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theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

This palette has everything you need to take center stage! It features 12 shadows that are sure to top the charts (and rock). All of these shadows can be used wet or dry – so “live and wet/dry”…it’s up to you! The headlining highlighter and blush are sure to set the stage. Sync up your look with “Milly” and “Vanilly”, the two included lip and cheek creams. Balm Jovi is compact and portable, yet it has everything you need to take on tour!

Key features

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Flawless and a great value!

This was the first Balm product I purchased (mainly because of all the puns) and I have to say WOW. What a first impression!There is not a single shadow in here that isn’t beautiful. They’re all so pigmented and go on beautifully. They are slightly powdery, so I’d suggest packing the eyeshadows on and blending from there, but the finish is great. The standout shades for me are Metal-ica, Presto, Lead Zepplin, and Third Eye Blinded. Just like all other shadows out there, these perform much better with an eye primer.The Disco Disco(Mary Lou Manizer) and Don’t You Want Me(Fratboy Blush) powders are also amazing! The highlight is so shimmery and reflects light beautifully and the blush makes my pale skin look so so pretty. The ONLY negative I have for these is the naming. I am ALL FOR renaming these products for the palette so that it fits cohesively in the themes, BUT I wish they had put the original names by the actual product and not just on the back. I feel like 90% of people aren’t going to read the back and it would be helpful to have it in both places.As far as the two lipgloss we go, I love the way they’re packaged. The flap that covers them and magnetically snaps over to protect them is genius! I think the names are adorable (Milly and Vanilly) but I never actually got a chance to try them out; one of the eyeshadows was slightly broken when I received it and the loose shadow fell into my lipgloss.The overall packaging is awesome, I really can’t praise it enough. The names are so funny to me, I love that The Balm always puts in the extra effort for clever names. The heart shaped mirror that comes in the palette is also really cute and is actually a great mirror. The packing is nice and heavy and my makeup feels protected.If I haven’t sold you yet on this palette think about the VALUE of this palette. You get 12 eyeshadows- 4 metallic, 4 matter, 4 shimmers- two powders, and two lip glosses. It would easily be a $50 or $60 palette for just the eyeshadows! It may seem like a lot of money for someone who isn’t makeup obsessed, but realistically, this palette alone provides your eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and lip color all in one. Honestly, you could also use it for eyeliner (Presto and The Stroke work well) and even a contour for lighter skin (I’ve mixed Allegro and Blink 1982 for this). This is almost a FULL FACE OF MAKEUP FOR UNDER $25. THAT’S AN INSANE VALUE.

Nan Spraggs, PA

Quirky rocking palette!

I bought this solely based on how adorable the packaging is. I had heard good things about theBalm, but had never used them before. Happily this is a total score!! (Though fair warning, it then caused me to then go out and purchase even more theBalm products… so if you’re worried about your wallet might want to skip this ‘gateway’ palette!!)It’s large, but stream lined. I took it on vacation with me and it not only traveled well, but gave me enough looks to never get bored.The pigmentation is excellent and the shades are amazing. I especially love the blush and highlighter, gorgeous!This is one of those gem items that will leave you thinking you need both the full sizes and a backup!

Pauline Callaway, VA

Purchased as a gift

I purchased this a a gift for my son’s 12 year old friend and she loved it. She needed some make-up for back to school and being that that’s my thing I looked around and I found this on Amazon. It was perfect. It has the magnetic closure and the colors seem to have decent pigment. The amounts of the colors are great as well. Not to much because when spring comes, she will want something else. The Face Palette is very portable because its slim and can fit into a handbag or backpack easily and the names of the colors are fabulous. The thing is great, I think for ages 12 to 112.

Deanne Mount Croghan, SC


This is truly the perfect makeup palette. It’s small, portable, and contains everything I’d need other than foundation!The eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful. The silver shimmer shade, Metal-ica, is the only one that is a little much for everyday wear, but the rest of the shades are usable for work or for a night out. They blend out absolutely perfectly with a good blending brush (I use Bdellium brushes), and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks.The Mary Lou-Manizer highlight color is gorgeous. I have tan, East Indian skin and it doesn’t look crazy or overdone even on my complexion. The Frat-Boy blush is extremely pigmented – i have to go easy on loading my brush with it so that I don’t look like a porcelain doll with circular rosy cheeks. The lip glosses don’t glide on my lips, which tend to be on the dry side, so I moisturize my lips and THEN apply the glosses/lipsticks.

