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theBalm Shadow/Blush

FratBoy’s talc-free, finely-graded powder formula adds just the right flush so you look pledge perfect around the clock. The formula is paraben-free and made of fine-graded powder, which helps to provide an even and smooth texture to the skin. The light-reflecting particles give off an aura of elegance that’s sure to get you noticed.

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It’s not bad, but I prefer The Balm’s Hot Mama instead

I bought this to try to match the remnants of a limited edition L’Oreal blush from about 5 years back called 1st Peach, which is the same shade EXCEPT the L’Oreal one has shimmer to it (not nuclear chunks of glitter, but a uniform, same colored, slight irridescent shimmer to it). I prefer the blush with a bit of shimmer over this one, which is fairly matte.The color matches other than that, so I’m keeping it & will just layer some TooFaced Invisible Candlelight setting powder, which is a very sheer pale golden shimmer powder, over it to try to recreate the discontinued blush shade. It works well like that.From now on, I am going to stick to The Balm’s Hot Mama (which is too shimmery to match the old L’Oreal blush but gives that expensive Nars Orgasm shade a cheaper run for its money) when I run out of this. The texture of both is a good, lightweight, even milled, very fine powder which blends well, and is super pigmented for the price of the product…a little goes a long way. On average, a person can blend it out well, and a package should last you, even with everyday usage, at least 1.5 years, I would imaging (that’s about how long I’ve had my current Hot Mama from them, and it’s only now starting to finish up).

Stacey Minor Hill, TN

beautiful …..

I have a medium-dark skin so the color not be what i was expect but it’s still one ofvery beautiful colors blushes that i have ….

Sallie Gallant, AL

A favorite

I have worn this a ton since I’ve received this. I love it! TheBalm is one of my favorite brands. Such a beautiful color and great pigmentation!

Alana Elkins, WV

Peachy Keen, But Not Sarcastically

This is a little darker than theBalm’s Down Boy blush, and as it describes, is a peachy apricot colour. It’s probably best to apply with a light hand and to blend it in, as I have noticed that it can make your cheeks look a little funny if applied improperly. Frat Boy is probably best for lighter to medium skin tones (Cabana Boy and Hot Mama I would suggest to medium to darker skin tones and to probably people with cooler undertones). It’s non-irritating for sensitive skin as well, so that is a definite plus.

Adrienne Dickinson Center, NY

Too Orange

Not a very natural color for my medium skin tone. Very flat and does not blend in with my foundation. Will not buy again.

Elva Larned, KS

love theBALM

These are some of my favorite blushes and fratboy did not disappoint. The blush is buttery soft and is VERY pigmented. A little goes a long way with these guys.

Tonya Hancocks Bridge, NJ


Love this blush!I’ve been getting into matte blushes lately and this is a perfect color.Very peachy, and pigmented like the other blushes.

Tia Chesterhill, OH

Beautiful color!

I read about this on a beauty blogger’s page and couldn’t find it online anywhere but Amazon. The color is beautiful!! And I love the packaging – adorable!! This is the first item I have purchased from The Balm and wish I could find more of the brand in the U.S. I would love to try out other products. I am blonde and have fair skin and this color perfectly compliments my skin tone.

Isabelle Marshall, AK


Ok! I am definitely a fan! My skin is extremely pale with red undertones (and sadly, acne scars but that’s irrelevant to this product) and I find this blush to be a perfect color for me. I am mid-30s so with this being a matte color, even better. The blush is very pigmented and I learned that the hard way the first time, so I would suggest a good tapping of your blush brush and using a light hand at application. The color is just beautiful. I love the case, super cute. Only complaint is the fall out because there is a lot of it. I find that to be the case with all the shadows and the Mary Lou-Manizer from theBalm, I just have to be careful.Great product, beautiful color and highly pigmented. Only 4 stars because of the fall out!

Minerva Clay Springs, AZ

Great color for summer!

I love this blush! Beautiful, matte, coral, peach blush! Great for the summer and spring! I love all theBalm products and this one definitely does not disappoint!

Lauren Hendersonville, PA

Great color, goes on nicely

This blush is a pleasant peachy pink that works well on my (fair, reddish) skin tone. It goes on a brush easily–unlike some blushes where you really have to dig the brush in to get any color on it–and applies well, and doesn’t crumble in the palette. Stays on throughout the workday without having to reapply.

Eloise Chester, NY


The perfect peachy-pink shade! I love the fun packaging as well. I highly recommend this product, as well as other products by The Balm.

Florence Lumberton, MS

Pretty color, prettier packaging!

this color is very pretty it’s a pinky peachy color. It’s quite pigmented very soft. The packaging is also very pretty, especially if you like vintage, retro type of stuff.

Christie Ingleside, IL

Generic flattering pink, matte, good quality…

I have a light-medium skin tone, and found this blush to work better than I had expected. It seems to be the mid-tone from the Balms blush line-up. I powder over my foundation (cheeks and t-zone only), and this blush performs well. I keep my brushes very clean, and this is a decent quality product with forgiving pigmentation. (Read: not too strong or weak, easy to work with.)Bottom line: if you are looking for a basic pink blush, this could work for most people.

Tommie Elbert, WV

Perfect for most complexions

I have a really hard time finding blush that works well for me, because my complexion is not quite yellow toned, and not quite blue toned. I seem to fall in the middle — like blu-yell! And, this is the issue many other women face. We don’t fit into the designated slots — with many cosmetics.I think this blush will work with many skin tones. It appears very natural with me, but does not have the heavy load some have reported. I have to layer to get the desired effect, but I’m a little tan right now, so that may be a factor. I have noticed that once applied, it appears to stick, unlike some blushers that seem to disappear after a few hours.All said, I’d say, if you’ve had a problem finding the right blusher, this one may work for you. It’s affordable, so give it a try. I know that since its arrived here, it’s been my, go-to-blush, which says a lot.

Ingrid Conway Springs, KS

Love Love Love!!!

I am using my husbands account. This is by far my favorite blush. It is a beautiful peachy color. It is very pigmented! Goes on so smooth and flawless. I am a makeup junkie which means I have a lot of different brands of makeup!! I would recommend this blush to anyone!!! The Balm is one of my favorite brands!!! This can also be used as eye shadow which I have not done but I am sure it would be pretty like that to. Do hesitate on buying this just do it….you won’t regret it!

Vera Woodhaven, NY