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The Regimen: Complete Travel Kit

The Regimen: Complete Travel Kit

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No Good

Didn’t do anything for me. Followed the instructions to a “T” and used up all the product in the bottles and there still was no change. Waste of money.

Amelia Alden, NY

Try it, You’ll like it

We wanted to test Dan’s products first and they are superior to anything in the store. The husband loves the non-scent, the non-color, and the "feel" of all the products. He got the jojoba oil for shaving and stuff too and digs that as well. We have since purchased the larger sizes.

Monica Saint Pauls, NC

Seems to be as promised

So I’m now officially in my “mid 30’s”, but I still have an unpleasant tendency toward a line of acne along my jawline. As I start worrying about wrinkles, I’m just fed up with the pimples.To keep things in perspective, I have never suffered from seriously bad, all-over-the-face acne. I do have fairly oily–but very sensitive!–skin with blackheads in some areas and usually just a few pimples at any given moment at the jaw.I mentioned the very sensitive nature of my skin… I’ve tried many over-the-counter facial products and a few from my doctor that caused me to break out in a rash. Added colors, scents, etc. are usually bad for me.The products seem to be working very well for me. It has been about 10 days since I received this kit. I went with the small (2 oz) size because in the past I’ve wasted too much money on expensive products that give me a rash. I am probably not using as large a quantity of each product as the “regimin” would demand, but I’m also not treating my whole face.The cleanser is great. It is clear and practically odorless. My face seems to get clean and I haven’t noticed any irritation due to the cleanser. The closest OTC product I could compare it to is Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin, which was previously my “best” choice. I think this is at least equally good and a better value in the large size.The Benzoil Peroxide is 2.5%, it feels a little icky (itchy/burning sensation), but I think that’s what it is supposed to feel like. I don’t enjoy it, but I am already seeing an improvement and no new pimples since I started its use, so I’m tolerating the discomfort.The moisturizer is what I use the least. I rarely use any face creams because of the oily/sensitive nature of my skin. I am patting a little bit of the moisturizer on where I am feeling the irritation from the Benzoil Peroxide, and I don’t think I’m reacting badly to the moisturizer (no new breakouts), so that’s great. I’m also using it occasionally on the drier parts of my face (crows’ feet zone) but never after applying the BP, since I’m afraid I’ll accidentally drag that stuff near my eyes.I do believe I will order the large pump bottles of the cleanser and treatment (BP), at least. I might even get a big bottle of the moisturizer, though I find it impossible to imagine using up even 8 oz of face cream.

Lou Rienzi, MS

Nothing special, but fast shipping

Upon visiting the website, I was so excited to try something other people were actually saying worked better than proactive (which not only did the proactive not work for me but it has made my skin 10x worse after using for 1 year, however it did work in the beginning for like the first 2 wks) but also had its own website. Well I have used up all of the little bottles and my skin did not get any better. I am so tired of buying products that swear they will clear up acne when really it’s all just marketing and advertising. I have tried them all. They not only do not work for me but also ruin every towel/shirt/pillowcase I own because of the benzoyl peroxide and sylic acid! If anyone actually finds a product out there that works and really gives you clear skin, please let me know!! I am 30 years old and this so should not be happening!

Eula Steptoe, WA

Pretty good Acne Kit

I like this facial treatment. I bought the travel size kit to see how my skin would react to it before buying the larger bottles. I repurchased the face wash since I went through it the fastest. The Treatment is benzoyl peroxide which will dry you out a bit. It took a few weeks for my skin to adjust to the BR. I still have a lot of the treatment left and half the moisturizer. I have mild to at times moderate acne. I really don’t need a lot.I don’t think the moisturizer is anything special but it doesn’t break me out either. I may reorder the moisturizer after I’ve finished this.

Harriett Summitville, NY