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theBalm Stainiac Beauty Queen

Stainiac is an extremely versatile, extremely wearable color for lips and cheeks. These colors can be worn alone or over another color for brilliant color variations. A small amount of this water-based color provides a subtle hint of color. By applying more, the color becomes more intense, giving you more dramatic and noticeable cheeks and lips. Blushing Pink is a reddish pink shade.

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I received a sample of this in my birchbox a few months ago and immediately bought the full sized product. I use it mainly as a lip stain and its simply gorgeous! I don’t normally wear a blush but I swiped some on my cheeks tonight and it looks great as a blush too- it gives off a pretty glow. The stain isn’t very dramatic but gives a very pretty reddish hue. One of my new beauty favorite finds!

Kathryn Hampstead, NH

not impressed

this lip stain is most likely for cool toned people cause it was not flattering on my warm toned skin the color was not long lasting just a plain fail for me

Elise Milford, MI

Easy for lips, for cheeks-work quickly…

Apply to clean dry lips, and wait about 30-60 seconds before using another product on top. Decent staying power and forgiving shade (Beauty Queen). For the cheeks, apply to one cheek and start working it in immediately, then start on the other cheek. If you dab it on both cheeks, replace the wand applicator into the tube, and then work in the stain one cheek at a time, by the time you get to the 2nd cheek, there could be a ‘stain’ where you dabbed the product on, even after rubbing…happens to me. Probably works best for moisturized or oilier skin. The product may be a challenge to apply to dry skin types. Nice product, not for everyone. Very natural looking.

Lilly Potter, WI

great color, but it doesn’t last

I love the color of this lip stain, but compared to other lip stains, the color lasts maybe half the time. I still like the stain, but I’ll probably look for the same shade in a different brand

Erin Ellsworth, IL

Not really a stain

It’s okay, but it goes on very pink. Doesn’t last very long, so I’ll go back to buying my lip stain from even though it is more expensive.

Nancy Altenburg, MO

I love this stuff!

I really like this lip stain because once you put it on and let it dry it lasts a long time and you can put on any gloss or chapstick over it and it will so cute. And if you want the color to be darker just put another coat on after you let the first one dry.

Maryellen Diggs, VA

doesnt last, and i could barely notice it was on my lips.

I was expecting a good color of red but it looks more magenta or maroon. Wouldn’t buy again. Dries my lips too.

Alana Given, WV

New fav!

I love love love this! It is the perfect one item must have. It looks great as a blush or lip stain. I really enjoyed it on vacation; I just put on tinted moisturizer this and a little mascara.

Kathy Montour, IA

stainiac lip gel

i love this product. i’ve been using it for a couple of years and i haven’t grown tired of it. it looks very natural and doesn’t rub off until you wash it off. i put it on my lips and then use a clear gloss over it and it looks great.

Sierra Choccolocco, AL

Not bad! Will double as lip stain too

I like that this is super easy to apply, no tricks, seems to stick around a while. The only thing is I felt like I had to use a lot to get it to be seen, but I had been playing with some bronzer that night too so maybe I just had too much goin’ on at once.After I got on enough though, I really liked the look and feel. its just your natural skin, no powder or anything. You can also use it as a lip stain under a gloss to help tie it all together. It gives a nice rosey color, will be perfect to make sure I look ALIVE when i’m on vacation at the pool this summer (i live in seattle = super pale!!!!)Glad I bought it! I LOVE theBALM products, they are AWESOME.

Katrina Artesia Wells, TX

Better than most, but very pricey for such a small amount!

I’ve tried a few other lip stains, and they look so dark on and tend to dry my lips out. I like this lip stain, but I wouldn’t say it’s a homerun. It does help my lipstick to last longer. I apply this before applying other make up and about 30 min later I put my lipstick on. If I put my lipstick on too soon it tends to make my lips sticky. It does last a long time and stains my lips without being overpowering. I just wish it was a little more moisturizing and perhaps had a little more color to it.

