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The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

Warm it up! To get a truly fog-free reflection with your Shave Well mirror, hold it under the shower stream for a few seconds to “warm it up” right before you shave. What is fog and why does it happen? Fog is simply condensation. Shower water is much warmer than the air temperature of most homes. Your warm shower heats the air and it becomes saturated. This warm moist air becomes fog or condensation which collects on all cooler surfaces – like mirrors. In the few seconds you hold your mirror under the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower. No more temperature difference – no more fog. Suction cups don’t suck! Since your Shave Well Mirror is removable from the wall mounted hook it is very easy to clean for a clear reflection each time you use it. As Goldilocks said it’s just right. The Shave Well Mirror measures 6″ tall, 4″ wide and is 1/8″ thick. The base of the adhesive hook (the part that sticks to the wall) is 1″ x 1 1/2″ The best part of the Shave Well storyThe best part of the Shave Well story Your Shave Well mirror was assembled at Sunshine Industries, a vocational training facility in Knoxville, Tennessee for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A smile is worth a thousand words when you see participants learn, grow and obtain new levels of confidence and personal satisfaction for a paid job well done. So while you enjoy that crystal clear reflection from your Shave Well mirror, give yourself a smile as you are helping make it possible for individuals with disabilities to work in a safe, encouraging and fulfilling environment.

Key features

  • The best shower shave mirror due to its unique design. NO FOG.
  • Mirror removes from adhesive hook (included).
  • It works on basic science – Hold the mirror under shower stream where temperature of the shower and mirror will equalize for a long lasting, fog free reflection.
  • Easy to clean – Wet mirror and clean with a pea-sized drop of toothpaste to keep spots away. It will look like new after years of use.
  • IF YOU BELIEVE “SIZE MATTERS”, you may want to consider our Deluxe Shave Well mirror. 33% larger than the original Shave Well mirror (shown here). Search DELUXE Shave Well on

Honest reviews


Not Fogless – Not Impressed

So I mean it’s a decent mirror — nothing special, but it didn’t stick to my shower after about 4 months and it never was fogless. Maybe I take really hot showers? But I kinda thought fogless meant fogless regardless of the temperature.

Mina Brookpark, OH

Not the best

The rules on Amazon state: Full disclosure: If you received a free product in exchange for your review, please clearly and conspicuously disclose that that you received the product free of charge.I received the following free of charge in exchange for a review.First: The Shave Well fogless mirror is not made of heavy traditional glass like other mirrors, so this is a bonus if you have children.The mirror is not truly fogless: Had to stop shaving, re-warm the mirror and hang it back up to finish shaving.It does fall off: Also the mirror comes with a plastic hook and a sticky adhesive backing that allows the mirror to be placed on/taken off as needed. Eventually the stickiness wears off, and the mirror no-longer holds to the wall despite the companies claims that it won’t fall off.Size: We found the mirror too small for our liking. Perhaps the Deluxe Shave Well mirror would have been the better option.

Brandy Birmingham, AL

ummm. this mirror actually DOES FOG

THIS IS NOT TRULY FOG FREE. it’s fine, and it doesn’t fog up immediately. i don’t know if it’s any better than cheaper ‘fogless’ mirrors.

Rhoda Ouzinkie, AK

Husband is happy

I got this for my husband and he was really pleased with it. Its is fogless but you do have to follow the directions and warm the mirror in the shower but thats not a problem. It was a little smaller than I expected but its more than adaquate.

Grace Recluse, WY

Love it.

I’ve had this mirror for almost a year and love it. It truly is fog free. It’s design is simple, and there are fancier fog free mirrors on the market, however this one does what it says and is cheap. It also is extremely durable. I’ve dropped it many times and still looks new.

Patricia Worthington, IN

So far, so good!

I bought this shower mirror for my husband to use while shaving because the previous one I bought didn’t work well at all. We’ve only had this a few days, but so far, it works pretty well after you follow the instructions and run both sides under the warm water for a few seconds. It works long enough for him to shave at least. Would recommend to others.