Sarah Tualatin, OR

Creamy shadows PLUS so much more in a compact case.

This is my first time using a product from theBalm. I saw this product reviewed by a beauty blogger on YouTube and was intrigued enough to try it myself. What a GREAT kit! The eye shadows are deliciously creamy to the touch and include a nice variety of matte, shimmer and high sparkle shades. The variety in color palette is not as great, but that’s okay, because what is there is most of what I wear, so it fits my needs.The fun factor is through the roof on this little palette. Eight of the 12 shadows have punny names based on rock bands: Metal-ica (sparkly silver), Iron Maid-in (sparkly gold), Lead Zeppelin (sparkly lead gray), Alice Copper (sparkly copper/purple), Blink 1982 (shimmery beige), The Stroke (shimmery midnight blue), rem (shimmery orchid) and Third Eye Blinded (shimmery pale pink). The other 4 shades are named after musical tempos: Adagio (matte pale beige), Allegro (matte cafe au lait), Moderato (matte deep purple) and Presto (matte dark color that appears brown).There is also a blush (a pale peachy pink) and a highlighter (SUPER luminous beigey gold) and two lip colors that can also double as cheek colors (a cherry red and an almost nude pale pink). The kit also includes a heart-shaped mirror.I have seen a lot of bulky makeup palettes, but this one is super compact and I could definitely see travelling with it. The palette is magnetized at top and bottom so it securely closes and even has an outer sleeve you could use if you were travelling, to make sure everything stays put in transit. Really impressive packaging here!I have sensitive skin and most shadows (beyond the Almay hypoallergenic line) bother me. I haven’t had a significant amount of trouble with these shadows burning or itching my eyelids. I do have some minor itching with the super sparkly shades, probably because the particles are larger, but it isn’t enough to be a major issue and only bothers me when I wear the shadow for a long period.For the fragrance sensitive (as I am), I noticed no scent at all with the shadows. The lip products, however, ARE scented; they smell sort of like a bubblegummy lip balm or gloss. Really only noticeable if I put my nose right up to it.I recommend this palette especially for people who like to wear a bold eye and don’t mind shimmery/sparkly shadow.

Sarah Mapleville, RI


I got this for my mom because she is a huge bon jovi fan! She loved it so i had to get one for myself and i do not regret it one bit

Chelsey Tippo, MS

A WONDERFUL palette!

I must say that I LOVE this palette.Packaging:-The packaging is sleek and thin. It is magnetic and I particularly love the fact that the lip/cheek cream colors and separated by a different magnetic section- that way you don’t get any powder products on your creme products!Colors:-The colors are all very pigmented and beautiful. I particularly like that they give you possible combinations on the bottom. I like that there is a variety of colors and finishes. It makes it very easy to create different eye looks. The creme lip/cheek colors are not as pigmented and I’d like, but I like wearing them on my lips for a sheer color. I also wear them on my cheeks and top them with a powder blush for a nice color.Quality:-These eyeshadows (and the blush and highlighter) are really high quality. They are velvety and smooth and very little product goes a long way.Overall, this is a great palette and so much fun! The color names are awesome and this would make a great gift!

Esther Somerville, IN

So much love for this amazingly thin palette

theBalm never ceases to amaze me. It’s one of those brands that doesn’t get enough credit in terms of quality. I mean, it’s half the price of UD/Tarte and I would argue that some of these eyeshadows easily rival the quality of the “major brands” in terms of buttery softness and pigmentation.They really shy away from unnecessary bulk (coughcough Book of Shadows UrbanDecay) I mean this palette is just thick and big enough to contain the colors and not much more so it’s amazingly portable.The eyeshadows are great and can create all sort of looks. If you’re traveling, you really can get away with bringing this + foundation + bronzer (bahama mama!!)+primer (because really….I cannot live without primer!) and be done with it. I think the nudey pink lip color is just PERFECT. It’s my MLBB :DThe blush is veryveryvery similar to FratBoy though…so keep that in mind. If you’re thinking about getting this palette and don’t have FratBoy…don’t bother getting fratboy, just get this.Also…be really careful with the blush as it is INSANELY pigmented…I mean…I very lightly dip my brush into this otherwise I risk having some serious pink.I don’t love the luminizer as much as I love my HG: Mary Lou-manizer but it’s not bad.If you can find this for under twenty-five as it is right now on amazon, you should jump. No regrets about this purchase.

