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The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush, Colors Vary

Eliminate tangles quickly and painlessly. This brush comb can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for all hair types. Color May Vary

Key features

  • Salon Professional hair care product
  • 100% Genuine
  • One brush in random color

Honest reviews


Makes combing my daughter’s hair a nice experience!!

My 6 year old daughter has hair to her waist. Combing wet hair has been a horrible and painful experience, until we were told about this brush by our hair stylist. It is AMAZING. I am able to comb thru her wet hair, even when it looks like a tangled mess! It is painless and quick! I cannot say enough about this! I bought it from a salon for $20 and would do it again…so this price is awesome!

Liliana Inglefield, IN

Works PERFECTLY On My Long Hair ……

I have long hair- its almost to my butt and straight. It tangles very easily and I have to brush my hair before I wash it otherwise I will not be able to get it untangled after I wash it. I used expensive thick conditioners just so that it makes it somewhat easier. but still it would take me at a very long and painful time to finally get my hair smooth.I ordered this and I tried it immediately on my dry hair, that had been brushed earlier, and the brush went thru with ease and the bristles did not get caught and pull my hair hard at all.I then tried it after I washed my hair- without brushing it right before washing it like I normally would- and I had no issues what so ever- it was the fastest and easiest time I have ever had brushing my wet hair, and there was no pain. I was afraid that maybe it wasnt getting everywhere because it just seemed to be working too good, so I took the brush I normally used and brushed it after and it was smooth.Needless to say, I am extremely happy with this brush and I could not be happier.Ohhh I also at the same time bought a detangling comb… and that didnt work- it kept getting stuck in my hair.

Margery West Farmington, ME

Breaks hair

I got this and the tangle teezer at the same time. This brush does not work. My daughter has fine, silky hair and I have medium, wavy hair. It took me forever to get tangles out with a wide tooth comb. I saw someone from the long haired communities review on the tangle teezer so I thought I’d get that and try this (since it was cheaper). The tangle teezer is really amazing. I’m done in 1/2 the time with 3/4 less hair in the brush. Don’t waste your money on this…go for the tangle teezer!!

Christina Laurel Bloomery, TN

Caused Breakage on My 4C Natural Hair

I purchased this product after seeing it suggested by a youtube natural hair vlogger. Firstly, I wish I could have chosen the color of the brush when I purchased this product. I was lucky and received a pretty purple color and think that it’s generally a pretty attractive product. I would have liked any color other than the black because when using a brush, I like to be able to see the amount of hair left in the brush after using it.I have tried this brush in two contexts and really did not like it much in either context. While I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I used this brush to see if it would make detangling faster/easier. While it took less time than going through with a shower comb, I found that I experienced lots of breakage on my relaxed ends. My curls mostly stayed in tact but I wanted to hold onto my relaxed ends as long as possible so that I could extend the length of my transition. After 7 months of transitioning, it was time for me to finally “big chop.” I loved my new cut and decided that this was a good opportunity to try the wet brush again. For context, I have mostly 4c hair. After trying it on one section of my hair, I knew it was time to give up on this brush for good. Though it detangled, I kept hearing that dreaded snapping sound of breakage. Using this brush caused less breakage than when I was transitioning but I can ensure even less breakage by sticking to my good old wide tooth comb and fingers. While this brush might work for other hair types, I would not suggest it for people with my hair type. For those who it does work for, I am totally jealous! 🙂 I’ll have to keep searching for a product that will make detangling more efficient.

Wendi Westerly, RI

I don’t get it…

Why am I one of so few for whom this thing did nothing? I have long, wavy hair–but it is quite fine. This brush just kind of skimmed the surface of it and couldn’t work through the tangles. The bristles are not substantial enough to work through a knot—that’s why, I think, they just skim over it. I don’t understand how this has received so many high reviews: I must have the wrong kind of hair or must have been using it wrong!

