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The Wet Brush Pro Select – Blue

Forget about yanking your brush through stubborn knots, you don’t have to when you’re using a brush from the Wet Brush pro select collection. With extremely soft bristles that flex around tangles and gently massage your scalp, these brushes are a must-have for people who know what it’s like to engage in epic hair battles in front of the mirror. Don’t risk breakage, split ends or hair loss; use one of these silver or purple brushes.

Key features

  • Super soft intelliflexTM bristles
  • Detangle hair with ease
  • Works great on wet or dry hair
  • Perfect for men, women and kids
  • For thick, curly or straight hair

Honest reviews


My Favorite Brush EVER

I LOVE this brush and bought one for my mom too. We both have very long, very thick, and unruly hair. This brush is a miracle worker on hair that is wet or dry. It feels great on the scalp and is the only brush I use. Period. My hairdresser noticed my hair was less damaged once I switched and I notice a considerable difference with fewer split ends

Bethany Herman, NE

mixed girl’s dream brush

this works wonders!! im not sure if i ordered the right one my hair is (mixed) so its thick and curly and i can glide through my hair with this brush and i have almost no hair in the brush when im done! score!!

Dona Mc Cool Junction, NE


I thought the regular Wet Brush was a Godsend, until I tried this one. Detangled my 3b/c curls in moments!! I bought this brush to replace my last one, and I feel like buying this brush in bulk, so that I will NEVER be without it. Love!!

Edwina Waddington, NY

The Wet Brush

The colors of the Wet Brush are really cool, I like how it feels on my hair, it is a really good product

Tonia Bee Branch, AR

Awesome brush

so yes I am one of those girls that brush there hair when its wet with a regular brush.. and I’m sure there was plenty of breakage… I have been finding my hair sheds more than normal so I bought this brush in hopes to minimize it as much as I could.. I love this brush it doesn’t pull on your hair.. its very gentle… I cant believe I waited this long to buy one… Purchase it if you have tangles from hell… because this will help 🙂

Arlene Kenly, NC

My daughter and I love it

I bought this brush because my 5 year old complained every time I brushed her hair. She is very tender headed, and has lots of lock curls. Once receiving this brush there have been no more tears.This is the best brush I have EVER owned.It works, and is true to the reviews.

Cortney Fort Thomas, KY

The Perfect Tool for Wet Hair!

I frequently brush through my heat protectant before using my styling tools, and this is a comb in brush form! Perfect for all hair types (I have fine but THICK hair), and doesn’t frizz wet hair, despite what you’d think! I went out and immediately bought a few more because I wanted other colors. Worth tracking it down and spending the $$ on this brush over another.Doesn’t work as well on dry hair (adds a bit of frizz to dry hair WARNING), but great in a pinch!

Diann Reno, PA