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theBalm TimeBalm Foundation

Good things start with a good foundation. Our cult-classic TimeBalm Concealer was such a hit with its vitamin packed, rejuvenating formula that we took it to another level. Paraben-free, perfect for all skin types and conditions and lasts all hours of the day (and night), our TimeBalm Foundation crafts a flawless face by smoothing out imperfections and leaving a perfect canvas for further beautification. By making this foundation your starting point you are guaranteed to get some serious face time.

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This product works well. I use their tinted moisturizer and this foundation as a spot cover up for acne or acne scars. I am surprised how well the Balm products work. Very pleased and will purchase again.

Terra Tangier, VA

Purchased it directly from The Balm

I purchased my compact foundation directly from the source, The Balm. I learned my lesson about purchasing makeup online and getting a fake. I will never do that again.The packaging is plastic and feels durable. I am not worried about it breaking. It comes with a thin pad to apply the foundation.It’s a little flimsy but it gets the job done.The foundation is very smooth, blends well and covers well. I would say this is a full cover foundation so if your used to a light foundation, then this may be too thick for you.I bought this in the shade of "Light to Medium" and it blends well with my skin tone. I had such a hard time finding my right shade with other brands and I got it spot on with this one.My complexion is, grey eyes, brown hair, light toned to med in the summer, with red cheeks. My undertone is warm.I easily burn. I have rosacea and this foundation covers it nicely.I would recommend this foundation.

Randi Avalon, NJ

great coverage

This foundation works really well for my fair skin. It definitely blends away the redness in my face. I use a powder to give a more matte finish and I’m very happy with how this combo is working out. I don’t find that this really conceals any zits though, which is why I bought it.

Selma Hanover, IN

Hate that I don’t love it

Im really sorry for the length of this review, but i felt it was important to give a full, honest review of what you’re getting into when you buy this foundation.I love love love love LOVE The Balm but this was incredibly disappointing. First of all, the packaging was really cheap. Any other product I’ve bought from this felt heavy and well-protected, but this is packaged in cheap plastic. The makeup sponge that comes with it isn’t great either, but this didn’t break my heart since I never use the applicator included with most makeups.The worst thing about this foundation is the finish. I bought this knowing fully that this is an incredibly heavy cream foundation and was looking forward to test the crazy coverage for when I style photo shoots. But this makeup looks AWFUL. It isn’t creamy, it’s actually incredibly drying, and this is coming for someone who uses a moisturizer and a primer before using any foundation. I have pretty oily skin, and for a cream foundation to drunks out after using a moisturizer is insane.This foundation felt like I literally iced my face with Nutella minus the awesome smell if Nutella. It just feels terrible. The coverage is impressive, it just doesn’t seem worth how bad it makes my skin feel.The shipping was great and I got my item sooner than expected. I did wear this to an event and I have to say it looks beautiful in photographs and not at all heavy. I really wouldn’t recommend this for everyday use, unless you have a dire need for overly heavy coverage (like cystic acne). Now I use as a concealer if a have a breakout and it works pretty well for that. The consistency just isn’t great for everyday use.