Lucy Heisson, WA


Beautiful color. Lasts well. No weird smells. Good product. Like it better than others I’ve tried. Priced well too! 🙂

Herminia Isle Of Palms, SC

soft natural red stain

this leaves the most subtle hint of color on my lips. I really like the way it looks so natural

Janie Sherrills Ford, NC

My new favorite product

I recieved a same of this in a Birch Box and immediately fell in love. I’m terrible at choosing and wearing makeup, and every time I put on lipstick I look like a kid playing dress up. But this stuff is fool proof and I can finally wear lip color like a proper grown up. The color is really nice and not too out there, but you can tell you’re wearing makeup. It’s easy to apply, but you have to reapply pretty often.Within just a week of using this I managed to lose the sample and actually panicked. Amazon to the rescue, and at a better price than the Walgreens down the street that also carries this!

Dorothea Winslow, AZ

Did not live up to other BALM products.

Dried out my lips and gave patchy color. With many layers I could get the color to stay for an hour or so. Disappointing. Covergirl Outlast Lipstain (looks like a marker) is a better & cheaper choice. Also tried to use this as a cheek stain and could not get it light and even. I used my fingers, a stippling brush and a beauty blender; none of which worked.

Janie Peralta, NM

Great for cheeks but not so much for lips

The tint gives you a bit of color on the lips, which is really nice, hence it is a tint and not lipstick. However, my challenge is that the tint does not stay on long on the lips (even in comparison to cheap stains at drugstores). I do like this product for its natural look, but most likely won’t be re-purchasing it for the lips nor would I highly suggest it for that purpose. Now as a cheek tint, it great in giving subtle color without the fuss of powder (especially if you’ve had dry in the winter or dry skin in general). So in summary, I made it a point to suggest it as a cheek stain but as a lip stain, I was not raving.

Fran Whitewater, MO

Love it

This stain is great, it can be drying if you not use a balm underneath but other than that its great, the perfect color and its buildable. I only use it on my lips when I tried it as a blush it was too hard to blend. It looks so pretty and natural with my tan skintone

Erin Mahomet, IL

Long Lasting

Although this easy to apply and lasts a long time, I don’t think there’s much in this little tube for the price

Sylvia Peck, MI

Not bad

I actually like this product. It gives a slight flush to my fair Asian skin. The gel goes on smoothly on my cheeks, although I have to actually dab small spots of it first and quickly spread it with my fingers (thus it will stain your finger too). For me, I had to actually use a few dollops to get the tint I want — it’s actually fairly sheer so I actually need to dab at least two layers, plus a dab doesn’t spread too wide so you’ll have to work quickly and learn to actually be able to work on one area of your face at a time very smoothly to prevent it from looking splotchy. It lasted me in an 8-hour workday, with a thin layer of finishing powder to help it set — it does fade out a bit during the day but I could still see that residual flush when I arrive home from work.It’s got a Jell-O like consistency, and you actually have to take care not to leave it someplace cold (like in a luggage in a car trunk in the middle of freezing winter) because it gets a lot clumpier and harder to get a decent glop to start with.All in all, it’s actually a nice product. I used to have an Asian brand liquid blush that lasted much longer than this, as this lasted for about 4 months (the Asian brand that I had lasted for about 6 – even more – with the same amount). I’m going to try other brands first, but if I can’t find anything better I’ll definitely go back to this one. Price is definitely fair for the amount of product.

Alisa San Acacia, NM

Not as great as I needed

I need a lip stain that lasts without flaking or fading. This stuff looks pretty nice and can definitely be layered to make the shade as deep as you want or as barely there as you like. It can be very suble, a pinkish blush on your lips and cheeks or a deep red pucker. I do not use ot for blush so much, but suspect this is its best use as my lips never last very long. It does have a nice way of letting your lips live, it doesnt get all grungey or dry, but it really lasts for a half hour or less even with careful applications. I will keep looking for the stain that works.

Lorna New Point, VA

Does not last

For a stain this only stays on for maybe an hour at best. To top it off the color is on the orange side. Not happy at all.

Staci Coulter, IA

Beautiful color but doesn’t last on oilier skin

I got this because I wanted a natural looking blush, for that this is perfect. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay as long as I would like so I do have to reapply at least once during the day on my cheeks and several times on my lips. But, hey, a little of this goes a very long way, so no big problem.

Gail Clarkston, MI