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theBalm Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover

Fortified with vitamins A, C, and E and a blend of plant-derived sterols and lipids, this Eye Makeup Break-Up is a solid eye makeup remover, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Vitamins and lipids work to hydrate and restore elasticity around the delicate eye area while keeping it smooth.

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nice eye make up remover i was suprised

i really enjoyed this makeup remover you just take a dab and rub it on you eyes for a little bit and wipe away with a tissue it doesn’t feel greasy at all, i feel that it improves the skin around my eyes when i use it, the only down side is that liquid makeup removers are much quicker and faster to use cause you only need to dab it on a cotton ball and wipe your eyes this requires more steps so i do save this product for days when i have on heavy eye makeup

Dena Rocky Mount, VA

Really really good stuff.

I love this stuff. This is pure gold. I was looking for a decent eye makeup remover for the longest time, really, and nothing was quite right. I started using other things, like baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, but it was a bit much for my eyes. I use waterproof makeup, and have sensitive and dry skin, so it’s important for me to find the perfect thing to take care of all of that gunk. This is definitely my thing. This is the second time I am purchasing this, and I think I will keep repurchasing this for a very long time. I love it very much, and it does everything it’s supposed to in no time. It’s really awesome.

Vanessa Latham, NY

Mascara, Be Gone!

Balms Away is a gentle, non-alcohol, non-oil solution for taking off eye makeup. It does a thorough job if you take your time – count to 30 while massaging your eyelid gently, then wipe it away. I recommend using a tissue instead of cotton balls or pads. It’s great stuff – the best I’ve found in years of searching.

Dawn Hardy, AR

Eye Makeup Remover – Good & Not So Good

I bought this eye makeup remover based on the great reviews.I have tried every type of remover and various types of mascara and still find it impossible to fully remove the eye makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I find this extremely strange. Does anyone else have this problem?The Balms Away remover is effective — I can get all the mascara off! However, the texture is like Vaseline. I have to wash my eye area to remove the greasy feeling of the Balm. The remover works, but comes with its own detractors.

Marilyn Bomoseen, VT

The best

I am a mascara addict. I use multiple coats of waterproof every day and have had a terrible time finding a remover that actually works. This is by far the best I’ve found!! Works infinitely better than any liquid remover, coconut oil, or Vaseline. It’s very moisturizing and one tin lasts absolute minimum of 6 months, I’d say much closer to 1-2 years though. It leaves a little bit of moisturizing residue though so its best for night time use…this isnt ideal if you’re planning on putting makeup right back on.

Arlene Elsberry, MO

I love this!

Perfect for using before bed. I feel like it moisturizes as well as removes my eye makeup quick and easy.

Fannie Wixom, MI