Corinne Turkey City, PA


This is an amazing, fun, creative palette! The pigment is out of this world, the shadows are buttery smooth, the blush and highlighter are incredible and the cream products are protected from fall out! I use this palette a lot and definitely recommend it!

Olga Lejunior, KY

love it

Great packaging, very cute and followed theme all the way thru. Good eyeshadow colors and very pigmented. Having a good time trying all the color combinations.

Margie High Ridge, MO


I uploaded swatches and pics.I love it, extremely pigmented, good variety. you can go dramatic and neutral. all the middle shadows are matte so you can tone down the shimmer if you want. i love it, its so beautiful. the blush is great for any skin type and luminizer can be blended to being a very subtle highlighter. its amazing quality, good size eyeshadows/blush.worth the money, id recommend it to anyone.

Meghan Heflin, LA

great palette

this is an amazing palette,the colors are creamy and highly pigmented,the blush/lipstick are kept separate b/c the packaging is great and to top it off the colour names are outstanding

Latonya Friant, CA


I have finally gotten the chance to use this, and today is the first day. It’s a lovely palette. I have used it for my eyes, cheeks, and highlighter. This will definitely become a favorite!

Rena Mcdonough, GA

Awesome colors!

This product has great color payoff, and the tones of the colors would match many skin tones. The only downside to this product is that there is no contour color. If you don’t use that though, this palette would be a perfect face palette for you! I bought this originally for when I’m travelling the world, but I use it when I’m stationary too. I just might buy a second one when I run out! 🙂

Leticia Wendell Depot, MA

Great Product

I’ve yet to have a dud from theBalm. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend. The blush and highlight are beautiful. So, far I haven’t experimented too much with the lip product, but from what I have used of it I liked it. I think it might be a better cheek tint though as it’s second usage.

Jeannette Kell, IL

Great palate. Especially for price

I love this brand. I want EVERYTHING in this brand! I have just started using the balm products a couple of months ago. The prices are good and the products are amazing. Everything is so pigmented. High quality products and very beautiful application. This would be a great product to try out what this brand has to offer. My favorite product from them has been mary loumanizer. That highlighter is amazing. I’m a makeup collector and would say this brand is a MUST in my collection.

Carissa Pluckemin, NJ

Love the Colors

Great palette for the money. It has some interesting colors although I do wish it had more matte colors. For some reason, cosmetics companies are wanting to put too much shimmer in shadows for me and when you’re over 50, the shimmer wants to emphasize the lines and crease. Make sure you use an eye primer with these shadows if you have lines. I use Urban Decay’s original eye primer.

Virginia Alto, NM

Great quality pallette!

Love this palette! Shades are all buttery smooth, and it includes some really unique colors; I’ve particularly enjoyed the shade rem, as I don’t think I have anything in my collection that is even remotely similar. I also love the blush (frat boy) and highlight (mary lou), that come with it. The lip shades are decent; pretty, but not anything special. I do love that the lip shades have a separate cover to keep them eyeshadow free! Nice touch. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product, and it makes me want to try more from The Balm! I would gladly repurchase right away if lost

Trudy Hamersville, OH


This palette came very quickly and in perfect conditions. The shadows are buttery smooth and very easy to work with. I think the quality is just wonderful and I am very glad I bought this!

Emilie Lebanon, OK

GREAT pallete!

I love this so much! The colors are great. The pigmentation is on point and the texture is so creamy! Plus the packaging is amazing! I love this so much 🙂 BUY THIS! Don’t pass it up!

Kathrine Elwin, IL

What’s not to love?

First of all, The Balm makes some of the most pigmented cosmetics I’ve ever used. The colors in this palette are diverse, yet all very wearable. I travel a lot for work, and this saves me from having to pack multiple things. It’s all there, but for foundation, bronzer, and mascara. 🙂 Plus, the names are super fun, as is the packaging. They went through the trouble of adding a separate flap over the lip products, so that no powder from the eye and cheek products migrate in there. Wonderful design! Slim and very portable. Even has a little mirror, if you are really in a pinch.

Sierra Roosevelt Roads, PR

2 thumbs up

This is amazing, it comes with 12 shadows, some matte, some shimmer, and some satin. With pops of color, that are very wearable. It also comes with a little Mary Lou manizer, a blush, and 2 lip products that can be used as cheek stains. I love the mirror, it’s in the shape of a heart. Overall this is just an amazing deal, for the amount of product you are getting!!

Denice Sunset, ME