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The Wet Brush Azure Collection Paddle Brush

The Wet Brush is perfect for detangling wet hair. You can use them on wet, damp or dry hair! They are also great for wigs and extensions and make a great styling tool for anyone. Soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold. The unique, soft, flexible bristles create an entirely new brushing experience.

Key features

  • Soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold
  • Larger surface area for better coverage.
  • Ouchless detangler & massager Soft, flexible bristles detangle hair with ease!
  • Perfect for men, women & kids.
  • For thick, curly or straight hair. Great for hair extensions & wigs.

Honest reviews


It’s an okay brush …

I read all of the excellent reviews about this brush and decided to try it. It is a good brush for wet hair, but only for the bottom half of hair. It doesn’t go through wet hair when brush is pushed along the head because the bristles are too flexible. This, to me, is a little annoying because I like ALL of my hair brushed. Otherwise, it’s a reasonable brush on dry hair.

Kelsey Donie, TX

A must have!

Cuts the time it takes to brush out my hair after shampoo. I have fine but very tangled hair. This is so much better then the wide tooth combs and picks I used to use. Use on wet or dry hair. Won’t be without this brush! Also awesome for swimmers and kids in pool all summer.

Lorene Highlandville, MO

No more tangles

It’s almost miraculous – apply this brush lightly to your towel dried air and the tangles just fall away. It’s now my favorite brush.

Hester Faywood, NM

Good Product – Goodbye tangly hair!

I bought The Wet Brush squirt and Metallics purple brush, for myself and my poor niece that shares in the same fine, tangly hair type. The Wet Brush has been a hair brushing saver. For some reason though, the squirt/mini brush seems to work the best for my hair, but they all work pretty good.

Mara Camilla, GA

I bought 3 more for my daughter, mom and 2 year old niece

Whoever designed this brush is absolutely brilliant!My daughter and I have really thick hair and this brush eases through wet hair with pulling or tearing. Recently, I had my mom, sister, little niece and daughter up at the lake house for a girls’ weekend. Everyone tried this brush.My sister couldn’t believe it…her 2-yr old didn’t fuss at all while getting her wet hair brushed out.This worked for everyone…long thick hair to my niece’s fine blond curls.

Lenore Culbertson, MT

It works!

Wow wish I always used this brush! Works great, it will be so much better for my split ends. No snags with wet hair.

May Feesburg, OH