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theBalm Bahama Mama

Finally, a Caribbean getaway in a compact! This matte bronzer creates the look of beautifully tanned skin without any orange undertones for a fresh-off-the-beach glow. Bahama Mama also doubles as the perfect contour powder and matte brown eyeshadow. Yes, this tropical beauty keeps busy!

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Great quality!

I love this. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a truly matte bronzer. Most have at least a tiny bit of shimmer which I hate. They don’t look natural or beautiful on light skin. A lot of makeup artists say that a shimmery bronzer is great on people with deep skin tones. My skin tone is light-medium. The Balm seemed like a good one to try based on some YouTube reviews I watched. I am absolutely pleased with it. It’s 100% matte, has a soft and creamy natural texture. It is a powder but it really melts into my liquid and cream foundations beautifully. It has good pigmentation, and a little bit of product goes a long way. This makes it easier to work with since you don’t have to keep layering it. I find that products that aren’t pigmented enough require a lot of layering which makes the product look caked on. It is VERY easy to blend. I love the shade most of all. It isn’t too warm or cool. It isn’t ashy. It’s the perfect color for warming up your face. I use it in the hallow of my cheek, my temple, jawline, and hairline. Will continue to try out more products from The Balm. I also love the Hot Mama blush!

Sylvia Visalia, CA

Doesn’t Blend

Well, I got this based off a blog I found on Pinterest and was thoroughly unimpressed. I guess I’m used to bronzers that actually can blend with your brush. Once this gets on my face, it just sits there and is I think thE most difficult product I’ve ever encountered to blend. I’ve tried using more primer, more moisturizer, less… I dunno.It also is VERY dark. To me, this seems like a giant eyeshadow and nothing like a bronzer. There is no sparkle in it, which I like, but it just doesn’t work for me. If you have dry skin, this might not be the best for you. I think I’m going back to Laura Mercier’s creamy bronzing palette. Her products are awesome and I guess I shouldn’t veer.

Melba Syracuse, MO

Not what I expected…

I purchased this item because I have read multiple reviews supporting the product and that many people where such big fans. I must say that I was so excited to use it the first time, however, I was not as impressed with the results as I had built myself up to be. It is true that the color is not orange at all. Perhaps I just don’t find bronzer to be that complimentary with my fair skin tone. This product may work better for women with a different skin color than mine, but I certainly don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Alberta Kyle, TX

Not according to expectation based on other people’s reviews.

I ran out of my minerals bronzer from Avon and thought I’d try this one in view of several reviews as being "the best bronzer ever"?? Not by me! It is way too dull and milk-chocolaty-brown for me. I like mine with a little fresher, slightly rouge effect. The compact is cute, but it cannot replace a light, loose powder bronzer that gives you a fresh suntanned look. In addition, it is too expensive for a little compact like that, plus… having to supply your own brush to apply it.

Roberta Franklin, AR

Gives me a really natural healthy glow with NO shimmer.. YEAH

I really like this bronzer. It doesn’t have any shimmer and is fairly dark but what I do is take a big powder brush and lightly brush this all over my face and it looks like I have a dark nice tan. Then I contour and even put a little shimmer bronzer on my cheeks, This is just good for an all over light brush of a tan. If you have darker skin this would be a great contour or all over bronzer but I have med. skin and it gives the most natural light tan look. I don’t tan my face to I can use this to make it match my darker skin.. love it!sometimes it does look muddy but I always use a little shimmer bronzer on my cheeks and you can’t tell afterwards and it does look like I have a tan face from the sun.

Rocio Vidalia, LA

Great for contouring for even fair-skinned gals

I bought this after watching MaskCara’s HAC (highlighting and contouring) tutorials. In them, she has you use this powder to re-shape your nose so as to thin it out. I’m still working on my technique, but this is a great bronzer for contouring since it doesn’t have any sparkle or shine to it.It’s a flat, matte bronzer that adds nice color, and it’s not orange at all. It’s easy to apply, and adds some nice warmth to my skin, even though I’m very pale.I highly recommend this — and also checking MaskCara’s blog/website for techniques on how to use this. 🙂

Kelsey Clarksville, AR

Dark and matte

This is a dark and matte bronzer. The first time I used it, I overdid it. NOw I just dab and lightly brush. It’s a great contouring color, though, and looks great when paired with a blush and highlighter. I use theBalm highlighter as well (the MaryLouManizer).