Carolina Nipomo, CA

Works as advertised

This is an awesome little mirror. We’ve been using it a few months now and it still works as it should. It was originally bought for my boyfriend to be able to shave in the shower, but I even use it when washing my face. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an affordable mirror for their shower.

Kelli Eagleville, TN

No hype – it just works.

Does what it claims, easy to install, stays fog-free better than the 3M Command mirror. I wish it were about 25% larger, though.Update: We’ve been using it for 6 months. It is still about 95% fog-free if you follow the instructions. The hook is still attached to the tile. Water spots are easily wiped off.

Felecia Hurley, MS


Men really need the Shave Well, for a close shave. There isn’t anywhere better to shave than in the shower!! Not to mention the sink isn’t full of hair!! SWEEEET!!!This would be a perfect stocking stuffer!!

Gayla Temple, NH

Fog free just as it claims!

This mirror is a must have if you need a fog free mirror in the bathroom. It works great, and when it does fog up, just run it under water and its clear again for quite some time. Would recommend.

Della Bartow, WV

Perfect for our outdoor shower – have one for indoors as well

Easy to mount on wall and provides nice clear image for shaving. Simple thing made well. Will update re. durability esp. with outdoor use.September 2012: a year on and it’s still in great shape. Simple thing made well.September 2013: still in good shape. Have one in the bathroom shower and it’s doing fine as well.As for the fog-free claim, well, not so much, but there really is no such thing, and its virtues make up for any shortcomings.

Ladonna Pleasant Hill, MO

Still gets fogged.

This thing still gets fogged up… I dont really care because its not hard to get it wet for a second then hang it back up but it isnt "Fog Free"

Heather Dyke, VA

Follow the directions.

Just follow the directions and it works well. It is rather small, but I could have ordered the larger version if that is what I wanted. Hubbie is pleased with it and it was a great value.

Libby Malverne, NY


Works great and good size for the shower. No problems. When it fogs up you just put water on it and it clears up.

John New Hill, NC


wow is all. this is one bad ass product, made my morning shaving delightful. didn’t fog at all, easy installation.

Edith Molalla, OR

Great mirror

What a great value. This is the best shower mirror I’ve used. Pretty large field of view, nice and light, easy to rinse, pretty strong. I’ve dropped it a few times without apparent ill effect. After a month of use, the silvering on the mirror is starting to come off along the bottom edge, but it will have to get a lot worse to make any difference. At this price point, I’m very impressed.One word of caution–the included hanging hook is permanent and nearly impossible to remove. I placed it too low, and don’t use it–instead, I use an inexpensive suction-cup hook, which I like better. That also makes it easy to travel with the mirror.

Toni Allgood, AL

It works!

When put under the water for a bit, this is fog free and stays that way for the whole shower. I didn’t use the hook because i rent and didn’t want to deal with that but was able to prop this up on a shelf in the shower. It’s not huge but it’s big enough for my boyfriend to shave. I might even use it to tweeze my eyebrows since I get good natural light in the shower!

Susanne Virginia City, NV

bottom chips after 6 months of shower use

i would buy this again however the quality isnt exaclty the greatest. but given the fact it sits in the shower i think it does the trick. it is used to shave face in the shower. after about six months you can still see in it but the bottom has chipped away so that it is no longer a mirror at the bottom half inch or so. no big deal to me as i can still see in it. not sure if there is a better one out there to buy that is why i say i would buy again.

Viola Harwich, MA

Stellar Customer Service

I had to return the first mirror because the sticky hanger wasn’t sticky. The customer service got back to me immediately and offered a replacement. They were very courteous, understanding and polite – rare qualities in customer service nowadays.The second mirror I received works perfect!Overall a pleasant experience and quality product.Definitely recommend it.

Vivian Alloway, NJ

Smart design, and it works!

