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The Wizard of Ohh Ahhz Retuns 6 Pieces / China Glaze / Nail Polish / Laquer / Enamel

China Glaze nail polish 0.5oz

Key features

  • Included: Ruby Pumps, Cowardly Lyin’, The Ten Man, Dorothy Who?, C-C-C-Courage and Good Witch?
  • 6 Bottles

Honest reviews


Love these

Received these very quickly. I have tried every one of these colors once I received them and love them all.

Erika Lakefield, MN

good polish

The polish is pretty but also shear. Only two of the polishes have a darker color. I think they should have had a green polish for this collection.

Leah Arlington, IA


I love China Glaze nail polish. The sets on Amazon are particularly my favorite because you will pay a good $7 per bottle retail in a salon. This is such a cute set. It came as described and delivered quickly.

Hazel Barnesville, MN

China Glaze – Love ’em all!

I too have switched over from the other big brands and wear only China Glaze. It lasts longer than any polish I have found, especially with their “Fast Forward” top coat. The glitter does make it more difficult to remove for sure, but the compliments I get when I wear it (especially Ruby Pumps) definately make it worth the extra effort it takes.

Rosanne Aibonito, PR


I’m a huge huge fan of China Glaze nail polish! They’re long lasting, they dry fast and you don’t need more than two coats to get the true color you see in the bottle.The Wizard of Ohh Ahhz collection was something I was looking forward to since I’m a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. All the colors have glitter in it which makes for a great effect but a bit of a challenge to remove.My only complaint with this collection was that they told me they didn’t include a green color (perhaps “Emerald Sparkle”?) because this was released too closely after the holiday collection which included “Emerald Sparkle”. But wasn’t “Ruby Pumps” in the holiday collection as well? And come on, what’s The Wizard of Oz with no Wicked Witch?!

Joann Noel, MO