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The Wet Brush Standard & Squirt Combo

At first glance, The Wet Brush looks like an ordinary hair brush, but with just one use, women, men and children will learn why it’s the world’s best detangling brush. Used on wet or dry hair, The Wet Brush quickly and painlessly detangles even the thickest, most stubborn hair thanks to its revolutionary bristles. Specially formulated, The Wet Brush’s intelliflex bristle is designed to be ultra thin and flexible, yet still have rapid recovery memory to instantly bounce back to its original form. In addition, the ball tip bristles provide a massaging action that stimulates circulation at the follicle and is a proven benefit for hair health. With a rubber coated non slip handle that feels great wet or dry, The Wet Brush is a favorite among women, men and children of all ages and can even be used on extensions and wigs. Perfect for use in the shower, after a shower, at a salon, on a beach or on children who cringe at the sight of a hair brush, The Wet Brush allows anybody to have beautiful, soft, healthy and tangle-free locks. Available in a variety of colors, there’s a wet brush for everyone in the family, which is great because it’s the brush everyone fights over. Thanks to The Wet Brush, detangling the toughest knot has never been so effortless.

Key features

  • NO Tears! NO Snags! NO Clumps! NO Tangles!
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Thick, Thin, Curly, Fine, Natural, Color Treated, Damaged, Wet or Dry Hair
  • Ouchless detangler & massager Soft, flexible bristles detangle hair with ease!
  • Non-Stick Grip
  • Can be used on Adults and kids alike

Honest reviews


One of my all time favorite brushes

This is not my first purchase of the wet brush and it won’t be the last. These brushes really are infinitely better for your hair than regular prong brushes. The small size is perfect for my 4 year old. She has curly hair and my husband is convinced that the brush uses witchcraft because it makes life so much easier on all of us, ha. Get one!

Deann Effingham, KS

The large brush works great…

It goes thru wet tangled hair easily and gently. But the little brush was useless I threw it out. My hair isn’t even thick and the bristles just glided over my hair wet or dry!

Latasha Womelsdorf, PA


BEST BRUSH EVER!!!!!!!!!!This brush Is amazing, I’ve boughten soooooo many brushes that end up ripping, this glides through my hair,, I’m deff buying more as gifts, wow is all I can say

Fannie North Hills, CA


I returned these because like other reviewers, mine came stinking of burned plastic/petroleum products. It’s a smell that has you paranoid about cancer and other diseases – I feel terrible for the factory workers who have to make these! I even let it sit on the patio table in the sun for a day to see if it would off-gas and get better. If anything the warm sun made it stink more. It also didn’t seem to be any better or gentler than the big cushion brush I’ve been using for years, so luckily Amazon has a good return policy for such things.

Lydia Emerson, NJ

it really gets through any knot or tangle!

This brush was used on my at my hair salon, and I bought one immediately. The girls in my family have very fine hair that tangles just from sitting there. Especially the hair at the nape of the neck if you’re wearing any kind of hood or collar. This brush gets through wet or dry hair amazingly. I gave one as a gift and she said "This is a miracle! I don’t know how I lived without this!"

Jeanie Salvisa, KY


I like this brush,but the bristles are WAY TOO FLIMSY! It works okay, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering if you have VERY thick curly hair, like I do.When I use the bigger wet brush, it just brushes the top of the section.Not the whole thing. The smaller one works better though.:)

Wilda Ekwok, AK


It really IS as good as Rachel Whitehurst says it is. ;)I was skeptical because…it’s a hairbrush. But it’s the only brush I use now because it just works so well for me.

Kathi Somis, CA

Awesome brushes for long and thick hair (wet or dry)

I was noticing my brush would break my hair so I would have short little hairs sticking out by my part. I was a bit reluctant to buy these because I didn’t see how they were any different from a normal brush but I bought them based on the other reviews. They came very quickly and right away was able to see that the bristles are thin and very flexible (making them different from my previous brushes). This brush glides through my long and thick hair (wet or dry) so easily, it’s quite amazing! I love the mini brush too, it’s small enough that I can just throw it into my purse and carry it with me and it still works like regular sized one. Definitely a great buy!

Tricia De Ruyter, NY

I love it

This is the best brush I have EVER owned.My 5 year old is very tender headed and her hair knots easily.Well, I got the wetbrush and there have been NOMORE TEARS.I love this product. It was worth every penny. I also like that they send two different sizes, as one fits in my purse nicely.

Darla Harrisville, MS

great brush for kids and adults

It’s great for getting knots out. I keep the smaller one in my purse for the kids. The only thing I didn’t super love is it’s harder to clean out, but no biggie.

Diana Barboursville, WV

Love these brushes

Keep the small one in my purse for windy days outside. The larger brush works as expected. Love it. Would recommend for detangling and hair maintenance.

Odessa Belle Fourche, SD

Best Brush

I have very thick and curly hair, and this brush is the only brush I can use with out crying as I try to detangle my hair. It works well with my hair, wet or dry, and I know many people who use this on their kids and love it as well.

Thelma Pittsburg, KY


I now own 3. One for me, one for my daughter, and one for the swim bag. This is the only brush I will ever use.

Mercedes Lewis, IA

Great brush.

This is the best brush I’ve ever used. My hair looks better after using this, other brushes made my hair look and feel worse. Highly recommended!

Mable Pine Grove, LA

so cute

This comes with a bigger brush and a smaller one, and the smaller one is so cute, and I share with my boyfriend.

Doretha Gruetli Laager, TN