Yvette Port Republic, VA

A multi-tasking bronzer…

A more ‘matte’ bronzer, that you can use for contouring too. I like to use this on the crease of my eye when I want a more ‘natural’ look. Using a smaller face brush, just dust the tip over this bronzer and apply to cheekbone area into hairline. Use with blush or highlighter, and blend. When making-up a strong eye (ie. smokey eye makeup), this could be used on the cheekbones alone without blusher.Bottom line: this could be part of a basic makeup kit, and it compliments many skin tones.

Concepcion Irving, NY

Perfect color for contouring (ashy-brown/no orange)

Perfect color for contouring (ashy-brown/no orange). Purchased based on a recommendation and I’m not disappointed! Compact seems small, but the powder is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Also a beautiful eyeshadow for that "no make-up" look. Very pleased.

Winnie Eubank, KY

It works great for this purpose – the color is sort of …

I bought this product for shading and contouring. It works great for this purpose – the color is sort of on the taupe side – so it is perfect for shading.

Elvira Bowman, ND

Best bronzer ever!

This bronzer goes on SO evenly and SO smoothly! It gives my face a healthy looking glow without looking cakey or fake. I now wear bronzer everyday because of this 🙂

Octavia Garrett, WY

TheBalm is the BOMB!!! Love this bronzer so much!!!

The perfect all around bronzer. Couldn’t be happier. The price is great and the quality is amazing! Loving TheBalm’s products!

Fannie Paradise, CA

One of the best bronzers!

I LOVE this bronzer!! It is SO pigmented you only have to use very little!! Such a great buy, it’s definitely worth the money!

Nona Scotch Plains, NJ

Best contour Ever

Ive went through many of these in my days…lol This is THEE best neutral contour EVER. Use it on cool, warm. mean nice….EVERY client in the world…lol

Trina Marshall, OK

Great for contouring!

It looks dark in the package but don’t be afraid. I have light olive skin (meaning I can tan easily but typically don’t) and I use this for general contouring. It blends really well in case you’ve made yourself look like a drag queen (No offense ladies!) It’s a bit too dark in my opinion to be used as a bronzer if you have lighter skin.

Aida O Kean, AR

It’s okay

I was kind of disappointed. I like it, but it’s not the finish that I thought I would get. Rather then bronze, if your not careful, this can quickly turn into a muddy mess. A little sad considering the brand and the price but oh well. I can still use it, but VERY sparingly, mostly as a transition shade for eyeshadow or a slight contour under my lip to give it a pout….all over my face…nope. Just to note, I’m medium-medium tan.

Ellen Genesee Depot, WI

Great for contouring

This bronzer isn’t full of glitter and shimmer, which makes it great for contouring. The color is perfect for my medium skin tone, and it has great staying power.

Cleo Glenolden, PA

Natural, long lasting, easy application – best bronzer I have tried. Love, love.

After trying other bronzers from every known cosmetic company, I have finally found THE one. I wanted a bronzer without glimmer, this is it. I wanted a bronzer that would look natural, this is it. I wanted a bronzer that would stay on all day, this is it. I wanted a natural color, this is it. I wanted a small case for traveling, this is it. Done and done, this us a must have for my cosmetic bag.

Ashleigh Salina, UT

Perfect for Contouring

I was really worried that it would look dirty on me, because another reviewer mentioned this, but it’s the perfect shade for contouring for me. I went to several cosmetic counters getting recommendations, including MAC, and they all sold me shades that were much too red/pink/orange for contouring and I came out looking like a did a bad self-tan job on my face.

