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The Wet Brush, Happy Hair/Daisy

Best detangling brush ever in Happy Hair Daisy color. The Wet Brush works great on wet or dry hair. IntelliFlex bristles bounce back to original form after each stroke, eliminating hair breakage and pain that used to be associated with brushing hair.

Key features

  • No tugging, pulling or ripping of hair
  • Will not cause split ends or hair loss
  • Works great on men, women and kids
  • SofTips on the very top of the bristles massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle
  • Firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp

Honest reviews


Wet Brush better for Dry Hair.

I was excited to get a brush to use on my daughter’s fine but incredibly thick hair. It is a pain to brush her hair and even worse if I ask her to do it herself. We had a different brush for a while but it was falling apart.When this one came, we were excited how well it worked on dry hair. No fuss, no problems and it left her hair very shiny. However, when we used it on wet hair, it wasn’t as perfect. We both (with the same type of hair) found it difficult to get through wet hair. It probably takes 3 times as long to brush all of the tangles out after showering.It isn’t that it DOESN’T work, it just doesn’t make the work any easier.

Ruthie Tolna, ND

Grandaughter’s Hair

My grandaughter has naturally curly hair that gets so tnagled and it is a chore for her to have her hair brushed. This brush helps.

Jane Maplecrest, NY

The Wet Brush Happy Hair Daisy

This is the best brush I have purchased for my daughter’s fine, straight, red hair that tangles easily. With all other brushes we have tried, she has cried despite being gentle starting from the bottom (ends) moving up toward the roots. This brush is awesome, and she is brushing her own hair now too without any issues (she’s four). This brush is great for fine hair that tangles easily.

Katina Cabot, VT

One word: static

This brush is ONLY good for wet hair. When I used it on my slightly damp hair the static and hair flew up! Going in the Goodwill box

Elisha Inverness, MT


For any parent who has a child with hair that tangles easily and deals with complaints/crying surrounding hair brushing, this is the brush for you. I wasted my money on many other detangling brushes that didn’t work well. My husband used this brush the first night we had it and said, "this brush is a miracle, I brushed her hair in 2 minutes, it normally takes me 10". Men don’t typically comment about beauty products (especially not mine). No more complaints or tears in my house. I bought an extra, just in case one gets lost. BEST BRUSH EVER.

Janine Mountain Lakes, NJ


Purchased 2 of these brushed because my 6year olds hair is past her tushie and its a daily ordeal brushing her hair every morning. I just spray detangler in her hair and it goes through like butter. The only drawback is the bristles are stiff and I hurt her ears when brushing. I now just have her cup her hands over her ears before we get started and were drama free. This brush is amazing all the way around!!!! Would buy another one in a hot minute!!!!

Alissa La Salle, MN

Good for tangle hair.

Whether wet or dry, this brush is great for detanglling hair painlessly. I use it instead of conditioner many times, after a shower.

Claudine Wayside, MS

Detangling brush – My kids are not complaining anymore!

My two girls with medium to long hair had always complaint of brushing their hair. This brush has solved many of our problems! My kids do not complaint as much. I use it on a regular basis. In my house we have replaced regular brushes with these ones. And as an added bonus, this design is adorable!

Bonita Elk Creek, MO


In reference to the other reviewer (for the Paisley version) who said hers had a strong smell…YES, it can.I ordered 3 of these at the same time, received them all at the same time, and ONE of them has a REALLY strong smell. I can see where it would be headache inducing. The other 2 you can barely smell at all. You have to bury your nose in the bristles to pick up even a hint of chemical/plastic(?). I do not agree with the “comment” posted to her review that says it hasn’t had time to ‘air out’ from the manufacturer. The cover has a VERY large oval over the bristles, so a consumer can ‘feel’ the bristles, and the brush is not in an airtight or sealed plastic pack. It sits on cardboard with a staple holding the plastic covering on. So there is a TON of space around/in the pack for air movement, or to air out. I think it’s just something in the manufacturing. I will still keep the ‘smelly’ brush, as I love these brushes and have been using them for years. Back when you could only buy them at salons. (This one with the “Daisey” is the strongest smelling one for me. The other two are the stars and the paisley one). I don’t ever remember getting one with a strong smell before…hmmm.It truly detangles the worst wet hair. We also use the to simply brush our dry hair. I DO find that after a few months SOME of the bristles are pushed down into the black brush ‘bed’. (Maybe we brush too hard?) You can simply pull those bristles back up by their little rounded balls on the tips. But that becomes a pain in the a** after a while. So it’s worth it to me to just buy another.

Jana Many Farms, AZ