Lauri Scipio, UT

Goodbye Detangling Sprays

When I ordered this, I wondered how a hairbrush could get five stars. I will say that I wish I had known about this brush sooner. My daughter is four and she has curly fine hair and every morning wakes up with a birds nest in the back of her head! Also, as the day progresses, so does the tangled mess on the back of her head, even after it has been brushed out. Then, when it’s time to brush, it’s always a fight and takes forever because we have to spray it with detangler, then brush very slowly and delicately to avoid pulling and tears.This hairbrush is so amazing, that my 4 year old daughter asked me to order a box full in case they run out. She loves this brush and has told everyone about her hairbrush that came in the mail that doesn’t hurt.I have to admit, I have been using it too after I get out of the shower. As a test one day, when I was showering, I didn’t condition my hair and when I was shampooing, I intentionally made it a tangled mess just to see what this brush would do. It went right through the tangles, and I have a very sensitive scalp. within minutes, my hair was completely brushed through perfectly.I paid $6.98 for this brush, and honestly would pay $30 or more for it, just because it has been such a lifesaver for my daughter. Now, she doesn’t fight me when it’s time to brush, and it saves so much time. Not to mention, this hair brush is going to pay for itself in the amount of money I save not having to buy detangling sprays (which don’t work nearly as well, btw).As for the quality of the brush, I know some people have complained about it. I think the bristles are ‘cheap’ feeling because of how they have to be made to get this brush to work the way it does. I don’t think it was made intentionally cheap, but I have never seen a hairbrush with bristles like these, and I think that’s how it gets the tangles out. The quality of the brush is actually nice. The brush has a nice rubberized feel to it and the brush feels weighty, not just a light cheap throwaway. I can see this brush lasting for quite some time.For reference, my daughter has shoulder length baby fine, hair with light curls. My hair is very fine, straight, and thick. From the tangled thick mess my hair was in for my experiment, I would definitely say that anybody with ultra thick curly hair would be able to use this also.Also, one more tip: I have noticed, that this brush does work remarkably better on damp or wet hair. We have used it on dry hair, but it does pull on tangles somewhat when it is dry. If you want to use this without having had a shower, just keep a small spray bottle and lightly mist your hair before brushing. It doesn’t have to be soaked, it works really good with just a light spritzing. I have to clarify though, this is for hair that is extremely tangled. It does fine on dry hair that is not tangled much.

Tabatha Ellerslie, GA



Emma Wing, ND


I’ve had two of these brushes for over a year now – one stays in the bathroom so I can detangle my hair as soon as I get out of the shower, and the other stays in my purse. I have hip-length, thick, Asian hair with a slight wave to it, which means that detangling has been a part of my life for as long as I’ve had hair. My hair is full of super coarse strands and thin gossamer strands – these strands typically find magical ways to snarl and knot up with one another, and I’ve had to cut knot out with scissors PLENTY of times.I’ve tried DOZENS of brushes, from the Tangle Teezer (too soft, doesn’t work), to super-expensive Mason-Pearson brushes (not worth the $$$$), to pretty much every brush available at local beauty supply stores. My hair actually BROKE a wooden handled boar bristle brush!The Wet Brush WORKS – it has yet to snag anywhere in my hair, and has taken a lot of abuse. The “soft but not too soft” bristles glide right through my hair, wet or dry, without ever snagging, pulling or breaking hairs. I no longer have to use leave-in cream detanglers or spray-on detanglers. After my shower, it takes me only 1-2 minutes or brushing with the Wet Brush, and my hair is detangled!My only complaint – you don’t get to choose colors when you order. I ordered two and ended up with a black brush (awesome!) and a NEON YELLOW BRUSH (yikes). I actually ordered 2 more just to have extras on hand, and I could care less what colors I get, as long as I don’t have to be without my brush.

Essie Enfield, IL


OK. I have no idea how this works but it WORKS!!I lose 40-50 hair each time I brush after washing it, but with this I lost 10 at most!!!and I dont use a conditioner, so it was always difficult to brush after washing.. Well, until now!!I am going to buy one for my sister, tooNegative: the back of the brush, the plastic part smells really bad!!! like it is some kind of chemical smell..