Elizabeth Saint Stephens, WY

Great for contouring

This is amazing for contouring. It doesn’t look muddy on your face, no matter your color or complexion. It’s really good.It’s a bit dark for anything else, though.

Millicent Roseland, LA

Matt bronzer. Great for contouring. Jam packed

One of the best bronzers I have ever purchase. It does not give you a "glow" however, it does give you natural, buildable finish. After purchasing all the high end brands, this is by far the best. One the days that I crave a little glow I combine in with Kevin Aucoin Celestial nights.If you are hesitant, don’t be. This is a great seller, and an amazing product

Katrina Cicero, NY

This is incredibly dark

I was looking for a replacement for my Hula bronzer by benefit but more cost effective. The packaging is very cute and I even like the packaging better than my Hula. The Color however is a dark brown, I am a light tan girl and this is very dark. The powder also loosens up quite easily so I find it hard to put a light amount on my brush ( since its too dark I figured a little was good…no such luck). It says for a sun kissed look I’d say charred perhaps. I am not one to negatively review often but I really was disappointed.

Becky Parish, NY

Matte bronzer for contouring

This bronzer is the best I’ve tried for contouring. It’s hard to find a truly matte bronzer, but this doesn’t have an ounce of sparkle. You don’t need to use a lot to add a natural, dramatic effect to your makeup. You can apply it under your cheekbones to add definition to your face. I have very pale skin, so I blend it in to look more natural. I recommend using a high quality brush to apply the bronzer.

Jade Crockett, CA

Better for Darker skin; Light girls use sparingly

I got this to contour. It was recommended by Cara. I have light to medium skin tone – the darkest light tone or the lightest medium tone. This is a little too dark for me (or at least for my winter skin), but I keep working with it to get it right. I used a better brush yesterday than the first one I tried with and that helped apply a smaller amount of the product. I LOVE that it isn’t orange and doesn’t sparkle. I think reviews that state that this has a gray color to it are overselling it. It is a brown – just a cooler brown than most bronzers. I would love to try Hoola but it is double the price of this product. I tried to HAC my nose with Bahama Mama and did not like the color for that. I think I need a more taupe shadowy color for that.

Kayla Moravia, NY

Good bronzer

It is a little size bronzed but for the price it is good. It came in good condition. The color is good. I use it frequently. I will buy again.

Kaye Hardeeville, SC

Lasting power!

I’m very light-skinned, and this is a solid bronzer that doesn’t make me look orangey or fake. I could see this lasting years for me–the color is very, very concentrated and I only need a little bit to get a glow. The tan lasts all day, and I really have nothing bad at all to say about the product! Cute, sturdy packaging too. My only complaint, and this might be from using the wrong brush, is that for me, there is a very, very fine line between looking healthy bronze and looking like I slathered mud on my face. I’m slowly perfecting this "line" but with other products I’ve used, particularly the bronzer from Bare Minerals, I’ve never had that issue. But, that’s more of a user-flaw and not an inherent flaw with the product itself. I recommend this to anyone, especially someone who doesn’t want to keep buying new bronzers every month. This will last a long time!

Ursula Stanley, KY


Perfect for shading. I’m fairly pale, but I use this for my most extreme shadows (cheekbones, nose, under jaw) and it’s amazing.

Jamie Firth, ID


This bronzer is perfect for warm, medium to tan skin tones!! It’s not orange or doesn’t make you look muddy (as long as you don’t go crazy with it) and most importantly it’s matte, which is awesome because it looks natural. This also works really great if you’ve applied foundation that’s a little too light for you. Just sweep this over your face with a big powder brush, and it’ll fix it right away!

Deidre Knott, TX


I LOVE THIS BRONZER. I have fair skin and this is great for Contouring and Highlighting. Appreciate the referral for this product on

Hattie Perth, ND

Good stuff

I’m fairly white, this is perfect for contouring . I was hesitant on ordering because it looks so damn dark but it blends nice.

Lucy Newbury Park, CA