Alejandra Halstead, KS

Would love to say I hate it…

So that I never have to worry about it selling out or the price going up! But this foundation for me is just wonderful.I’ve tried many because as an unfortunate side effect of adulthood, I have suddenly been plagued with hormonal acne and I needed coverage for my very sensitive skin. And I mean sensitive. I had tried everything to get my skin to heal: Peter Roth, Kiehl’s, Dermalogica and none of them worked for me, heck the first two made things WORSE. I’ve tried some others but I can’t recall them because they were terrible. Anyway, I finally switched to a natural/organic/holistic regimen and it just did WONDERS for my skin. In fact, for all you sensitive skin oily/acne girls, you might be shocked to read that I use OIL as my moisturizer now.Anyway, with a bit of primer, this foundation glides on great and will last all day (don’t try to wear this without primer, IMO, it looks the best WITH). The coverage is wonderful, but thin it out and build!! It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin which is a godsend. In my opinion, it is best applied with one of those Beauty Blenders; It really softens the finish.A little, goes a veryveryvery long way, so don’t get too heavy handed early on or it will go cakey! My favorite primers for underneath this would be a toss up between Stila HD 10 in 1 Beauty Balm or Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer.Now the part you care about, my SKINTONE:I go it in Medium and will probably need Light/Medium in winter. I know matching online can be a pain in the rear…so I will say that I lean yellow. I would say….my face is NC20/25 ish but the rest of my body is a lot darker (SPF for days on my face! but a Cali girl loves her glow everywhere else) so I try to match my face to the rest of my tan-ness! If you’re darker than NC25, you could probably still get away with using MEDIUM since again, I went MEDIUM so that everything matches since I am predominantly in shorts/tanks all summer long.If I put the foundation on too thickly, it’s a bit too dark, so I make sure to sheer it out. I don’t need to add much bronzer because this already takes care of adding the tint to my skin. Truly, a little goes a very long way and you will have this jar forever!I like to lightly set this with Lorac’s Porefection (in PF3 for the center of my face and PF4 for the outer if you’re curious) because it is amazing and also contains salycillic acid, though I am looking forward to getting TheBalm’s setting powder and seeing how they pair together!And that’s everything I can think to tell you. I feel like I’ve revealed all my secrets for my fabulous face…LOL but hey! Sharing is caring, and hopefully, if you struggle from what I do, this review helps. Seriously, about the acne thing, I’d look into some organic options because for me, nothing else worked and I already was eating clean and leading a healthy lifestyle so my "inside" was already as good as I can reasonably get it!

Ora Armbrust, PA

Holy grail foundation!!!

This has quickly become one of my HG foundations. I love the smell and texture of this stuff. It is actually healthy for the skin. I feel like I could sleep in it and not wake up with break outs. It has a cream to powder finish, and is definitely preferable for those with oily/combination skin. I find that this keeps me shine free for five to six hours without having to reapply powder. I swirl my finger around to warm up the product and then "dot" it all over my face. I then use a Real Techniques expert face brush to buff it in. The results are always flawless. Coverage can be sheer, full, or anywhere in between – depending on how much product you apply. I’m an N20 in MAC, so I find that the "light/medium" is a perfect match for my skin. I use "medium" in the summer when I’m darker.Will definitely repurchase.

Pearl Norwell, MA

Better Than the Kind with White Swirls

I’ve enjoyed using this for about a year now. I like it very much because it covers well. I always smooth it out with my fingers after applying so that I’m not obviously wearing makeup. The popular pancake makeup with the white swirls irritates my skin and this doesn’t. I use the light which I wish had less yellow in it. It seems like all makeup has yellow in it and I can’t figure out why.The one bad thing about this is the applicator. That completely disintegrated and I have to use a sponge style which I don’t think works as well.I will definitely by this again when what I have is gone.

Carmella Pomona, MO

Full coverage, make sure you moisturize.

I ppurchase this for my birthday, it’s definitely a full coverage foundation. I’ve been using a Liole BB Cream and love how flawless this makes my skin look. I have acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and this covered all of it. I had a wedding and had a pig pimple, I used this as concealer over the spot and it was invisible!The only downside is that you have to make sure that your skin is in no way having a dry spell, make sure you moisturize because big you don’t it tends to stick to all your dry areas and settle – not a pretty look.It does look beautiful and has great staying power when used with moisture, will definitely repurchase.

Allie Heyburn, ID

Very Good

I use the color after dark, and i really like it. IT matches my skin nicely. I’m definitely ordering more, because this is the best match for my skin tone. Which is really good. Also it last for a very long time, especially when you go over it with a finishing or translucent powder. 🙂

Faye Kurtistown, HI