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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner, Black

Lining and defining eyes has never been easier! Built with a uniquely thin and tapered felt-tip applicator, Schwing gives you careful control over subtle strokes and bold lines. Create winning looks with this rich, matte-black finish that won’t smudge, flake, or take forever to dry. Cool and compact, Schwing fits wherever you need it. Whether you’re home or away, get ready to bat those eyes and play the field!

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This eyeliner is the BEST I have ever tried. It goes on great and doesn’t smudge plus the color is so dark and rich. Plus the packaging is adorable. I highly recommend this eyeliner and all thebalm products they really are amazing!

Gail Eddyville, IA

Doesn’t Last ):

It’s true, it goes on really well. Dries matte, great brush, but not as long lasting as I’d hoped. I used Make Up Forever’s Aqualiner Pencil in black along with a maybelline liquid liner just to do wings prior to buying this eyeliner and I’m going to go back to that. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from this eyeliner because it doesn’t last me a full day of work. If my hand accidentally touches my eye, the wings from this eyeliner are gone ): Also, intense laughing is not recommended. My eyes might be more slanted than most, but instead of giving you racoon eyes (like normal eyeliner does) it’s more of a puddle on your face sort of look? It’s very weird. I feel like if I was caught in public with raccoon eyes people wouldn’t notice so much but the eyeliner puddles would probably scare a small child. Overall, looks GREAT initially, but not sustainable.

Leslie Boykins, VA


And in love with this matte black eyeliner. Good staying power and just perfect to make the cat eye look. Fine felt tip.

Cecelia Custer, MT

the balm does it right~

The balm has amazing products & this one is no exception!the black is a pure black & the liner that applies is thin and precise. great product! i would absolutely recommend it!

Maura New Ellenton, SC

The best eyeliner

I love this eyeliner…the applicator is so pointy and easy to use..even for me who is still learning how to apply liquid liner…a must have in your makeup collection

Roxie Sun City, KS

Lasts and Very Black

I have super watery eyes, and this lasted on me all day while out shopping. Usually most start smudging after several hours even ones that claim to be waterproof! And it’s very black, and super easy to use!

Rosalinda Stoy, IL

Smears like crazy

The color and ease of use of this product are good, but I swear, 5 hours later I touch it and it smears all over like I just applied it. Very disappointed. Who wants to use this for a winged liner if you accidentally touch your face and it gets everywhere??

Zelda Cadwell, GA

Amazing cat eye liner

This is the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used and I love eyeliner, Ive tried pencils, gels everything and this is the best thus far.

Trina Broken Bow, NE


Great liquid eyeliner. Matte and easy to apply. I suck with the applicator and always make a mess, so I’ll apply it to an angled brush and apply it that way. Sometimes I’ll use the applicator to get closer to my inner eyes so the line is less thin. It’s worth a try if you’re in the market for a new liquid eyeliner

Dixie West Granby, CT