improvement but it doesn’t cause me to break out with acne or rashes. So I may continue to use the entire bottle.

Jackie Careywood, ID