Christina Shellman, GA

Awful smell!!!! – REVIEW UPDATED

Honestly I don’t know if I got a bad brush but the chemical smell was so strong that I refuse to use this on my daughter’s hair. Even after a week of purchasing this product it stinks…. who knows what kind of chemicals are in the plastic. Not for us!UPDATED ON 05/20/13The company has great customer service. They contacted me and sent a new brush. This one was purple instead of pink. The new brush didn’t smell bad at all and actually works great on my 3 year old old curly hair. The original brush I bought was pink and the horrible smell started to fade now. Thanks for such a good customer service!

Lindsay Carrollton, KY


I am white with problematic thick, curly, coarse hair. Brushing my hair during or after my shower is normally a nightmare, but not with this brush. It feels like it’s not even doing anything it’s so painless, but after I was done, the tangles were gone. HIGHLY recommended if you, like me, dread the after-shower brushing.

Lois Telogia, FL

cheap… it arrived smashed with bristles falling out…

The bristles are thin to begin with, but after being smashed a bit they fell out… doesn’t seem like a quality brush to me. We sent it back. Definitely not worth paying for.

Earlene Fort Totten, ND

Better than tangle teaser

First off, I wish I could have chosen my color of brush. But that being said we LOVE this brush. It is no longer a struggle to brush my daughters hair. We have the tangle teaser and found it to be a really good product until we found The Wet Brush. OMG This is SO much better. She can’t even feel when I catch a snag and her hair is so smooth after. Makes for brushing out those tangles so easy. As for me and brushing when my hair is wet out of the shower, it’s a BREEZE! Thanks Wet Brush for making our mornings tear free!

Clara Harrisville, NY

Really works!

Goes through my hair and my daughters’ so easily wet or dry. There are no more tears while we brush their hair after shower every night. Best detangling tool I have found!

Kenya Happy, KY

Works, but not in way intended

Nice brush, but doesn’t work on my thick curly hair. I can imagine that if you have straight hair that this would be a better brush. The dogs just love the feel as I brush them after their bath. It is a fantastic dog brush and that is why I gave it 4 stars.

Fay Warsaw, IN

smooth brush

great brush really does work I was very skeptical at first but two of my three daughters have curly hair which tends to be very tangled and this really does work now they only let me brush with this one

Dina Pellston, MI

Painful after a few months

It worked great on detangling my daughter’s hair with minimal pain for a few months, and then it started catching and hurting. I am not willing to pay for a new brush every few months, and will be looking for alternatives. It is possible with all the sellers here that counterfeits are sneaking through- buyer beware.

Joann Jeffrey, WV

Miracle brush!

This brush is amazing! I have thick super curly hair and it glides easily through my hair detangling while adding beautiful shine! Also makes it easy for me to brush my 2 yr old daughters hair because it combs out those tangles so easily. Will be purchasing more for stocking stuffers for family and friends!

Kayla Kipnuk, AK


I added this hairbrush to my cart ONLY so I would remember I need to get the girls a new brush. For one reason or another I read the product description before deleting it and I wound up ordering it. Now you are an $8 hair brush in a house of bargain brands so you better show me what’s what! It did.I don’t know what is so special about this thing but my kids say it feels weird. All I know is, the knots are coming out and I can hear them gently separating. It takes some time to get through two heads of thick long hair but when all is said and done their hair is not broken and frizzy. This is truly an excellent product.

Deidre Dresden, NY


I thought, "what could a different hairbrush really accomplish," but I needed a new one, so I bought this…then I finally remembered to use it when my hair was wet (it works fine on dry hair too), and WOW I KNOW LONGER NEED PRODUCT to detangle my hair. My hair is thick, super long and straight. I have been having to use a lot of products to detangle it, all of which keep getting discontinued, but when used on medium-wet hair (like after light towel drying), this works wonders. As other reviewers have said, I think it has something to do with the flexibility of the bristles. My hair stays nice and detangled once it’s dry; it does not become frizzy or tangled again later. This brush is great.