Love the customer support, the clear instructions, the fact that it’s removable, and the fact that it works!Very happy with my purchase; but I find the mirror to be quite small, which is why I deducted one star.

Madge Manor, PA

Works Great

Make sure you read the dimensions because this mirror is very small… however that really doesn’t take much away from it.This Fogless Mirror works exactly as it says it does – just warm the mirror under the water and it wont fog up on you. Plus it may come in handy to have a mirror you can remove from the wall if needed, without unhooking anything or popping off suction cups.The Hook provided has a ready to use glue strip attached. So far it remains tightly secured to the tile.

Claudia Lorain, OH

cheesy mirror

I think I was expecting something a little different. This mirror is pretty cheesy. It’s a thin mirror that hangs on a plastic hook and it’s only fog free for about 10 seconds.

Cristina Elkton, OH

Shave Well Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror – Perfectly simple design that works well for me

A few years ago I was gifted a shower shaving mirror and have been hooked on shaving in the shower ever since. As compared to the old shave-over-the-bathroom-sink method, the steamy shower environment really seems to make the shaving experience smoother, faster and much less painful.That first shower mirror was the type held to the wall by a couple suction cups… and those cups became hard and lost their grip in about six months. After that I tried a different mirror with four suction cups, and that one lasted about one year… actually had two of those in a row. Still, it would have been nice not to have had to purchase a replacement every nine to 12 months.A couple months ago I went looking for a longer-term replacement, and reviews of this Shave Well shaving mirror seems to indicate that it might be exactly what was needed. I made the purchase and would say that those reviews were right on the mark; am very happy with this item’s functionality and mirrored surface, and offer the following for your consideration:
• Following instruction, I cleaned the shower wall very well and then allowed more than the noted 1 hour for the wall to dry
• Mounted the mirror’s hook on the clean wall and allowed the adhesion to bond overnight before hanging the mirror
• I shave near shower’s end by applying shaving gel, running the mirror under the water, hanging the mirror, and shaving
• Putting the mirror under the water too early gave it time to cool, and fog returned. I now wait until ready to shave
• Before leaving the shower I’ll shake the mirror to remove excess water, and might pat it once, not rub it, with the towelOne thing I learned with the first few mirrors was how not to clean water spots from them… the first couple times I tried using dish soap and a scrubber sponge or a washcloth, and basically destroyed the mirrored finish on these things. None of the shower ‘mirrors’ I have owned have actually been made of a glass mirror; instead, they seem to be made by applying a thin mirrored finished to a plastic or plexiglass backing. That finish is fairly easy to damage, so some care is needed when trying to clean them.For whatever reason (maybe she read the instructions…) my wife suggested using toothpaste and that has worked quite well. For us, the paste type toothpaste works better than the gel type; we just apply a small dab or two, lightly rub the toothpaste around the mirror in small circles using the pad of our finger (not the fingernail), and then rinse it all off with warm water. Works amazingly well.After a few months use – so far, so good. This mirror has been excellent and easy to use. If you are looking for a mirror for use similar to what I’ve expressed above, and looking for a product that will do the job without breaking the bank, then I highly recommend this too you. If issues are experienced in less than a year, I will return to make appropriate updates.Highly recommended

Celeste Avondale, CO


I was actually kind of surprised at how well this worked. It didn’t fog up at all. If you want something for the shower, this is a good buy.

Cheri Lone Star, TX

Fog Free my A**

I was attracted to the design of this mirror, as I have had to relinquish a couple great fog free shower mirrors in the past due to it being adhered to the shower wall too securely. With this design, all I need to do it buy a new hook should I move.Well, compared to other mirrors, this one disappoints. It’s always foggy unless you rinse it off often. LAME. I would not recommend this mirror at all and am frankly surprised by all the great reviews I read before purchasing.It’s cheap, flimsy and foggy

Hilary Cedars, PA

The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror works as directed!

The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror really does work as directed. Make sure you follow the instructions/tips. I love this item and I truly recommend!

Nona Ulster Park, NY