Letha Union City, MI

Much better than regular brash you get at the store

This brush is soft but does the work. My girl has very thin hair that breaks easily and tangles all the time. This made my life (and especially mornings) much easier! Recommend.

Wendi Clayton, IL

My favorite long hair brush

Until very recently I had long, thin, knotty, straight hair. This was my favorite brush, it was very massaging in the scalp and didn’t pull at the tiny tangles like many others. It cleaned easily. The size is good and overall I was very happy with it. I went back and bought another to keep a spare in the car.

Jenifer Irvington, VA

CONCERNED about long term effect using this brush

First off, this brush DOES work very well in terms of detangling the hair! In that regard, it does what it claims.I’ve used this brush 5 times now (once when dry and 4 times while wet) and every time it pulls out LOTS of my hair! Much much more than when I use a wide tooth comb.Today I used the brush in the shower and my scalp was sore for about an hour after! That is not a good sign and definitely validates that this brush pulls hair out in a MAJOR WAY! I am also very gentle when I use any brush or comb on my hair so as not to pull or rip the hair.My other concern is whether this brush causes any ripping or splitting of the ends. It makes me worry that if the brush is pulling hair out so easily that it might also be damaging it.Use caution if you share similar concerns!I’ll stick to using a wide tooth comb with a leave in conditioning product.

Nelda Mannsville, NY

I don’t know how they do it, but it works!

I bought this brush being very skeptical about it being as good as it seemed to be. I have thick, very long hair that tangles so easily. I used to have screaming and crying matches with my mom when trying to brush my hair as a kid – now that I’m 25, I just have screaming and crying matches with myself while trying to brush my hair. While this brush looks nearly identical to my Conair hair brush – it is SO. MUCH. BETTER. It went through my hair like a hot knife through butter, and it was pretty painless too! I have yet to try it wet, but I can only imagine it will impress me then, too. I highly recommend to anybody looking for a great detangling brush. And mothers – buy this for your daughters – you will both enjoy it!

Jaime Upper Marlboro, MD

Great hairbrush!

My daughters both have long, thick, wavy hair that cannot be brushed easily at the best of times, so I purchased these brushes based on the reviews. Both girls LOVE them! Whether brushing their hair while conditioning, or when using with a detangling spray, there is virtually no pulling or breakage, and, best of all, no complaining!Highly recommended!

Petra Callensburg, PA


Just like someone else said: i don’t know how they make those bristles differently than other hairbrush makers, but this one works like magic! Got one for each member of my family!

Effie Sellersville, PA


I ordered a few brushes and combs for my longish curly, thin, weak hair at the same time. I didn’t think i was going to open this one until I needed to wash mousse out of my hair in the shower. (I’ve gone shampoo-free, so this is more complicated than it sounds.) I needed a brush I could take into the shower with me to be sure the mousse was completely out. I was surprised at how easily these soft but strong bristles moved through my hair. I have used it on my wet and drenched hair a couple of times now, and am quite pleased!

Elisha Appleton, WI


The best brush I have used, hands down. I always brush my hair out of the shower and its long and gets super tangled. This brush easily glides through it, each spoke? (dunno what else to call it lol) is bendy and has give. It detangles so well! BUY IT!!

Lilian Stratford, VA

lives up to the purpose

i run this thru the curls in my weave and its glides thru easily without causing any shedding in the weave. it definitely is a good buy.would recommend it

Jennie Rio Rico, AZ

Where is the 10 star button? daughter has curly blonde hair that she claims hurts more to comb than the rest of ours (she is 8 and has added some drama) but this brush is without question unbelievable. No more fights to comb her hair, no more cutting chunks out that she didn’t comb. Glides through her hair without any problem and really gets the tangles out. This brush is it…miracle brush in my home. I ordered a spare just in case.

Selina Silvana, WA